Friday, April 16, 2010

Rescuing America Requires A Political Purge Of Our Government(s)

Rescuing America Requires A Political Purge Of Our Government(s)
Clean them out from City Hall to Congress!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Recently, I warned my fellow Americans to prepare for an avalanche of taxes. These taxes will be descending upon us from the federal government, the state governments, our county governments, and our city governments.

WHY? The answer is simply because the various governments ruling us have no understanding of capitalist economics. Well, that is not exactly true. Some of the folks in government understand capitalist and socialist economics as well as any accountant, but quite often they, too, are intoxicated with the power-trip levying taxes provides for lawmakers -- not to mention they have opted for the socialist brand of economics.

Why all the increases in taxes and the implementation of new taxes? The root cause is SPENDING – out of control, useless, careless, spending.

Look, I am married to a woman who spent nearly 35 years in the banking industry. I would bet my paycheck, if I had one, that you could put that woman in a room –alone -- with a red pencil, and present her with the books of the US government, and instruct her to find cuts in the budget – and -- when she finished the United States of America would be in damn good financial condition!

Having said that, I expect that most any average American given the same task could find billions of dollars in useless, careless, even nonsensical spending that could be cut, completely, bringing this country back on an even keel financial.

We all know that when the public demands their public officials cut spending, the public “servants” always, ALWAYS, come back with their tried and true scare tactics of being forced to cut, public safety, as in policemen, firemen, rescue personnel, and such. They ALWAYS do that. But, it is complete Bovine Scatology (BS!).

Yes, they may have to cut a few jobs in those departments, but not so many that anarchy reigns. Besides, if the average citizen was given access to the books and allowed to make cuts, I expect there would be very few folks who would argue with the cuts they would find. Certainly some of those directly affected by the cuts would raise hell, but hey, at some point reality must be allowed to come to the fore and tough decisions made -- and the economy righted. It can be done, but we have to WANT to do it.

In the meantime, our government has spent billions and billions of dollars we don’t have. The country is broke. So the government borrowed the money -- and then blew it.

Somebody has to pay those lenders back. You and I will pay a portion of it. Our children and grandchildren and even our great grandchildren will be paying off those loans far, far, into the future.

How will we pay it? Taxes -- and MORE taxes. Suggestions from some senators include a 15-cents per gallon tax on gasoline. A Value Added Tax has already been suggested. Then they are really going to get creative.

America will be smothered by taxes. Watch for another bout of “malaise” to set in when Americans come to understand there is no point in working so hard when most of what you earn is going to the government, anyway.

In the next few weeks we will be hit with propaganda telling us the recession is over or almost over. They will try to convince Americans that good times are here again.

Don’t believe it. There may be a period of moderation in the recession, but many believe it will be temporary and in a few months we’ll be in as bad a shape economically as we are today, if not worse.

I tend to believe there will be a deliberate move to “cook the books” in the months and weeks, leading to the election in November, to make democrats look much better than they look today and stave off the bloodletting of democrats in the Mid-Term Election. In 2011, if we are correct, the bottom will fall out of the American economy again. Ask yourself this: when you consider those running the US government these days, is this scenario too far fetched? See what I mean?

Americans fought a war over taxation without representation. I must tell you, it is worse WITH representation! Especially when those we sent to Washington to represent us DON’T!

The only chance we have to rescue our country is to throw the bums out! We’ll have a chance at a good start at doing just that this coming November. I intend to vote against every incumbent, beginning with the NC primary election in May. Let’s just say I intend to enforce some term limits of my own on those purportedly representing me all the way from City Hall to Congress.

Rescuing America cannot wait. If we are to be successful, we must begin the purge in the primaries and follow through all the way to the General Election in November of 2012. It is the only way to save the republic.

J. D. Longstreet

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