Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Democrats Going After Fox News? You Bet!

Democrats Going After Fox News?  You Bet!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

When I first heard of the problems with News Corp. in Great Britain, I instinctively knew that US Democrats would find a way to use it to get at the Fox News Channel, which is also owned by News Corp.

They didn’t waste a minute.

The US Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder is, in my opinion, the worst justice department this country has ever had.  The way they have operated under the Obama Administration resembles some European secret state police back from way back in the 1930’s.  

Americans are afraid the government is screening their e-mail.  Americans fear their cell phones are being “tapped” or “hacked” by the DOJ.  
Americans find themselves whispering when saying anything derogatory about the Obama administration. Americans feel, for the first time, that gnawing feeling of fear and paranoia about their own government, which has the DOJ acting as some sort of “state police.”

Yes, it IS the democrats pushing for an investigation of News Corp. in America. The more open democrats make no bones about it.  They HATE Fox News and if this "investigation" of News Corp. will give them a chance, even a slim one, to force Fox News to shut down, then they are going to push it to the hilt.

The Fox News slogan or motto, whichever you choose, is “Fair and Balanced.”  They say:  "We reportYOU decide."  Their editorial position, however, favors conservatism over liberalism, republicans over democrats, and, I have often found, fact over fiction.

Fox News is fair and balanced to a fault.  Oftimes, they are TOO balanced for my personal tastes. They get into trouble with the democrats when they have a panel made up of dems and repubs.  The democrat representative continuously spouts the democratic talking points while the republican is countering with truth -- which never fails to make the democrat look bad and sound worse.  It is embarrassing to dems. 

Until Fox News came along, the Democrats had been getting away with their drive for a socialist government for America -- with the assistance of what then made up the mainstream media in America.  Fox put the quietus on that and let the sunlight in allowing the truth to have a voice in the world in which leftist propaganda had previously reigned.

 The dems HATE Fox News for that.

The left will never forgive Fox News and they will go after Fox whenever they are given even the smallest chance of actually damaging the voice of freedom and truth in America.

Since Fox News became available on my cable service, I have boycotted all the other news outlets.  As a former news hound, myself, I already know how they are going to report a story. So, I don't watch and I don't listen to them. 

I have two regional daily papers serving my home county.  Both are left wing.  Oh, they swear they are not, but any 12 year old, with the IQ of a gnat, can easily see the leftist bias within five minutes of opening their pages. 

So, how do I get the news?  I go to Fox News and off shore news outlets.  

Those of us who are devoted to Fox News have been waiting for the government to bring the hammer down on Fox for years. There was never any doubt that the Obama administration would go after Fox News as soon as they had any chance at all.

I have no idea how it will all shake out.  But with the history of the democrats destroying any who oppose them, rest assured it will not end well for Fox News and their parent company News Corp. here in America.

J. D. Longstreet

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