Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The State of the Union

The State of the Union
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

The state of the union is godawful! There. That is a truthful and complete statement concerning the REAL state of the union.

I have mentioned, a number of times in the past, how much I would like to see a President stand before the Congress, and the nation, and say either the state of the union is good, or the state of the union is awful – and then sit down.

See, the President is not required to make that speech. He IS required to make the report to Congress, however. But, he can mail it in, if he so chooses.

In modern times it has become pure theatre. Nothing substantive, just pure politics, pure entertainment, and of little, if any, use to a nation as well informed about it’s government as the American nation.

I rarely watch a State of the Union address. I don’t need to watch it or listen to it. Like many Americans today I pay attention to what the government and the nation are doing so I don’t need to have the President tell me what I already know. Unfortunately, that does not stop them from preening before the cameras and having their ego stroked by their fellow dogmatists on the left and/or the right.

Look: Americans don’t need to hear Obama’s speech to know that he is tacking right -- toward the center. He got his knuckles rapped, AND HARD, last November, and he knows Americans are fairly PO’ed at him and his fellow democrats for their far left/socialist agenda. He got it.

Understand, though, this is all for show. I mean, of course, Obama’s feint to the center. It is not to be taken seriously. Oh, the mainstream media will taut his centrist governing, etc, ad nausium. But one must remember -- the mainstream media is a propaganda machine for Obama and the political left in America.

Mr. Obama is too much a leftist/socialist ideologue to actually move to the center, even to move right an inth degree. Even this “kabuki theatre” stunt must be galling to him. At some point in the near future watch for him to break from his tenders and make a blatant leftist move. He can’t help himself. It WILL happen. And we will be waiting. In fact, we need to nudge him on towards that break with his political minders sooner rather than later. The sooner the “centrist” fa├žade is lifted the better it will be for conservatives in the November election of 2012.

Another thing: The symbolism of democrats and republicans sitting shoulder to shoulder throughout the House chamber is, I think, an awful idea. It only serves the democrats, who were trounced last November, to be seen smoozing with the republicans who cleaned their clocks. They hope to send the message that THEY GOT THE MESSAGE and will do better for their constituents back home. It is pure bovine scatology. Nothing more -- and I do not like it.

There is an aisle between the dems and the repubs because there is a political chasm between them that should never be bridged. The differences between the leftists and the rightists are deeply profound. That is the core reason why we have the political divide. Having them sitting together, all lovey-dovey, is purely cosmetic and will serve only to confuse the TV viewer.

Heck, I like to see the different parties rise to acclaim something their president says. I also like to see those who remain seated in defiance or disagreement. That is pure Americanism on display. There is such a thing as “too much togetherness.”

The point is – we conservative sent a new batch of conservative congresspersons to Washington to get in the faces of the old crowd and shake things up and reclaim the constitution as the supreme authority for law making in America.

As much as some would like, the US House of Representatives is NOT a communist Duma. In the old communist Dumas nobody cared who sat beside whom because all were going to vote the same way or be shot dead -- and a bill for the price of the 9 MM bullet sent to the family of the late departed. No. We’re not there – yet.

With dems and repubs sitting together it smacks, to me, of more “collectivism,” which is un-American, and it portrays an inaccurate picture of the American government to the world. But – it helps the liberal-socialists of the Democratic Party. THAT – I cannot abide.

Conservatives have a very tough slog ahead over the next two years. Our primary concern should be to see that we stop the liberal-socialists of the Democratic Party and hold them until we can secure the US Senate and deny Obama a second term in November of 2012.

For Obama to have a second term, with no fear of re-election, would be devastating to the United States. So far, Mr. Obama has been holding back. A second term would remove the reins altogether and his socialist agenda would be rammed down the throats of the American people.

My Congressman is a conservative "Blue Dog" democrat. He is going to sit with a couple of republican congressmen from my state – and I don’t like it. I’d prefer that he remain on his side of the aisle.

No matter from which side the idea sprang, left or right, republican or democrat, it is a BAD IDEA and will help only the democrats. That is why they seized on it as quickly as they did.

There is divided government in America because America is divided -- and it ought to be.

One has to wonder, after Obama made a point of attacking the Supreme Court Justices last year, if all of them will attend this State of the Union. Any of them can make a powerful statement simply by staying away.

When all is said and done, this State of the Union will be nothing more than political theatre with the mainstream media acting as cheerleaders for Obama and the liberal-socialists of the left. I can read their swooning reports in the morning papers, tomorrow, and regurgitate!

J. D. Longstreet

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TexasFred said...

Watch, don't watch... It's like a train wreck, you just can't turn away, and there will be some *drama* tonight.

ANY so-called Conservative or GOP Senator or Congress Critter that crosses the aisle just placed a TARGET on their seat.

Just like North and South, I don't want non-partisan BS in the Hallowed Halls, I want a damned DOG FIGHT, and I want the GOP to kick ass and take names, not make a date for a drink and dinner...

These clowns are acting like it's high school and they want to be sure and sit with the popular kids, well, my experience has been, the popular kids went on to be drunks, dopers, multi-divorced losers...

Conservative INTEGRITY! Maybe they ALL need to look that up.