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Remembering Pearl Harbor And America's Rise And Fall Since"

"Remembering Pearl Harbor And The Rise And Fall of America Since."

By J. D. Longstreet
Today marks another anniversary of the Japanese SNEAK Attack on Pearl Harbor. Yes, I said: “sneak attack”! Political Correctness has no place here! When the smoke cleared, on that Sunday morning, 2,335 military and 68 civilians lay dead.
There were: 4 battleships sunk, 4 battleships damaged, 3 cruisers damaged, 3 destroyers sunk, 2 other ships sunk, 188 planes destroyed, and 155 planes damaged.

And the United States was at WAR. There was no waffling, no doubt, and no demonstrations in the streets in favor of the Japanese. No, Americans still understood what was at stake; freedom… and they went at saving it with all their collective might.

Unlike today, Americans didn’t give a damn whether the Japanese understood us or not! It was enough to know that the nation of Japan wanted to inflict harm on our people, to take away our freedom, and enslave our families. Exactly the same thing the Islamofacists want today.

Young men couldn’t wait to be drafted! There were long lines, sometimes reaching for blocks in our cities, of young American men trying to sign up for the US military in order to fight for their country. Back in my day that was called Patriotism! It was also the considered the “manly” thing to do!

During the darkest days of the war, when America was losing battle after battle, Americans didn’t flinch. They strove even harder to produce the military material needed, so desperately, by our military to fight, and win, that war. They understood that those brave fighting men were the only thing between them and death, or slavery. America soon became one huge machine. Production records were set and others broken by factories turning out war goods. It was a joint effort of the civilian population and the military. Everybody had a part to play in winning victory and everybody accepted his or her part with gusto.

The American soldier did not have to wonder if America was backing him! He knew it! He might wonder if his sweetheart was remaining true to him, but he had no worries about the American people.

Men marched into battles in which thousands of Americans were killed. Single battles claiming thousands of lives. They knew the cost and yet… they marched straight ahead into the face of the enemy… because… that enemy had to be stopped to secure freedom and safety for their families.

And… America won the war (with our allies, of course!) and SAVED THE WORLD!

Compare the America of today. Need I say more? America, today, is pathetic… compared to the America of 1941! We are but a shell of our former selves.

You want to know why I’m depressed? Because I saw it all happen! I watched as my wonderful country went from a giant, astride the globe, to a quivering mass of fat, lazy, slothful, unpatriotic, uncaring perpetrators of sedition and treason who have absolutely nothing they feel is worth sacrificing and even dying for…nothing, not even their own freedom, which was bought and paid for by the blood of better men than they’ll ever be… even in their dreams!

As I watch America imploding in upon itself, I think, now, I understand how some of the ancient Romans must have felt as they watched, perhaps, the greatest civilization in the history of the world, up to that time, imploding and caving in upon itself. The pain I feel in my heart, for my dying country, must be akin to that of the ancient Romans.

Today as we remember the Japanese SNEAK Attack on Pearl Harbor, remember this: if you live between the Mississippi River and the Pacific Coast of America, today, and you speak English instead of Japanese… thank a Veteran! If you live between the Atlantic Coast and the Mississippi River, today, and you speak English instead of German, thank a Veteran.

In closing this piece… may I suggest Americans begin to brush up on Arabic, Persian, and Farsi languages... because the brave men who stood between the Japanese and the Germans, and America… are nearly gone now, and there are not nearly enough around today, like them, to save us again!

Note from Editor: For more thoughts on remembering Pearl Harbor we urge you to read a piece by Alan Caruba entitled: "A Date That Will Live In Infamy". You will find it at:

J. D. Longstreet


Frank said...

Sir, you have to remember too when Pearl happened we had a real man in the whitehouse, real leadership, from a red blodded liberal who said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." And we attacked the enemies of freedom. Now we have a corporate backed, candy a$$ conservative, limpwristed wanna be a man, whose mother has more chest hair than he does who said, "Don't worry, go on with your lives, keep shopping to keep our economy going." and then pulls troops from atttacking our attackers in Afghanistan and invades a country who had nothing to do with it. If F.D.R. would have attacked Mexico after Pearl it would have made as much sense as attacking Iraq after 911. Oh and not to mention our "fearless leaders" in Washington who tout the passage of the most invasive legislation ever (The Unpatriot Act) and accuse people who want to keep their freedom of being "soft".... Their not soft, their just not cowardly...... We have now been in Iraq LONGER than we were in WWII and have acomplished nothing there towards making it better here, against an illequiped, under trained group of enemies..... Quite frankly our leadership is totally incompetent from the President to all who voted and for and still support him even now. I hope we never have this level of incompetance in this country, from it's "citizens" to it's leadership again.

Longstreet said...

