Thursday, August 27, 2009

Butt Out, Already! ... J. D. Longstreet

Butt Out, Already!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

I have great admiration for the British, but… I wish they would butt out of our national conversation (debate, argument…etc.) about socialized medicine in America. I DON’T GIVE A D**N HOW WELL THEY LOVE THEIR NHS (National Health Service). It is THEIR NHS… not ours.

Understand, my British friends, this is America. We are not Brits. Our ancestors came here (to escape your island) in vast numbers - including my own. If you love your NHS, then, by all means keep it. We don’t want it here and we are going to fight it all the way to the finish line and beyond!

Oh, and one other thing, if you British folks are so enamored of President Obama, then you can certainly have him. He is quickly becoming the most unpopular president in the history of our republic. His popularity is dropping like a stone and picking up speed as it falls.

Look, you don’t understand us, you never have. America is, in fact, two countries that have agreed to try to live together under one government. Well, that is not absolutely accurate, either. Allow me to explain:

You should understand the southern half of the country is a part of the US only because it was forced to return to the fold at the point of a Federal Government bayonet! We have never forgotten that and we still chafe under the burden of that memory. We have great difficulty in trusting the federal government at anytime. But, especially when we are being openly lied to and we perceive that even more of our freedom will be taken away if Socialized Medicine is installed in this country.

You Brits are used to a socialized society. We Americans are not. I find it interesting that about the only part of this country leaning toward socialism is that portion we call “NEW ENGLAND,” and, of course, the west coast states, which are slightly left of Joe Stalin, and really ought to be another country unto themselves, anyway.

Recently I had someone leave a comment on my blogsite ranting that I did not like “FREE” healthcare. Can you believe that? The level of ignorance that it takes for ANYONE to believe that socialized medicine is FREE! Nothing is free - and certainly not socialized medicine. We will pay for it - that is - the taxpayers of America will pay for it - and, oh, brother, how we will pay for it.

If it were just the money it will take to finance this cradle to the grave socialized healthcare - that would be one thing - and indeed, that would be bad enough. But, when you read the bill before Congress you quickly see the government has taken unto themselves, under the provisions of the act, powers they have never had before and those power take away many, many, freedoms of the American citizens.

My regional paper printed an article this morning by Ara Darzi and Tom Kibasi titled: “ Britain’s Health System Nothing to Fear.” This same article ran in the Washington Post on August 17th. You will find the entire article

In late July and early August we told you the Obama Regime would pour on the coal during the month of August to try and pass their Socialized Medicine act into law in America. And they have. Now we know they have even enlisted assistance from offshore… from the British Isles, to be exact.

What this means to those of us opposed to the loss of our freedom is simply that we must step up our game as well.

We know Obama has the democrat votes to pass the bill without a single republican vote. The pressure is now being applied to Obama to do just that. And, frankly, that is exactly what I expect him to do. He won’t like it, but he WILL do it. Obama knows it will hand the GOP a campaigning tool for the 2010 elections and 2012 elections no amount of money could purchase for the republicans.

Finally, we have another hurdle to overcome. I refer, of course, to the added ammunition (for the Left) of the death of Senator Edward Kennedy. I fully expect the Left in America to use Kennedy's death as a rallying cry for Leftists across America to band together to "RAM" socialized medicine through the Congress and into law by proclaiming they must do it "for Teddy!" Watch and wait for it. I do not expect we will have to wait very long.

In the meantime we must keep the pressure on our Senators and Congresspersons to vote against ObamaCare. And above all, we must prepare to clean the house of as many democrats as we possibly can in November of next year.

J. D. Longstreet



Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie said...

You have my deepest condolences if you end up with a health care system along the same lines as England. From what I have read on the matter the model proposed is more in line with that of France or Cuba so quite why you are banging on about the ‘Brits’ is beyond me.

I am certainly not enamoured with Obama. He is nothing but a yank Tony Blair. A slimy career politician who lies and cheats no more or no less than the rest of his kind. Democracy – it’s a b****!

I could not help laughing that you find it objectionable that the ‘Brits’ butted in on you national debate on health care. Can I assume that you lot will ‘butt out’ of our business in my part of the world? I can only hope so.

You look after yourself Sir. God forbid you need to visit a doctor in the near future.

Longstreet said...

Good Morning Charlie! Well, I suppose it is afternoon over there. Anyway, I expected to hear from you on this post and, as usual, you make all sorts of sense.

Personally, I could be an isolationist. I would love to see the US hang up it's gun and badge as the world's policeman. I would truly love for us to "butt out" of other country's troubles. Unfortunately, they tend to bring their problems to us and insist that we solve them - then criticize the hell out of us when we don't solve them in a manner that suits them.

On the health care issue - nobody in the US government is going to mention the similarity between ObamaCare and that of Cuba or France because both those countries are thought of (among the rank and file Americans) as equal to something one would scrape off the bottom of one's shoe! When comparisons are made it is between ObamaCare and the healthcare system of Canada and that of your NHS.

It is going to be a bitter fight. I expect it will get much hotter than it is at the moment.

Best regards, Sir!


Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie said...

Have a read of this. A prime example of why our system of healthcare is completely nuts.

A common misconception is that there is a ‘national’ health service. England, Scotland and Wales have different systems all politically accountable to each government. Northern Ireland has a ‘health and social care’ system. More government, bigger government, all employees of the government.

It could be worse though. 20 miles south across the border is Feidhmeannacht na Serbhíse Sláinte. Health care in the Republic of Ireland is even worse. And don’t even get me started on Spain and Portugal. They make Mexico look good!

Cut to the chase. Which way do you think it will go?

Longstreet said...

My feeling is that a bill will be voted on, and passed, sometime around Christmas, and it will bear SOME resemblance to the bill now before Congress. The dems MUST have a face-saving bill, of some kind, to try to salvage their president.

Actually, this was a dumb move for a guy said to be so smart. He SHOULD have known his personal popularity would not be enough to carry the day in this fight. Apparently he did not. Now, the Democratic Party is left with the problem of trying to salvage their president’s administration… which is in very deep trouble.

I think we will wind up with something called “universal healthcare” but it will be a long way from what is being proposed today.

Among the things the Democratic Party can be counted on to do is “overreaching.” They do it EVERY TIME.

Here’s the thing: As of today, Obama’s presidency is kaput. The only people who have the power to save it is, you guessed it, the Republicans. If the GOP isn’t very careful they will save Obama just as they saved Clinton.

The short answer to your question is - YES, we WILL have something called universal healthcare by the end of the year. What it will finally look like, though, is anybody’s guess at this point.

Pray for us!