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ObamaCare and the Disarmament of US Citizens

ObamaCare and the Disarmament of US Citizens
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

To do this commentary justice you really need to read this short piece in The Washington Times. Please do so before continuing this commentary. Just click the link HERE.

We knew it was just a matter of time. So, apparently the Obama administration has decided it IS time.
How many times have we warned that ObamaCare would punish American gun owners? We were shouted down each time.

Now, we can see the attempt by the Obama regime to tie guns into some sort of health issue in order to make gun ownership fall under the auspices of Obamacare where gun control will be a huge issue.

Simply put, under Obamacare there is a strong likelihood that if you own a gun you will not get healthcare insurance. Read the article at the link above for a better understanding of how the Obama regime is going about this.

Why else would the national HEALTH agency (NIH) be studying gun control issues -- or any issue having to do with guns? To fix solidly in the collective mind of the public that guns (and gun control) is really, is actually, a HEALTH issue. Tell a lie long enough and people begin to believe it.

Thirteen years ago Congress cut off funds to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), which was used for studies pertaining to gun control. So far that has not slowed the NIH. (National Instututes of Health)

Now we have ObamaCare grinding it’s way through Congress and we can’t help but notice the strong possibility that with the extension of government control into the everyday lives of American citizens, which ObamaCare will certainly do, it provides the perfect vehicle for gun control. By establishing gun violence as a health issue it will fall within the purview of the universal health care laws. Once that is done, it is a very simple step, indeed, to declare that an Obama Policy holder who owns guns, even for self-protection in the home, does not qualify for national healthcare. Turn in your guns and get your healthcare, or keep your guns and don’t get healthcare. Wait a minute! It will be against the law not to have healthcare, so you must turn in your guns or be fined, and not have healthcare, or heaven forbid, go to jail and not have healthcare… or simply turn in your guns and have healthcare -- and all is well. See? Is it clear now? OK. So maybe not. But I think you begin to understand why it has gun owners across the nation, and a few in Congress, worried.

There is an excellent article by Karen De Coster entitled “Stealth Agencies for Gun Control" in which the author states: “But in the end, even the CDC couldn’t make its research work in favor of its agenda. Its own studies could not link gun control laws to the reduction of crime. Nevertheless, any time the government studies “gun safety,” you know that in spite of the fact that all the research in the world will not support its end goal of the necessity of disarmament, the aim is to produce enough information, studies, and opinions to influence the public against gun ownership and persuade them to internalize the emotional aspect of the issue, thereby leading them to despise guns, distrust gun owners, and desire more government intervention to make gun ownership more difficult.

The anti-gun movement is built on pure emotion – hating guns and being afraid of guns – so building perception among the masses through fear mongering and emotional coercion is much more essential, and uncomplicated, than actually proving a hard case through a mishmash of statistics.” We recommend this article to you. You will find it HERE.

The point is – the leftist "gungrabbers" of America have not been resting; they have been very busy making ready for the possibility of a leftist President and a leftist Congress, which they now have. They also have the perfect vehicle to carry their plans for the disarmament of American citizens into federal law – ObamaCare.

ObamaCare is not about healthcare. It is about POWER. It will be the largest transfer of power from the people of the United States to the government of the United States in the history of the country and could, very well, cause the collapse of the United States.

A huge percentage of the American citizenry will resist any disarmament. They will not give up their guns. If forced to choose between the US Constitution and the US Government, they will choose the Constitution every time. A great conflagration can be expected to ensue. Only a fool swaddled in a fool’s vanity can claim ignorance of a future America ripped in twain by the lust for power of elitist, leftist, utopians in search of a society that has never existed, does not now exist, and never will exist.

The National Healthcare bill must be stopped, cold, in the US Senate. It is time to pressure your senators to vote against any National Healthcare bill. They need to hear from you. They need to hear from you NOW!

J. D. Longstreet


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