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Southerners Should Leave the Republican Party en Masse!

Southerners Should Leave the Republican Party en Masse!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

If you need or want any more proof that the Republican Party’s fondest desire is to be rid of us Southern Conservatives - all you have to do is read the article entitled: "Them Dang Southerners" by Kathleen Parker. You’ll find it

I have been insulted! As a Southerner, as a conservative, I have been insulted. As dueling has been outlawed in this country now, I cannot demand satisfaction on the “field of honor,” but I CAN remove myself from amongst those who decry my presence. And THAT, I SHALL do!

I’ve said it before but for those of you new to this site, I have been a Republican since I registered to vote for the first time when I turned 21 years of age in South Carolina. I am now approaching my 7th decade on this earth and it’s a hell of a time to learn that the political party I have supported all my adult life wants me GONE!

If you are a Southerner, and you are a conservative, and you are a registered Republican, may I be so bold as to suggest that you consider going to your local board of elections and changing your registration from Republican to something else. I’d change mine to Independent but here in North Carolina, where the dems rule the state legislature, one cannot register as an Independent. One may register as Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or “Unaffiliated.” I don’t want to be “unaffiliated,” dammit! I want to be an “Independent!”

As I am writing this, I am downloading and printing out the forms from my State Election Board to change my registration from Republican to Unaffiliated. I have "had it" with the disrespect shown me, as a Southerner and as a conservative, by the GOP.

Anyone with a gnat’s brain knows the GOP is in serious trouble. They are so out of touch with their grassroots, out here in the hinterlands, that it is almost laughable – and would be were it not so serious. For them, or some of the leaders within the party, to show the kind of disrespect for conservative republicans, especially SOUTHERN CONSERVATIVE VOTERS, is just unforgivable! It was the CONSERVATIVE voters who supported and assisted them in wrenching control of the Congress from the hands of the democrats in the mid-90’s only to have the GOP falter and fail as national leaders and eventually hand the Congress right back to the democrats in 2006.

I offer a heads-up to Republicans who have, as yet, not sipped from the cup of reality: You are going to lose again in 2010 - and - Obama will be returned to office for a second term in 2012!

I have no crystal ball. What I DO have is a functioning brain and a good grasp on how to use common sense.

Speaking as a Southerner now, I have been insulted by my political party for the last time. Their recent insults have given me a new appreciation for the depth of the acerbic feelings my Southern/Confederate ancestors had for those they referred to as “Carpetbaggers.”

To my fellow Southerners, especially my fellow conservative Southerners, may I be so bold as to suggest to you that you, too, have been insulted as has your Southern ancestry. Will your honor allow this insult to pass? Honor, Sir, and Madam, demands that you defend her!

We Southerners have been challenged. As much as it pains me to say it – it would seem that modern day carpetbaggers from the GOP are, indeed, amongst us again. This time they are not stealing our land and our possessions, they are taking our votes and our support and then wiping their feet on us as they would a doormat.

I am a Southerner FIRST before I am (actually WAS) a Republican. My family, my ancestry, comes first before ANY political party. As a Southerner I understand the meaning of, and the value of, HONOR! I understand that honor forbids the taking of anything under false pretenses. Unfortunately some within the GOP seem to think taking our Southern votes, money, support, and loyalty, while making crude jokes about our manner of speech, and our customs, and our adherence to our religious faith, is an honorable thing to do. It is not. In fact, it is just the opposite.

If you are a Southern Conservative and you are still clinging to the GOP, I implore you… get OUT! Find yourself a conservative political organization that truly appreciates what you can bring to the table - not just for the conservative movement but also for the country. You have no excuse for remaining where you are not wanted. The GOP PLAINLY DOES NOT WANT SOUTHERN CONSERVATIVES. This Southern Conservative is done with the Republican Party!

J. D. Longstreet

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