Thursday, February 17, 2011

Left Blissful as Middle East in Flames

Left Blissful as Middle East in Flames
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Nothing much surprises me if it happens in the Middle East. With the region awash in so much hatred we have come to expect constant conflict among tribes, religious sects, and well, everyman’s hand is raised against his brother and his brother’s hand is raised against him. It has been that way since Abraham licked Hagar and Ishmael (Abraham’s son by Hagar) out of the camp at the behest of Sarah, Abraham’s wife. In other words – it has been exactly as we see it today for thousands and thousands of years.

I am troubled, though, by the political left’s seeming glee at the demonstrations of raw emotion by what THEY refer to as “demonstrations” and I refer to as “riots.”

Americans must be careful not be to fooled by the left’s characterization of the riots all across the Middle East. They would have us believe they are driven by the grassroots desire for democracy in the Middle East. What the left fails to explain, however, is the fact that a democratic election in any country now aflame has a far better than even chance of having an outcome that will not favor continued freedom in that country, in which event, it most certainly will not be a favorable outcome for the US.

What is to prevent the voters from electing someone to office who will strip their newfound freedom from them and saddle them with another dictatorship? I mean, these are not the most sophisticated voters on the planet. Heck, countries make huge mistakes at the polls. Look at America. We elected Barack Obama president because it was politically correct to elect the first black president, even though at least half of the American electorate knew at the time, and even warned, that he was one of the least qualified candidates ever to run for the office.

Look, too, at what electing Obama has cost America, -- and the world. One has to wonder how much blame for the “up-risings” in the Middle East can be laid at the feet of Obama. His mismanagement of America’s interests in the region was, and continues to be, totally, well, pitiful.
Obama’s Olympic-like dragging of the feet inspired some to think conspiracy theories such as – maybe the Obama Regime was actually involved, somehow, in inspiring those “riots” in Egypt. Hey, just because it is a theory – does not mean there wasn’t a conspiracy!

Now the left has rolled out “Dufus the First” – Jimmy Carter, to assure us we have nothing to fear from the Muslim Brotherhood. Only a child takes Mr. Carter seriously.

At a lecture at the University of Texas earlier this week, Carter, said: "I think the Muslim Brotherhood is not anything to be afraid of in the upcoming (Egyptian) political situation and the evolution I see as most likely. They will be subsumed in the overwhelming demonstration of desire for freedom and true democracy."


See, the left creates these child-like scenarios and then -- they fall in love with their own creations and they BELIEVE them – no matter how ridiculous they are. That explains their utter and complete failure to grasp reality at its most elemental.

When the dust finally settles in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood will have some, of not total, control of the government of that hapless country. To believe anything else is pure fantasy. Once again, the left will be mugged by their own creation – a dream that becomes a nightmare.

I fear the greatest problem for America, as a result of all this unrest in the Middle East, is the strong likelihood that it will spread to southern and eastern Europe fairly soon and, eventually, to the United States, itself.

As I write, the tipping point may, in fact, be about to occur. If Israel’s IDF and the Iranian Navy’s warships go at each other, there can be no doubt the IDF will send the Iranian ships to the bottom of the Mediterranean. That COULD be the incident that will be used to direct all that Muslim anger and hatred flooding the so-called “Arab Street” toward Israel -- and THAT is when the proverbial “ship hits the sand.”

I am continually amazed at the naiveté of the political left. They remind me of children playing with matches. They are enthralled at the thought that they can make fire but they do not seem to understand the very high probability of self-immolation.

Each new disaster in foreign affairs by the Obama Regime only makes the US weaker in the eyes our enemies -- as well as our allies. And it is only going to get worse until America can shake itself loose from the liberal-socialist leadership (or lack thereof) coming from the Obama Oval Office.

Like a millstone hung from the neck of America, the Obama Regime is dragging America deeper into the depths with no chance of climbing to the surface until we free ourselves from its fatal weight.

J. D. Longstreet

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joetote said...

I have said in the past I feel this clown is the most Anti-Israel leaning President in my lifetime. One only had to read his book as it was there in his own words! ( Quote from Obama’s book: Audacity of Hope: ‘I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction..’). My question is and has been, being of Jewish descent myself, I can't help but wonder how the Jewish population here in the U.S. keeps voting for Anti-Semetic liars, yet every polling day, they somehow blindly rush to do so. in turn, we now have an administration that appears more than happy to watch Israel be eradicated. "As Ye sow, so shall Ye reap". We are now witnessing the harvest of a seed that was planted centuries ago, nurtured over years and years, blooming every now and then (Nazi Germany for example) and now is in fact at full bloom.

I'm not sure what the answer is, but it sure as hell isn't the Anti-Semite in the White House anymore that it is the self hating Jews who helped elect him. Israel and in turn Western Civilization as we know it is in grave danger. The Muslims are candid about this while we here in Obama land are being told to accept it by our sad sack leaders! Yet, this could have been stopped if the electorate had just taken their responsibilities as voters seriously! When the President and his minions speak of Israel and the Mid-East, I sense pure open hatred for Israel. i point out that's how I feel. I only know when I watch this clown speak and look at his eyes, I see hate. And that is a bad thing to see in anyone's leader.

One should not be surprised at the actions of a person who has actually been open about his ideology in the past. That is they shouldn't be if they weren't so open to accepting the lies and deceit that come from almost every politician. Almost every action this President has taken seems predicated on one thing, acceptance of the radical Muslim agenda as part of our society. As that, if it came to fruition would mean the end of Israel and our own way of life, one must conclude Israel is in grave danger.