Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Newt’s Done! So, Apparently, Is The GOP!

Newt’s Done!  So, Apparently, Is The GOP!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Newt Gingrich’s ambition to be President of the US did not take a shot in the foot over the past weekend – it was a headshot!  You can stick a fork in him ‘cause … he’s DONE!

Either Newt, or his campaign folks, grievously misread conservative voters concerning the nation’s financial mess and socialized medicine. 

Two things the Gingrich campaign apparently missed:  One is that Conservatives know drastic cuts in government spending must be made to salvage our country.  The other is that conservatives do not like, nor do we want, socialized medicine …  in any form or by any name … period!

No amount of “backing and filling” will get Newt out of this hole.  He might just as well get out of the race -- right now.  Any chance he DID have has vanished. Kaput!

As I survey the Republican field of candidates for President today, I have to conclude the GOP has conceded the raced to Obama and the democrats. 

I must tell you, I have strong suspicions the GOP does not want to have a republican in the Oval Office with the country in the financial mess it is in today.  They do not want to be painted with the same brush as the current occupant -- and they sure as heck do want to create a modern “Hoover Days” presidency.

As an American who believes the US is in dire need of rescuing from the clutches of the socialists in our government, I must tell you that should I confirm that is the policy of the GOP concerning this Presidential Election, I will immediately resign my membership in the Republican Party and become an Independent.

If you take a serious look at the GOP candidates you quickly see they are not the “A” team.  In fact, one would have to conclude they are more nearly the “C” team than even the “B” team.

I have watched the Mainstream Media and their “Mitch Daniels Watch” ad nausium.  The truth is – it will make little, if any, difference for Daniels to enter the race.  Daniels cannot carry the social conservatives. (Social Conservatives are MOST of the conservatives.) In fact, he has NO CHANCE of getting their support -- or their votes.

None of the remainder of the field has a snowball’s chance of making it to the portico of the White House, let alone the Oval Office.

Yes, I am pessimistic ... at least about any chance the GOP will win in November of 2012.  I look at the field of would-be presidents and I say:  “REALLY?  You gotta be kidding me!”

I can only surmise … the GOP REALLY does not want a Republican in the Oval office in 2013. How else to explain their pitiful efforts in recruiting candidates? 

So, we can look for the GOP to really go after the US Senate in an attempt to box-in Obama after 2012.  However, Obama will rule by executive order right up ‘til we have a constitutional crisis.  I mean, the country has to reign in a president’s ability to rule by fiat, through executive orders, by-passing the Congress, which is purportedly, the people’s voice.  There can be no doubt Obama is abusing that privilege and it must be stopped. (That is one of the many reasons we conservatives wanted to defeat Obama in the 2012 election!)

To sum up:  Obama will win with nearly 100 percent of the black vote, 80 some-odd percent of the Latino vote, the vast majority of the labor vote (and labor money), the support of the mainstream media, the liberal vote, the socialist vote, and a handful of Progressive votes.

The GOP candidate will get the country club and blue-blood vote (including the Rinos) while the Tea Party voters, and the other conservatives, (Yes, there are conservatives not aligned with the Tea Party.) stay home.

The plain truth, as I see it, is this:  The Republicans can only win the Presidency in November of 2012 with “Divine Intervention.”

Hey, I call’ em as I see ‘em -- and that’s the way I see this election shaking out.

As I said at the beginning:  Newt is done and so, I believe, is the GOP – at least for 2012.

J. D. Longstreet

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TexasFred said...

I will immediately resign my membership in the Republican Party and become an Independent.

I became an Indy quite sometime back...

All through the '08 election cycle I had many bloggers tell me how wrong I was to not back the GOP, tell me how the GOP was our last chance, and I told all of them then, the GOP was no longer the GOP, it was Dem/Lite...

Today, it's not so Lite...