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Women of America Are Being USED

Women of America Are Being USED
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

The discussion (and the disagreement) has been turned on its head as the Democratic Party whips up women's fervor with their latest con game, which is, in reality, an assault on female voters called "The War on Women." 

That the democrats would play a con like this is not surprising. What IS shocking, however, is just how easily much of the female electorate is falling for it.  Not only are they (women voters) being used -- a goodly number are actually assisting the democrats in their own assault. 

It is simultaneously stunning and incredible.  It is, in fact, the work of past masters at political propaganda in the Democratic Party and their legions of sycophants in the Mainstream Media who seek to curry favor with the Obama Administration by their obsequious flattery and willful blindness to the blatant socialist agenda unfolding at the very heart of America's government.       

It is, of course, complete bovine scatology contrived by the democrats for one reason only.  It is psychological warfare at its finest.  It is intended to get women so worked up, and so angry at men (especially republican men) that they will embrace Obama, as they did in 2008, and hand the republicans defeat this coming November.  And it is working.  It remains to be seen how WELL it will work in the end, but for now it IS working.

Laura Ingraham recently said: "Obama's boosters are misrepresenting what's going on and they're deceiving the American people just so he can retain power. This is cynical and dishonest."  You can read the entire article here: SOURCE).

In the very same article, Ms. Ingraham goes on to say:  "Of course the Democrats want to change the subject to a wholly contrived “War on Women” narrative. If there is a war on women, it's on women's pocketbooks and it's being waged by President Obama."

Speaking as a southern gentlemen, this whole contrivance is unseemly and, frankly, disgusting.  But -- I have come to expect just this sort of behavior from the democrats.

At the risk of being called a woman hater by leftists, I have to tell you ladies that you ARE being used and it is not pleasant to look upon.  In fact, it is revolting.

Recall, if you will, that the original disagreement was between the Catholic Church and some of the more conservative protestant denominations in America with Obama's forcing the churches to go against their religious beliefs and make birth control available to their employees.  It was a "church and state" issue.  It was a question of whether the 1st Amendment was being violated by the Obama Administration.  It had NOTHING to do about "hating women" or denying women their rights.  It was a religious freedom argument and the democrats were losing the argument.  So, they did what they do best, they turned the disagreement upside down and made it about something else, entirely.  Wallah!  It became women's health issues -- with a bumper sticker slogan:  "War on Women."     

Yes, there is definitely some bitterness toward women as a result of all the feminist slander of men in the past 40 years or so.  It would be less than truthful to say otherwise.  But there was a price exacted (as there always is) and I believe a part of that price is the vulgar, gross, and crass society we have today.  Respect for women has dropped precipitously since the feminist movement blasted to center stage with their demands.

Nothing is free.  Somebody ALWAYS pays.  In this case American society paid a price that indelibly stained American respect for women -- quite possibly -- forever.

But, I digress.   

As I watch and listen to the shrill voices from the political left of America screaming about the war on women, it embarrasses me to see how easily American women have fallen victim to a bunch of smooth talking snake oil salesmen of the left.   

This whole leftist movement is not about women and it sure as heck is not about whether the government pays for women's birth control.  It IS about reelecting Obama for four more years as President of the US.  To that end --American women ARE BEING USED.

It is troubling to watch as the women of America are being sold this bald-faced lie.  The democrats obviously think American women are dumb enough to buy their pack of lies.  That should tell you everything you need to know concerning the manner in which the Democratic Party views women.

Rest assured, as the months wear on in this campaign, we can expect to look back on this as one of the "tamer" scams the Democratic Party will run on the American electorate.

You know, maybe it is a generational thing. I never thought I'd live to see women, or men for that matter, openly discussing sex, condoms, abortion, erectile dysfunction, etc, in the broadcast media of this country.  Call me a Puritan, if you will, but I would not allow the advertisement of ladies sanitary products or condoms on the airwaves of the stations for which I was responsible.  I'm not trying to shine my halo here.  It was, and remains, distasteful to me. 

Feeling shame comes naturally to the human being.  But, as we evolved (or in this case – devolved) we have managed to smother that part of our conscience  – guilt -- that reminds us that we KNOW what we are doing, or saying, is wrong.  It is then evidenced by shame at the self-knowledge that we have committed and act, which is unacceptable in polite and lawful society.  I can’t put my finger on exactly WHEN that happened, but it was at that point that we began our journey toward becoming a nation of psychopaths. 

I am convinced that giving up our privacy is directly connected to giving up our ability to feel shame.

Oh, well.  Time marches on. We cannot unring that bell. .  Somehow, descent folk will have to manage the gorge in their throats every time they hear the democrats braying about the war on women.  Trust me.  It could get a whole lot worse ... and probably will.

J. D. Longstreet

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