Saturday, September 19, 2009


A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

“The Obama White House "new media" operations Czar recently contracted a technology vendor to conduct an enormous secret program to gather personal information on millions of Americans from Internet social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, according to the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC).”

This is a MUST READ article. You will find it HERE.

The power grabbing continues at the White House.

Americans of my generation recognize this behavior at the White House. This is NOT NEW! We have seen it all before -- and it makes our blood run cold. Where have we seen it? At the Kremlin -- in the USSR (The Union of Soviet Socialist Russia) that’s where.

Have you seen any reports about this in the National Media – the Mainstream Media (MSM)? It is not likely that you will -- until we make so much noise about it that they can no longer ignore it.
Remember the hell that was raised by the MsM when the Bush Administration wanted to listen in on the phone conversations of suspected terrorists? Yet, Obama is going much farther -- plus, he is reportedly formulating a “White House Enemies List.” No doubt, “Yours Truly” will be on it along with several million other conservative bloggers. Actually, when one thinks about it, one must agree that it would be something of an honor to be on Obama’s White House Enemies List.

There was some talk about setting this up sometime ago but then things became quiet. Now, however, the lid has been opened on “Pandora’s box” and all sorts of unhealthy things have been let loose into our once free society.

You may have noticed a certain “unease” in America in the last few months. Have you noticed folks speaking in subdued tones to each other? Have you found yourself whispering, or lowering your voice, when making reference to the President or a White House Czar, or even a Congressperson or Senator? You conservative bloggers – have you hesitated before publishing an article you had passionately written concerning your disagreement with certain White House policies? (I’ll bet you have.) Think about it. Is this America? Is this the kind of America YOU want to live in and rear your children in? Well, is IT?

It is only going to get worse. This is just the “camels nose under the tent” phase of the erosion of our freedoms and liberty in America. Pretty soon the whole camel will be IN the tent!

America is in DESPERATE trouble and she has not completely awakened to it yet.

We have been warning for months now that if the Obamacare bill passes, it will give the government unheard of power over the citizens of America. It will be the largest transfer of power from the people to the government in the history of the country and will negate much of the Bill of Rights!

What if each time the little boy cried, “WOLF!” there REALLY WERE wolves after the sheep? Well, that is what is happening in America today. At some point America must awaken and drive off the wolves or the sheep will be gone!

Somewhere long the way our politicians seem to have forgotten they are public servants. They were sent to Washington to SERVE US! Now, however, everything is topsy-turvey. We are expected to serve them! Especially Obama. And if we don’t serve him happily and if we have the temerity to grumble and complain about our loss of freedom, our names will be added to a growing list of enemies of the Obama Administration. It makes me wonder how long it will be before the knock on the door between 3 and 4 AM and the men in trench coats and fedoras drag us off into the darkness never to be heard from again.

You think it cannot happen here? Remember Elian Gonzalez? Remember how that child was ripped from the arms of his loved ones in Florida and returned to the communist Island of Cuba after his mother gave her life to get him to America? I assure you, it CAN happen here.

There is something dreadfully wrong in America today. It won’t get any better until the American citizens decide enough is enough and begin demanding the resignation of the President of the United States. Already, Obama’s ratings are dropping so fast he has been dubbed “The Disappearing President.”

Americans MUST clean the House and the Senate in 2010. We must send home as many of the socialists as we possibly can. That will be a start. Then, we must gird up for the battle for the Presidency in 2012.

Yes, we DO want “change” this time around. We want our country back.

J. D. Longstreet


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