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Freedom's Last Stand ... J. D. Longstreet

Freedom's Last Stand  
Obama Will Move Quickly To Disarm American Gun Owners
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

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Gun owners -- get ready.  All indications are that Obama is about to bring the hammer down.  It's going to get down and dirty extremely fast. 

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As the gun grabbers begin to realize that more people oppose their gun bans than agree with them they are beginning to have doubts they will be able to get legislation through the Congress.  At first blush that may seem a good thing, but frankly, I'm not so sure.  Their other option is far more worrisome.

It is, of course, the Presidential Executive Order.

We have a President who prefers the EO
for wielding power.  Apparently, it makes him feel like the king we wishes himself to be.  The power of the Executive Order can place a President in a position as close to becoming King of America as is possible under our current system of government. That can be very compelling to certain narcissistic type personalities. 

Some close to the guns rights issue are reporting what they see as a strong possibility that an Executive Order(s) will be issued banning all semi-automatic weapons. The semi-automatic rifles and shotguns and handguns only fire one round each time you pull the trigger. And you must pull the trigger for it to fire a single round.  It will not fire again until you pull the trigger again.

Pull the trigger on an automatic weapon and it will continue firing until it fires every round in it's clip/magazine -- as long as you hold the trigger down. Simplified -- THAT is the difference between a semi-automatic and an automatic weapon.  

The Obama gun grabbers would do this by changing the classification of semi-automatic weapons to Type-2 weapons meaning they would then be classified as some sort of machine gun.  (A Type-2 machine gun was developed by the Japanese during World War Two to be used on their combat aircraft.)  I am not placing a great deal of credence in this until I learn more about it. 

But it seems clear those coming after our guns are willing to invoke all sorts of legal acrobatics to reach their goal of stripping America's gun owners of all their firearms.

They need a data base of all the gun owners in America and the number and type and serial numbers of all weapons each gun owner has in his/her possession and where, exactly, those weapons are kept/stored. I look for the creation of that list to be right at the top of the first Presidential Executive Order to come out of the Oval Office. 

It is most likely the ATF (BATFE) will be given the job of insuring gun owners register their weapons and I expect there will be stiff jail sentences for those gun owners who refuse to register all their weapons within a given time frame.

So.  What are our options as gun owners?  Not many to be truthful.

We can insist that Congress slash funding for the BATFE (ATF) and/or we can insist that Congress abolish the entire bureau and be done with it.  But what would stop Obama from assigning the same duties to another government agency such as the Department of Homeland Security, or the Transportation Security Administration, or some other agency that could be created by the stroke of Obama's pen to replace the BATFE?

As if you needed reminding, I will point to the WACO SHOOTOUT at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, and remind you the government agency there was the BATFE.  So -- please do not deceive yourself and think because they (members of BATFE), too, are Americans they will not fire on American resistors.  We have seen ample evidence to the contrary.

The Obama Administration knows there will be civil disobedience over this issue and they are prepared for it. (Remember all those purchases of tons of hollow point ammunition the government made last year through various agencies of the government.  Remember how we NEVER obtained a reasonable explanation for those massive ammo purchases?  Something to think about, what?)

As we have warned many times previously, the government is going to move quickly on their efforts to disarm America -- for two reasons:

One - They MUST strike while the iron is hot, which is to say while emotions are still high from the slaughter of those school children in Connecticut.  America has an infamously short memory and if they do not move, tempers will cool, and the appetite for stripping Americans of even more of their freedom will slip away and the gun grabbers opportunity will be lost.

Two - The government must move quickly before gun owners can organize into a formal resistance. 

I must tell you I have been gravely disappointed in the reaction to all this from the leading gun rights groups in America.  So far, they have delivered way too little way to late.  Being nice and respectful after the families and, indeed, the nation suffered such pain and trauma from the murder of the Sandy Hook children, was, in fact, the NICE, descent, thing to do, it only underscores the old saw that "nice guys finish last."  Look at the last Presidential Election if you have any doubt at all.

It remains to be seen what action states will take in opposing the new gun control laws handed down from Washington.

Some suggest that states create their own state militias, separate from the National Guard, but under command of the governor of the state.  Each citizen would become a member of that state militia at birth and would be granted, as a citizen of the state, the right to keep and bear arms within that state regardless of federal law to the contrary.   I suspect some states may do just that.  This would, indeed, be a matter of state sovereignty and I would expect the US Supreme Court to rule it unconstitutional. 

The next four years are going to be the closest thing to hell on earth possible to imagine for anyone not aligned with the political left in America. It is shaping up to be a time of great tribulation and persecution for those of us on the right side of the political spectrum.  Then --  it will turn on itself and devour those who so rabidly support  its freedom destroying efforts today. 

It doesn't take a crystal ball to see America's future.  You see, what we are witnessing in America today, my generation has seen many times before.  We recognize it for what it is -- pure evil.  We've seen the bodies pileup.  We've seen what happens when the whole WORLD is at war.  And we know the cost as our families paid that cost in blood.

Only a fool can look into America's future today and not be frightened and appalled at what he sees. 

America will stand alone in the coming chaos. As the pamphleteers of pre-revolutionary days told us the "fair weather friend" and the "summertime soldier" will be nowhere to be found when the real trouble begins.  But you can bet our enemies will be circling, just out side the firelight waiting, waiting, for their chance to rip their pound of flesh from our embattled bones. 

It is OUR problem.  WE created it and only WE can solve it, else we perish as a nation, as a people. 

Nature's law, we are assured, demands only the survival of the fittest.  If we cannot rescue ourselves from this national torment what will history say of our claim of "exceptionalism?"

The last time America went to war with itself we left nearly 700,000 Americans dead upon the battlefields.  We created an underclass of Americans, many of whom still resent us to this day.  At the same time we occupied another class of Americans and forced their allegiance at the point of a government bayonet  -- also to this day.

My point is -- nobody really wins when a nation wars with itself.  In the end, we all pay a heavy price. 

As much as I would like to feel that these words will have some impact on the driving forces of the "gun grabbing movement," hopefully to instigate a pause for reflection on the damage they are about to do to our country,  I am not so foolish as to deceive myself into believing they will. 

America is cursed with leadership that is incapable of being and doing wrong.  Our President is infallible.  Never mind that history is replete with the results of the failures of infallible leaders. HE cannot fail.

Deception of one's self is the easiest deception of all -- and the most deadly.

Already, TODAY, American society is one of the most "totalitarian" the world has ever seen. A blanket made up of millions of laws, rules, and regulations are suffocating freedom and liberty to death in America.

Think today's America is NOT totalitarian?  Here's what the dictionary has to say about  totalitarian:  According to Merriam-Webster, the following is one of the ways that the word “totalitarian” is defined: “of or relating to a political regime based on subordination of the individual to the state and strict control of all aspects of the life and productive capacity of the nation especially by coercive measures”.   Still think America is the "land of the free," huh? 

Please consider the following quote from President Ronald Reagan:  “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.”

This "gun" battle may, in fact, turn out to be -- freedom's last stand.

© 2013 J. D. Longstreet

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