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Socialist Philosophy Thicker than Blood ... Tom Greene

Socialist Philosophy Thicker than Blood
By Tom Green


As many of you know from reading my blog regularly, your intrepid blogger suffers from cancer-terminal in fact.  The cancer is very rare, only 15 reported cases.  Being so rare (lucky me) the ONLY person to have it three times and survive.

Now, due to the collapse of WaMu and Kerry Killinger’s investing in high risk bad mortgage backed securities, yours truly found himself unemployed with a Socialist in the White House using failed Keynesian, state-run economic “solutions” to high unemployment.  A plan by the way, the President recently said is working…really?

  While unemployed the side effects of 18 years of cancer treatment, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy,  have rendered this blogger disabled; that is to say a consumer of Government Cheese-Velveeta, airlifted in like a third world nation.  Yes, the Editor-in-Chief is a burden to society, talk about irony, eh?!  Trust me, nothing galls me more.

Now, under Obamacare Insurance companies HAVE to cover me.  Socialists say, “Oh, that’s great, if it weren’t for Obama you would be dead.”  They seem to take pleasure in that, oddly enough?  Anyhow, the truth is there is more to all of this than meets the eye.

The chemo drug I need to keep the rare cancer in check is very costly, $36,000 PER MONTH.  What many of you may not realize is that in addition to the 2000+ page bill that was Obamacare, there are now an additional 13,000 pages of FDA regulations that accompany Obamacare that dictates the administering (rationing) of care and drugs.

A part of those regulations are that the distribution of NEXAVAR is rationed.  Bottom line is since someone like me, one of a kind, needs a particular drug, there is no way to justify the Cost-Benefit of administering the 1 American with this particular type of cancer, a drug that costs $36,000 a month.  So, as a result, the life saving chemotherapy drug I need is no longer allowed, (I can get it, but I would just have to pay full retail)  based upon the reality of cost, to me.

In addition the blood thinning drug, Lovenox, that I need to keep me from clotting and croaking is no longer covered; de facto.  Specifically, the drug has been “re-classified” under FDA regs, as a result of Obamacare.  As a result the drug costs $22,000 for a 3 month supply; my share-$6,600. Once again, Obamacare effectively cuts me off from a drug necessary to my survival.

Now, when I had all these health issues but was employed, ALL of this was covered under my company insurance.  Also, it ends up that the “evil” Pharmaceutical Giant, Bayer, provides me with the chemo drug at a co-pay of $20 a month.  So much for Capitalism having no heart!

Now, I know you will say, well what about your spouse?  She was unemployed for more than a year and a half and COBRA ran out.  Finally she has gainful employment, but guess what?  Due to the rising cost of health care (thanks to Obamacare mandates increasing costs astronomically) they are making insurance available to EMPLOYEE ONLY, no coverage for spouse.   Who can blame them?
As we ran in a link last week, 10% of all employers are now saying they will be dropping health care for their employees and families since Obamacare is now the Law of the Land.

Now, to the title of this article, when I shared all of the above with my sibling, a health care professional, and Socialist, her response was, “Don’t make this political, don’t blame Obama!”

Don’t blame Obama I am told.  How could I not?!  If Obamacare and it’s budget busting costs weren’t passed, employers would still issue coverage to employees, AND their family, AND I WOULD BE COVERED as I always had been.  But NO, under Obamacare and it’s regulations, we are effectively moving toward a Single Payer System, which, as we have said COUNTLESS times before was ALWAYS THE INTENTION.

The point in all of this, in case you don’t get it, is not “woe is me.”  I accept the hand that life has dealt me and am ready to meet my maker.  What galls me is that this Socialist Philosophy, so deeply ingrained in the Secular Humanists LITERALLY divides brother against brother (or more accurately in this case, brother against sister).

This is Civil War folks, not on a literal battlefield, (not yet at least)  but on a philosophical battle field.  When your own sibling would rather see you meet your fate sooner rather than later as a result of their adherence to Socialist Philosophy, when they would rather there be “free” health care for all rather than a free market solution that would allow better health care for all, when their actions speak louder than words, when the implied message is you, and those like you,  need to die to advance the cause, we are talking a Culture War on a massive scale.

 Mine is not the only story like this around the country, folks.

There is a religion, it is called Socialism.  It has no God, except for “your inner god”, it hides behind words like economic and social justice, fairness, collective good, equality of outcome, tolerance, spirituality, moral relativism, etc.  What it really DOES is make everyone equally miserable, it weeds out the sick and elderly through regulations or de facto Death Panels, a.k.a. Eugenics,  it robs us of our dignity, of our God given rights, our freedom and our Liberty, all in the name of the “common good.”  Since the “great unwashed” don’t know what’s best for them, Big Government will decide.

I mourn the loss of my sibling to Socialism.  I mourn the loss of freedom and liberty, accountability and free market solutions to economic challenges.

 Be forewarned folks, it is not paranoia anymore, slowly, insidiously, Socialism is permeating every aspect of our society, and it will be the Death of this once great nation.  That is what I mourn.

That’s my opinion.

Tom Greene
Thomas Greene is a full time blogger for the Greene Opinion.  He has a degree in Political Science from St. John’s University.  He believes in America, freedom and liberty, as described by the Founding Fathers, the free market and entrepreneurial spirit as it provides the best path to prosperity.

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