Thursday, May 20, 2010

Calderon, GO HOME!

Calderon, GO HOME!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

The President of Mexico coming to MY COUNTRY and criticizing US citizens for TRYING to stop the tidal wave of HIS citizens breaking into our country illegally absolutely infuriates me. It is an insult to every American.

Mr. Calderon should never have been extended the courtesy of addressing a joint session of Congress after his remarks concerning the Arizona immigration law.

If you are frustrated by the actions, or inactions, of the federal government over illegal immigration and the manner in which they are treating the new immigration law in Arizona – AND -- the cavalier way they bitch and moan about Arizona’s attempt to get a handle on the ever growing problem -- without even extending to the people of Arizona the courtesy of first READING the law, then dear reader, you are experiencing a tiny iota of the frustration my Confederate ancestors felt toward the federal government of their day as the President and the Congress simply ignored their grievances in the early 1800’s. Yes, indeed, history DOES repeat itself.

All of this -- the entire mess with illegal immigration, with Arizona’s new immigration law, “the whole cussed thing” could be put to rest IF the federal government would just DO ITS JOB and secure the border between Mexico and the US. It is as simple as that!

Now, do not try to tell me it is far more complicated -- because it is not! To say that it is -- is pure unmitigated BS!

If the US government WANTED to seal and secure the Mexican/US border they could do it in a matter of hours and it would stop – IMMEDIATELY -- the northward flow of illegal aliens into our country.

I am in a state, which is running a close second to Arizona’s population of illegal aliens from Mexico. I will be lobbying my state legislature to pass a state law in North Carolina similar to the new immigration law in Arizona.

I have warned for years now, in my scribbling, that this was coming. (My voice on this was/is just one among a HOST of others issuing the same warning!) I warned that if the federal government continued to refuse to uphold federal law and seal and secure the borders then the states would take it upon themselves to do it, and that, dear reader is what is happening today.
If the federal government does not send US troops to the border to secure it, there will soon be armed citizens patrolling the border and it will get “REAL nasty” from that point on.

In the meantime, Mr. Calderon should hike his skirts and get the hell out of my country and take the over 12 million illegal aliens back home with him!

I call upon the federal government to seal and secure the border between Mexico and the US, immediately, by placing US troops on the border to stop those stealing across, illegally, into the United States.

I further call upon the federal government to issue a proclamation allowing illegal aliens 48 hours to surrender themselves, for deportation, at the nearest federal government facility. Those not surrendering themselves should be forcibly rounded up, men, women, and children, and deported, ASAP, to their country of origin. After six months, any illegal aliens found within the US should be arrested and placed in internment camps for an indefinite length of time during which they would render public service such as cleaning roadsides of debris, etc.

Tough? You are darned right it is tough. If we want to secure our country then we have to secure the borders and make darned sure we get rid of all those within in our borders illegally -- and we need to do it NOW. It is LONG, LONG, past due.

One last thing:

We need a candidate for President who runs on a platform of sealing and securing the borders of the US, both north and south, and rounding up and deporting illegal aliens now residing within the US. If the Tea Party wants to support a candidate for President, then may we suggest they look for a candidate espousing just such a platform. That candidate will route all others.

A warning to candidates running for office in November: If you want to be seriously considered as a candidate for Congress, or for the Senate, then you had better run on a platform of taking America back, not just from the socialist, the progressives, the marxists and the liberals -- but from the well over 12 million illegal aliens as well!

We MUST take our country back -- and we must do it NOW!

J. D. Longstreet

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TexasFred said...

Obama didn't have the BALLS to slap that Mexican bastard silly, that pissed me off at least as much as the words of Calderon...

It's coming my friend, I just hope it's soon, I want to go play, one more time!