Saturday, November 07, 2009


Why Wait? The Socialists in the US Congress and the White House are not going to stop until they saddle America with this monstrosity of hellish origin. Once Socialized Medicine is in place in America, the dominoes will begin to fall. Cap and Trade, amnesty for illegal aliens, the Copenhagen Treaty (which creates a single government with authority over the US government and our constitution), plus taxes amd taxes -- and then more taxes!

The Socialists know their dream for a socialist/communist America can only be realized if they pass the Socialized Medicine bill known as ObamaCare.

We need to let Congress and the President know that the battle will not stop when the final gavel falls in the US House of Representatives -- and the US Senate -- and when he places his signature on the document signing it into law. Let them know we will fight them in the courts -- all the way to the Supreme Court -- and we intend to fight them at the ballot box until we get a Congress made up of men and women who will overturn, repeal, ObamCare and restore our nation to a Democratic Representative Republic.

We are beginning TODAY -- even before the vote in the US House of Representatives -- to serve notice on the Socialists in control of the US Government. We have only just begin to fight! Understand that when you vote yes for the Obamacare bill, you are voting yourself out of a job. We will not rest until socialized medicine in the US is just a horrible memory.

Today, our fight to Repeal Obamacare is off and running!

In the immortal words of the heroes of Flight 93: "Let's Roll!"

J. D. Longstreet

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