Monday, September 28, 2009

Obama and the Utopian Dream of Nuclear Disarmament

Obama and the Utopian Dream of Nuclear Disarmament

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Just a few days ago we watched as President Obama chaired the United Nations Security Council for the first time and pledged to bring nuclear disarmament to the planet.

See, the thing is – he was SERIOUS about it! Now, nuclear disarmament alone frightens me, but having a President who actually believes in it and is pledging to do it, scares me witless!

What we have here, people, is a Utopian Dream right out of the 1960’s peace movement and ban-the-bomb movement.

I suppose I should not be surprised. I mean our government is filled with old hippies who reached the high water mark of their lives during the 60’s as wreaths of marijuana smoke swirled about their heads. One has to wonder these days -- as one views the distress our country is in -- just how much lasting damage those funny cigarettes left on their brains?

Since that morning back in 1945 when we vaporized a Japanese city, people have wanted to climb under rocks to escape the fact that the nuclear genie was let out of the bottle and cannot be put back in. That genie is out forever.

As the nuclear virus spread over the world and country after country, by hook or crook, managed to acquire atomic weapons, the margin for error, or a nuclear accident, has widened exponentially. Plus, the ever-present threat that a rogue nation would also acquire nuclear weapons and hold other countries or, indeed, the world, for ransom, has strained the nerves of the planet’s inhabitants.

However, the plain truth is nuclear weapons are here to stay. There is no getting rid of them. No country, which has them now, is going to give them up -- unless made to do so by another country with MORE nuclear weapons than they!

So what makes Obama think he can affect the nuclear disarmament movement in such a way as to cause nuclear-armed countries to dump their arsenals?

To answer that -- one must be brutally honest. The brutally honest answer is that we are very afraid Mr. Obama has some issue with narcissism and he honestly believes the power of his own charisma will, alone, force people to become compliant to his will and they will do as he asks simply because it is he, and ONLY HE, who is asking.

When a man, any man, pledges to “end war” and to “seek a world without nuclear weapons”, you must take notice. The expression of self-love encompassed within those words is striking. Remember narcissism? I believe we mentioned that we fear Mr. Obama MAY have issues with it, didn’t we?

Oh, and for those of us who think the US is spending WAY too much to assist foreign countries, Mr. Obama pledged recently to DOUBLE the amount those nations, less fortunate than us, are getting from the US Treasury now. Is there any wonder the UN nations voted unanimously to support Obama’s anti-nuke stance?

So what if the people of the United States are not interested in reducing the size of our nuke stockpile? Well, Obama says he won’t unilaterally disarm the US. Of course not! He needs the cover of OTHER nations reducing their stockpiles first before he can sell such an idea to enough Americans to allow him to do such a crazy thing in the first place.

To our international readers, please understand this: America is STILL a representative republic. The President can do very little the American people do not approve first. At best, Mr. Obama has roughly 50% of the electorate with him. So, any promises he makes, to any nation, or group of nations, of the world, should always be taken with a grain of salt -- with a measure of D O U B T. If you remember that, in the end, you will not be surprised, nearly as much, when he fails to deliver on those promises.

As an example of a representative republic’s power, Obama has, so far been unable to get the US Senate to ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty nor the Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty. The Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty must be signed by December 5th, 2009 and he desperately needs it to be ratified before the conclusion of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Review Conference in May of 2010. Obama’s hope is that Congress will vote on the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty no later than 2011, and he really needs the fissile-material cutoff treaty wrapped up before his first term ends in January 2013. This is highly unlikely. He faces tremendous opposition in the Congress. For more on this we recommend you read the article: Obama’s Misguided Nuclear Triad” at HERE.

Obama’s “Ram-it-down-their-throat” tactics used with Cap and Trade, and ObamaCare (Socialized Medicine) and soon with amnesty for illegal aliens, and currently with all the nuclear treaties, have not made him any friends on Capitol Hill. When all this background is considered, one must conclude that all the grandstanding at the UN recently, was, well, just that: GRANDSTANDING.

J. D. Longstreet


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