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Government To Control American’s Lives by September First!

Government To Control American’s Lives by September First!
Socialized Medicine Equals Total Government Control of the Lives of Americans!
More Socialism/Marxism in America: Universal Healthcare=Socialized Medicine
By: J. D. Longstreet

“Folks, reform is coming. It is on track. It is coming, “We have tried for decades--for decades--to fix a broken system, and we have never, in my entire tenure in public life, been this close. We have never been as close as we are today, and things remain on track. We must enact this reform this year. We must--and we will--enact reform by the end of August, and we can't wait.” Those are the words of Vice-President Biden assuring Americans that Healthcare Overhaul (We all know it as “ObamaCare”) is on track to be passed by the end of next month, August (2009). Read the entire article HERE.

The charge by the democrats to set up a "National Health Insurance" program in America officially began with Obama signing the new CHIP bill, which extended health care coverage to 4 million uninsured children. The President was not the least bit bashful in announcing that his action in signing the bill was the first step in fulfilling his promise made during the campaign to provide universal health insurance for all Americans. To quote Obama he said: "As I think everybody here will agree, this is only the first step. Because the way I see it, providing coverage to 11 million children through CHIP is a down payment on my commitment to cover every single American."

Now, YOU may think this is just swell. WE don't! In fact we are pledged to work as hard as we can to see that universal health insurance (Socialized medicine) does not come to America.

Why? There are many reasons for Americans to demand the government take it’s hands off the American healthcare system and two, which are critically important. First, we are against “ObamaCare” because it is out and out Socialism. That is why, dear reader, it is referred to as socialized medicine! The second reason, and just as important as the first, is the fact that socialized medicine will utterly destroy what is arguably, the best healthcare system on the planet!

Some of you will disagree with me, I'm sure. That is your right. But bear with me for a moment or two, and we will try to change your mind.

A few months ago I wrote the following, which is every bit as pertinent today as it was then, so I'm going to repeat it. Back then I wrote this:

"We are continuing to lose our privacy, here in America, at an ever-increasing speed. There is hardly a place in America one can go, these days, without being seen by someone’s security cameras. I recently stood in a parking lot of one of the Big Box stores and counted 22 cameras zeroed in on the parking area, and entrances, and exits, to the store. And that was just on the OUTSIDE, at the front, of the store!

If you think Big Brother’s snooping is bad now… just wait… it will get worse, a LOT worse, if we allow it.

Weigh too much? Lose weight… or the government won’t pay for your medical bills.

Drive too fast? Slow down or the government won’t pay for your medical bills if you’re in an accident.

Smoke? The government won’t pay for your medical bills, period.

Have more than (two) kids? Your medical bills will not be paid if you exceed the allowable limit on babies.

Pregnant with a third child and the government insists that you have an abortion, but you really want this third child? Well, either have an abortion, or that third child will have no medical coverage and the cost of the pregnancy, and delivery, will not be covered, either.

Didn’t finish High School? Your medical bills will not be covered if you do not get a High School Diploma.

Take the wrong courses in college? Well, if you didn’t check before you signed up for a course, and you signed-up for a course the government thinks is uncalled for, or that you do not need for your chosen occupation… then your medical bills will not be picked up by the National Healthcare.

Own a gun? Why, everyone knows there is an epidemic of deaths due to handguns in America. So it is a health issue. National Healthcare will not pay for your medical bills until you turn in your guns to the government!

Choose the wrong career, and you are on your own! No medical help from the government.

Get the picture? Almost total control. And you, and I, will have given that power to the government! (Or your employer) After a while, there won’t be much difference, anyway.
So, next time you hear someone calling for National Healthcare/Universal Healthcare/ObamaCare (Socialized Medicine), remind them of all the freedom they will give up for that "cradle to the grave" care.

The Founders of the United States of America wanted us to live free... healthy, if we could manage it, but free in any event. Today, it seems we are prepared to give up our freedom for a modern day form of Marxism... Socialized Medicine!

We have taken a look at a fraction of what ObamaCare will cost America in the loss of freedom and liberty, but what will it cost us in dollars and cents? If the truth were to be told… nobody knows. Those who are in a position to actually make a decent “guesstimate” are scared "witless" to make any pronouncement on the cost of ObamaCare because they know the cost will be astronomical, out of sight, and will bring on tax increases the likes of which Americans have never known. Some say that right now, if the economy doesn't get any worse, and I think we can agree that the economy is certainly going to get worse under the policies Obama is trying so desperately to set in place... the Universal Healthcare program will cost us around 150 BILLION per year! The possible ten-year cost-out might be expected to exceed 3 TRILLION dollars. Now, if you know anything, at all, about government programs you know they always cost more than they are projected to cost by those who are promoting them. I fear it is the same with this ObamaCare program. There is an excellent article over at the Washington Times we recommend. You'll find it HERE.

To make it even worse, it is expected the bill, when passed through the Congress, most likely will create a government owned Health Insurance Company. Common sense will tell you that private for-profit Insurance companies will not be able to compete in the market place with the government owned company which will not have to worry about profit and loss for its stockholdeers and, eventually, there will be NO PRIVATE HEALTH INSURTANCE COMPANIES still open for business in America. The democrats understand that to make the Universal Healthcare System work, at all, nobody can be allowed to have any form of insurance that is superior to the National Healthcare Program.

What about clandestine healthcare? You know... sneaking around to find a doctor who will treat you for a fee, off the books, and out of sight of the government. Well, if you seek out a doctor, and have an examination, and pay the doc in cash, you and the doctor could both go to jail!

And how long before the doctor shortage REALLY begins to bite? Do you really think youngsters are going to spend eight or ten years in school and pile up a stack of loans just to get a medical degree and go to work for the government as a “civil servant”? Well, DO you? Surely, you are not THAT deluded? On the other hand, how do you like the idea of being treated by a government doctor? Hey, that’s something to think about while standing in line at the Post Office to buy a few stamps or mail a package, right? The very idea gives me nightmares!

If you think it’s bad now, wait until we actually have ObamaCare. Our every move will be monitored, and the government will direct us in every facet of our lives. If you think the government is intrusive now... just wait... you ain't seen nothing yet!

There is just so much to understand about how a national healthcare system would work that most Americans will never understand it... until it is too late and we are saddled with this horror from hell!

It is time, actually it is past time, for all Americans who love freedom, to write, call, fax, telegram, or e-mail their Congressperson and Senators and urge them to fight against a National Healthcare Program bill that will suffocate the remaining freedom we have as Americans. There is not a minute to lose. The democrats are planning to make an attempt at ramming this thing through Congress at a record-breaking speed so as to defy any chance you may have of acquainting yourself with what is in the actual bill itself.

There is an Online Petition you may wish to consider signing. It is the Free Our Healthcare Now Petition. You’ll find it HERE.

Don't be suckered again, America! Universal healthcare is not democracy. It is socialism. Universal healthcare is not about healthcare. It is about power for the ruling class. The very fact that the idea, itself, springs from Socialism/Marxism is more than enough for me to be against it - completely and absolutely. It is impossible for democracy to ever compromise with Socialism, Marxism, and Communism. Like cancer left untreated any one of the three will kill democracy.

It is time to get your back up and act as an American. Playing the part of a wimp is Un-American! And lying down and rolling over for a Congress and a President whose intention is to acquire all the power possible for themselves at the expense of the common, everyday, American is skullduggery at the lowest level. And THAT, dear reader is exactly what is going on in Washington today!

It is time to reclaim that which is rightfully ours... our freedom!

J. D. Longstreet

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