Frank, with all due respect, had the democrats, who are in charge of Congress TODAY, been in charge of the Congress under FDR, you and I would be having this conversation in German!

If we don't soon get some real men in the Congress and the White House we, as a nation, are doomed!

Best regards,


Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie said...

"Young men couldn’t wait to be drafted!"
I have often wondered what would be the result of conscription on todays population?


I know exactly how you feel about the changes to your country. Just look at us - a second rate european state, nobody in europe likes us because we are friendly to you, and half of the US doesn't like us because we are seen as part of 'Europe.'


"And… America won the war and SAVED THE WORLD!"

I must send my history books back to the shop! Didn't the Allies win World War II?

cube said...

How quickly some people forget.

Longstreet said...

Thanks for pointing that out "Charlie". My apologies to the Brits, the Anzacs, the Canucks,the Poles and the "French Resistance".

I find that I have difficulty apologising to those former Allies who became our enemy as soon as the war was concluded.

Best regards, "Charlie"!


Wally Banners said...

Dear God please send us Harry Truma so we can defeat the sand people of Islam.

OTTMANN said...

Great post Longstreet!

As to the first comment by Frank, one only has to see the reality of the appeasing liberals of today to see why we're in so much trouble. There used to be some fine Democrats, but they are all gone now, and their genes have been aborted through liberalism.

How many liberals today are in the military? NOT many, that's for sure! Why else would jerks like Al Gore want military votes excluded from elections? Jerk ass democraps are more worried about non-existent global warming, than saving freedom.

Bush is up against the Islamo fascist enemy, but also the socialist liberals and their media mongrels here at home who have basically sided with the enemy to our demise. All for their power over the people so they can rape them of their money.

The left is the real problem in America, and Hitlery or whomever the dems stick in the White House by stealing it, will be the end of this great nation, I GUARANTEE you!

Frank said...

Bush is up against the Islamo fascist enemy, but also the socialist liberals and their media mongrels here at home who have basically sided with the enemy to our demise. All for their power over the people so they can rape them of their money.

The left is the real problem in America, and Hitlery or whomever the dems stick in the White House by stealing it, will be the end of this great nation, I GUARANTEE you!
Bush is the only one I remember stealing elections..... not wanting a recount He is not my president, he ain't crap to me...... The moron can hardly speak, ia as ugly as a troll, and you want his type representing us? I prefer to have intellectuals, who atleast look human instead of trollish, that actually get elected in the first place, not appointed by the activist right wing judges on the supreme court. Nope Bush is absolutely nothing to me, I don't even catagorize him or his type as human, just human debrit. He fills me with utter contempt everytime I hear his name or see his face or hear some moron defend him.... he and they are rubbish that should be put into the dumpster. And no I am not a bleading heart Liberal, can't you tell? I am 100% bias, Anti Bush people should get everything, Bush supporters should get out. I beat the "tar" out of one, to show my son he doesn't have to accept such loonisy or idiots in his presence, after a Kerry ralley near my home town. Free speach ends where my hearing range begins when you defend this moron. Intellectual people should not be assulted with such rubbish.

Longstreet said...

Frank, you have just decribed how many of us felt, and continue to feel toward the Clintons!

Frank said...

But the Clintons are well spoken, intellectual people and you are just wrong, too bad you don't realize how wrong you are. Bill was a much better president than Bush when it comes to things like the budget, education, keeping the government out of my personal life, civil rights and torture, not to mention foreign policy, economy, enviornment, and defending our freedoms, Bill would never use the NSA to tap citizens phone calls or enact rubbish like the Patriot Act to give up freedoms for false security. Plus Bill would not have had foreign troops on American soil taking fire arms from American citizens, especially in a time when self protection was the only protection they had (Katrina). Not to mention he illegaly invaded Iraq, so American companies can profiteer in rebuilding the place, that's really why we went there, and he let the ones responsible for 9/11 get away scott free. Where have the True Americans been during all of this? This is outrage..... So many horrible things this guy has done and they don't even get the light of day...... Unless you think that this is all O.K., and if you do I feel sorry for you.

Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie said...

"Plus Bill would not have had foreign troops on American soil taking fire arms from American citizens,"

Can you please elaborate on this. I have no idea what the statement refers to.

TexasFred said...

Frank, I have to agree with you about Bush, 41 AND 43... Both are NO war fighting moron...

But for YOU to call Bush, either one, a CONSERVATIVE, is a serious misrepresentation on your part...

George Bush is a hell of a lot closer to the DEMS, as are the Repubs of today, than ANYONE cares to admit, he is NOT a Conservative, NOT in any way, shape, form or fashion...

Dems and Dems Lite, that's what we have today, and if we were attacked again, in the same vein as Pearl harbor, the Libbers, bleeding hearts and all around retards would be rolling over and taking it...

God save us, where are the PATRIOTS of this day and time?