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American Gun Owners: You Have Been Warned!

American Gun Owners:  You Have Been Warned!
Obama’s Gun Control
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

“I just want you to know that we are working on it," Brady recalled the president telling them. "We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar." (SOURCE)

At there is more.  Here is a snippet from the Washington Post Lifestyle profile:

“On March 30, the 30th anniversary of the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, Jim Brady, who sustained a debilitating head wound in the attack, and his wife, Sarah, came to Capitol Hill to push for a ban on the controversial “large magazines.” Brady, for whom the law requiring background checks on handgun purchasers is named, then met with White House press secretary Jay Carney. During the meeting, President Obama dropped in and, according to Sarah Brady, brought up the issue of gun control, “to fill us in that it was very much on his agenda,” she said.
“I just want you to know that we are working on it,” Brady recalled the president telling them. “We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar.”  (SOURCE)

It should come as no surprise to anyone that President Obama would seek to impose gun control regulations on American citizens using the regulatory agencies at his command and by-passing the Congress, altogether.  Obama rules as a potentate rather than a President of a constitutional republic.

Come on, folks.  Everyone should understand this simple fact:  There is no way the political left can get their agenda imposed on America -- without first disarming America.

In an article at the Huffington Post entitled:  “Obama Looking For Ways Around Congress On Gun Policy the following is reported:

 “Faced with a Congress hostile to even slight restrictions of Second Amendment rights, the Obama administration is exploring potential changes to gun laws that can be secured strictly through executive action, administration officials say.” (SOURCE)

The HuffPo goes on to say: “For gun control advocates, however, executive action remains a more promising -- albeit more limited -- vehicle for reform than Congress. On Monday, The Huffington Post first reported that the Justice Department was convening meetings with groups from across the ideological spectrum in an effort to chart potential policy changes to Second Amendment law.

The discussions were meant to build a broad coalition around the elements of reform Obama had outlined a day earlier in an op-ed for the Arizona Daily Star, including stronger state-to-state coordination, expedited background checks and greater enforcement of the laws already on the books, especially with regard to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.” (SOURCE)

From an article by John Lott at comes this: “Indeed, Obama has been a consistent opponent of gun ownership. He enacted a ban on the importation of semiautomatic guns because, “The U.S. insisted that imports of the aging rifles could cause problems such as firearm accidents.” He has proposed much more extensive reporting requirements on sales of long guns. Obama’s nomination of anti-gun Andrew Traver to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives threatens imposing many new regulations. Still further, the Obama administration has actively pushed for the U.N.’s Arms Trade Treaty and continues to make inaccurate statements about the source of Mexico’s crime guns.” (SOURCE)

As if you needed to be reminded, we have an election coming up in November of 2012.  As one of the Americans described by Obama in his last campaign for President as  “… bitter Americans who cling to their guns and cling to their religion…”.  I am going to remember all this next year, come time to cast my ballot.  I hope you do, too.

J. D. Longstreet

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