Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Threat to Freedom of Speech on the Internet

"The Threat to Freedom of Speech on the Internet"
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


Just so we are clear here: This site does not accept political advertising for any candidate, or any political party, or any special interest group. The opinions, expressed here, are my own and those of my readers. I have no plans in future to accept paid political advertising. As a former broadcaster, I had my fill of all the required paperwork inherent in handling political ads. I learned quickly, the money, paid for those ads, did not make them worth the trouble.

The broadcasting Industry was, and remains, one of the most heavily government regulated industries in the United States. Political ads only bring state and federal government to your doorstep… always with the threat of heavy fines and, the ultimate punishment for any broadcaster, pulling the company’s broadcasting license.

So far, the blogging industry, and let’s face it, it HAS become an industry, is on the threshold of government regulation. The Blogosphere is far to powerful a force to go unregulated by a government afraid of any thing, any entity, or any person, which may be able to influence the American public, especially voters. So, every day the blogoshere goes without government regulation is a gift. For when the hammer comes down, it will come down with a resounding echo across the entire globe.

Look, there are bloggers out in the “sphere,” with which I am diametrically opposed… and they with me. But, we share a freedom unlike any in the annals of human history… at least since the advent of governments. If we ban together, we stand a chance of extending this freedom for a while longer. But, be aware, we WILL lose in the end.

You see, bloggers have power. We have proved it time and again. Governments fear all power not wielded by them. The blogoshere is a threat to government… and believe you me… they are fully aware of that threat.

Do not delude yourselves, fellow bloggers, we are being scrutinized, and we are being analyzed by the powers that be -- and they do not like what they see.

Here in America, political parties have tried to use the power of the blogosphere to spread their influence into yet untapped resources of money and support. Somehow, they seem to have balanced each other out, or, in some cases, cancelled each other out. So far, we bloggers have done a fairly good job of policing ourselves. But, again, do not be complacent. The end IS neigh.

The long and the short of all this is… freedom of thought, no matter how strongly those in political power support it publicly, is a threat to them and they know it. It stands to reason, they will make every effort to bring it to “heel,” or to stop it altogether.

So, we bloggers had best enjoy it while we can!

J. D. Longstreet


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