Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just A Few Words

“Just a Few Words … “
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


Paraphrasing the great American novelist: “ Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated.” I am still alive and kicking… just not very high.

I have been off-line for a week today. We have been moving our residence. Our eleven room, nearly one hundred year old, home had become a financial drag on our budget. To put it bluntly, it was a money pit. (When it costs you over a thousand dollars a month to heat your residence – then it is time to relocate.

So we moved from the home we owned, mortgage free, to a nice rented cottage, with half the rooms, which is much easier to heat and cool and much kinder to our bank account.

We began the move a week ago today. We are near to three-quarters of the way finished with the move.

It has been a nightmare!

Oh, the moving parting, the actual physical move, itself, was the usual pain in the rear, the back, the arms, etc.

The most vexing problem we had -- and continue to have – was -- and is -- with the utilities companies – especially the phone company!

If I told you what happened with the phone company you would think it was a skit written especially for some weekend late night TV comedy show. In other words, you simply would not believe it!!! Suffice it to say that we have been trying for over a week now to have our telephone number simply transferred from our old address to our new address -- with no luck. Even a threat to report the company to the NC Utilities Commission was shrugged-off by the phone company.

Even one of the largest trash handlers in the nation seems to find it near impossible to deliver a roll-out trash can to a residence in a week. I am not allowed to simply move my old trash container from my old residence to my new residence, which is only three blocks distance. No. That, you see, would be entirely too simple.

The long and short of it is: we expect to complete the move some time before the close of 2011. I doubt we will have our phone problems corrected by that time and I expect we will have canceled our account with them and will have moved on to a bundle of services from our cable provider.

I have been sort of “unplugged” for a week now. I have been catching the news as “catch can” during that time.

I did learn of the Congresswoman’s shooting a day after the event, however, and instantly understood that the left would seize upon the event as a tool to push forward their agenda for gun control in America.

I did manage to see the Democratic Party’s political rally, which was badly camouflaged as a memorial service for those killed in the Tucson, Arizona killing spree in which the Congresswoman was critically injured. It was embarrassing to watch.

The very first thing I noted was the location. The so-called memorial service was held, not in a church, but in a college campus auditorium, or sports arena, or… whatever it was. I suppose the dems thought they might offend someone if they held a memorial service in a religious setting.

I am not going to write a commentary covering all the events I have not commented on in the past week -- but, I DO want to touch on a few things like:

Raising the US debt ceiling. My response to that is -- NO. Do not raise it. Now, I KNOW the GOP WILL raise it, but I would insist,then, that they raise it only trivially forcing Obama to make concessions for that raise and to make concessions for the next request to raise the debt ceiling, as well. In other words, use the debt ceiling as a tool to break back some of the socialist agenda items on Obama’s “to-do" list.

Now, I heard last night, there is a proposal floating about in Washington to have all the congresspersons sit “together” during the President’s State of the Union” speech later this month. Usually, they sit in their political party’s section of the chamber-- the republicans on the right and the democrats on the left. I’d prefer that it be left that way. Republicans should sit with republicans and democrats should sit with democrats. That arrangement makes it much easier for TV viewers to determine which political party supports the President’s socialist agenda and which party does not.

Oh, allow me to point out that one should not misread Obama’s recent “centrist” appearance. It is not real. He is attempting to create the illusion of moving toward the political center in the hope of convincing the less intelligent among us that he is willing to govern from the center. It is a lie. Mr. Obama lusts after a second term as president. If he should win that second term, he will be unrestrained! He will not have to worry about re-election!

A second term for Obama means he will drag the US down into the hell of socialism as deeply as he possibly can within four years. America cannot survive that.

Our job, if seems to me, as conservatives, and the job of the Republican Party, over the next two years, is to see that Obama is unable to mount a successful campaign for President in 2012. At the same time our republican House of Representatives must work diligently to overturn, defund, and render impotent, as much of the socialist agenda of Obama, and his liberal-socialist Democratic Party, as they possibly can.

If the GOP does not do that, they, too, will be gone in two years.

J. D. Longstreet

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