Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ObamaCare: A Symptom

ObamaCare: A Symptom
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet
A government run health Insurance company would be exactly the tool needed to shutter private insurance companies in America and drive currently insured Americans into the arms of the government owned company while at the same time demonstrating the “need” for a universal healthcare system even though the “need” was created by the government itself.

And another thing: Where, exactly, does the government expect to get the doctors for ObamaCare? Has anyone in Washingbton thought of that, yet? I mean - New medical students will only decide to enter medical schools if they know that they can make a living once the graduate and set up their practice. It cost a bundle to attend medical school and it takes years for doctors to pay off their loans plus finance their “start-up” business. It is common sense, it seems to me to ask , as a medical student, if I will be able to make a living as a medical doctor in the United States under ObamaCare.

Think about it for a moment. If you take away a doctor’s ability to make a fair and descent living in his chosen profession, then why in the world would he or she want to take on the expense of putting themselves through med school and the added expense of setting up a business, or a “practice; as we call it here in the states. It seems to me that in fairly short order, we will have a host of med schools sitting empty with no students - and very soon after that we can expect to have a huge shortage of doctors in America. I understand we already have a shortage of primary care physcians right now, somewhere n the range of 40 to 50 thousand primary care physcians we need and do not have even today. Imagine the impact on American society when our youngsters decide they are not going to be doctors when they grow up because they cannot make a living at it.

When one thinks about it, ObamaCare begins to look very much like all the many pieces of kneejerk legislation created in Washington over the years that ends up causing far more problems than it solves.

But , then, again, we have come to expect this type of "thrown together" legislation" under the Obama Regime as they rush to try to take advantage of the crisis dujour while the attention of Americans is diverted towards some problem that has been blown all out ot proportion by the media and the government. It is a con job. And not a very good con job at that.

All this prompts me to ask the obvious question: Just how dumb does Obama and his cohort in Washington think we are, anyway? Pretty dumb, I suspect. After all, Americans DID elect Obama and the other socialist in Congress to the offices they hold. That fact, alone, convinced this scribe of the extremely high ignorance factor amongst Americans in so far as politics is concerned.

Obama’s election was a huge, I MEAN HUGE, victory for ignorance in America. There is simply no other way to explain the man’s election.

Now calls for Obama’s resignation are being heard from all corners of America as the more sentient beings among the electorate have awakened from their political slumber and realized what they have done.

Much damage to America has been done in the five months or so Obama has been thrashing about bludgeoning democracy with his socialist ideas and plans. He has trashed the American economic system, raped and pillaged the US treasury, and given immeasurable hope to this nation’s enemies. He has set up a government within the government, which is answerable only to him. His aspiration to some form of dictatorship for himself has become so evident that it is troublesome even to some on the political left.

Now as America is facing a second recession in a matter of months, a recession, we might add that will make the one just ending look like a Sunday School picnic, many Americans are beginning to understand that inflation will be raising it’s ugly head within a matter of months and to make matters even worse, massive tax increases will be necessary to payback the money squandered by Obama on bailouts and buyouts of companies that should have been allowed to go belly up, file bankruptcy, reorganize, and come back for a second try at getting it right - without public funding.

At some point, this house of cards, that Obama built, is going to come crashing down. When it does, there will be much weeping, and wailing, and gnashiong of teeth as the political left is caught under the tonnage of debris. It will not be pretty. And it will do a lot of damage to America -damage that will take generations to repair.

J. D. Longstreet


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TexasFred said...

Obamacare is going to KILL more than it helps...

I am already in a battle with Medicare over my diabetic testing supplies, they seem to think 3 tests a day are ample, my Dr thinks otherwise...

Medicare doesn't give a DAMN! 3 tests MAX or I pay for my testing out of pocket...

And this is just the beginning...