Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rick Perry's Campaign Is In Deep Trouble

Rick Perry's Campaign Is In Deep Trouble 
Perry’s In-State College Tuition for Illegal Aliens May Have Cost him the Election
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Allow me to be blunt.  I have had my fill of “compassionate conservatives” from Texas. In the last republican debate Rick Perry defended his stance on allowing in-state college tuition for illegal aliens in Texas. His defense fell flat with my wing of the Republican Party. 

Perry wounded himself politically.  He may have dealt a deathblow to his chance to occupy the Oval Office in January of 2013.

As I watched and listened intently to the debate I became instantly angry when Perry told those of us who disagree with his stance that we had no heart.  That is pure Bovine Scatology!

Look.  I am past tired of being the sugar daddy for uncounted millions of illegal aliens who have come into the United States illegally over the years and who have gorged at the trough of American largesse.  ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

I side with those who advocate the building of a wall/fence from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico -- and passing any needed legislation or constitutional amendment that would allow the US military the responsibility for securing that border. 

I think it has become clear, over the past decade, that the leaders of neither political party want that border secured.  If they did – it would have been secured a long time past.  Each party has its reasons for wanting illegal immigrants in this country.  And they don’t give a rat’s rear-end what you or I want in regards to our safety (and the safety and security of the nation) from the very real threat posed by that porous line in the sand between Mexico and the US.

As long as the government continues to offer rewards for those breaking into our country they will continue to steal across that border by the millions.

Michelle Bachman was spot on when she said during the debate“The American way is not to give taxpayer-subsidized benefits to people who have broken our laws and are here in the United States illegally.”

Sometime ago I wrote:  “I recall a TV game show where the booth announcer would enthusiastically shout: “Come on DOWN” to those chosen as contestants on the show. The chosen contestants would rush to the stage expecting instant riches to await them there.

It seems to me there is something similar going on at the southern border of the US. I visualize democrats standing along the border gesturing to the would-be illegal immigrants on the Mexican side to: “Come on OVER!” And, boy, they are coming –
in DROVES. The illegals climb the fence, go under the fence in tunnels, around the fence, and, quite often, through the fence, all the while, expecting great riches awaiting them on the American side including free healthcare, free education, welfare payment checks each month and a guarantee of citizenship -- if their numbers become great enough to swing the elections in the democrats favor -- all of this as a result of breaking the US laws and becoming criminals.”  (You may read the entire article at INSIGHT on Freedom HERE.)

We are losing our country.  “Very soon America will resemble nothing more than a banana republic with a socialist dictator in the mold of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela – or -- the Castro brothers of Cuba.” HERE.)

“Perry’s stance toward immigrants is similar to that of George W. Bush, another Texas governor and presidential aspirant who likewise was attacked for his moderate solutions to immigration reform, such as guest worker programs. Mr. Bush endured the attacks and won the presidency, but Perry, who polls show is the current front-runner, may face a more difficult time.” (SOURCE)

At least a dozen states already offer in-state tuition to illegal aliens.  It is a huge drain on the pocketbooks of the state’s taxpayers – and -- in my opinion, it gives the back of the hand to the face of American students who are legal residents of the country and may be struggling financially, as well.

Mr. Perry’s stance may play well within the Hispanic community but it sure as heck does not within the conservative republican community.  Perry’s slippage in the polls would indicate that it has already cost him support and I suspect, as the campaign rolls on it may become the deciding factor between Perry and Romney as the eventual Republican Candidate to face Obama in November of 2012.

And by the way, I still contend that Mr. Romney cannot win against Obama.  I am very afraid it will be McCain-vs-Obama all over again.  I do not believe the country can survive another four years of Obama.
J. D. Longstreet

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