Friday, November 14, 2008

Obama And Hole Digging Rule Number One

Obama and Hole-Digging Rule Number One
By J. D. Longstreet

The first Rule of Hole Digging is: When you find yourself in one… stop digging! Obama didn’t do that and now he is in too deep. His obvious ineptness in foreign affairs has led to a blunder that will surely come back to haunt him when he tries his hand at a reconciliation of the mess between Israel and the so-called Palestinians. On the home front, his promises of tax cuts for the Middle-Class grow more impossible each time the sun slips above the horizon. So far, the only thing impressive about our new President Elect is his ability to paint himself into a corner and look good while doing it.

As the Obama brigade prepares the stage for the almost immediate turnaround of all things wrong with America under a Bush Administration, some very scary reports of Obama meeting with some of America’s enemies are leaking out. News of occurrences we suspected, but were not allowed to ask about, lest we be shouted down by the Obama legions in the American press and the world press or, as we like to refer to them, the Mainstream Media, is finally leaking out.

One such occurrence which was “blacked out” by the MsM was this one:

Hamas says its officials met with Obama aides before the U.S. Election but kept the meeting secret so as not to aid the McCain Campaign. You can find that story here:

The meeting apparently took place in Gaza.

So why was this meeting kept secret? Could it be that the American voter suspected, and still suspects today, that Obama has ties to the Islamic community that are not welcomed, and even found to be repugnant by the majority of Americans? Had this news been known it certainly would have had an effect on the election. Whether or not it would have swayed more voters to vote for McCain, and possibly have won the election for the GOP, is difficult to say. But it certainly would have hurt the Obama campaign.

So, what else has been covered-up and blacked out by the Mainstream Media? Remember, this is a Mainstream Media that made no secret of its slavish devotion to Obama. Eventually the answer to that question will be brought to light. By then, of course, it will be too late. Obama is the President Elect, even though that fact sends shudders down the spines of a host of Americans who will work tirelessly to bring the real Obama to light for the public to see and observe for themselves.

Who is Obama? What does he REALLY believe? Did he lie to the American electorate? Is he lying today? It’s all going to come out, but, I predict, it will not matter until, some very serious things begin to come to the fore and America finds herself in real jeopardy. By then, it will be too late.

The left is nothing if they are not persistent and predictable. For those of us who have been around for a while and have even been a part of the Mainstream Media, at some level, we are not surprised by any of this, and we are bracing for the onslaught of the left leaning Mainstream Media types as they suddenly make a massive attempt at changing the bad news Americans are getting now. Soon, beginning before the actual inauguration, you will see, read, and hear stories of how Obama has given new spirit, NEW HOPE, and new levels of confidence to foundering Americans businesses and how his Messianic visage has brought about the salvation of America’s business community.

Now, let’s be honest here. America has bought a “pig in a poke,” as the very old expression goes, and soon, as the snout of that porcine creature begins to peek out of the bag, Americans are going to become disappointed and still others are going to become extremely angry. The vilification of Obama will not only rival that of George W. Bush, but we fully expect it to far exceed that aimed at Bush. Those of you who have nearly melted the trunk lines of the Internet with your heated fury of “W” please be advised… you already have the reputation for bring able to dish it out while not being able to take it when it comes back at you. You are in for a rough time… a rough time, indeed. Many of us are going to be hard pressed to contain our glee, mixed with pity, for those so easily fooled by silver tongued oratory. By the time the deconstruction of Obama is complete, the secret talks with Hamas will seem like trivial stuff.

Based on the way the economic situation of the planet has changed since Obama first made his promise of tax cuts for the Middle-Class, I’d have to say those plans, if they ever really existed, are only as good as they paper they were written on. They certainly have no meaning today. Obama based those “plans” on the world’s economic situation, as it was believed to be when they were devised. All that has changed. HUGE economic challenges face Obama within the first few days of his presidency.

Does Obama REALLY mean to raise the capital gains tax when the last thing hard pressed Americans, especially small business, needs now is more capital drain? And what about Obama’s promise a 39.5 % top tax rate on individual earned income? How many Americans can actually stand that increase without filing bankruptcy?

Obama needs to go back and reassess his tax promises. In fact, he will be forced to do so by the reality of the economic situation the country and the world finds itself in today. Of course, we have no idea as to how the situation will have changed by January 20th, 2009. All expectations now, however, seem to point to the stagnation, or worsening, of the worldwide financial meltdown we are currently experiencing.

If Obama is forced to retreat by the facts on the ground, his “feet of clay” will be revealed for all to see. Some of his most ardent worshipers will have their faith shaken, if not destroyed. That is NOT a good way for a prince of the people to begin his reign.

J. D. Longstreet


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