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US Employers Wait For New Presidential Administration

US Employers Wait For New Presidential Administration
… And A Congress With Common Sense
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

The US unemployment rate is at 9.2 percent.  It appears to have plateaued at the nine to ten percent level.  And there is a reason for that.

With some sixteen months before US citizens go to the polls to choose a new President and a slew of Congresspersons and Senators, American employers have decided the smart thing to do is hunker down and pray for a change in the leadership of the United States.

Business is not in business as a favor to anybody.  Business is in business to make a profit … to make money for the owners and/or stockholders. 

Corporations are not existent to do the bidding of the government, but to do as their stockholders direct and their consumers demand.  Government only impedes, gets in the way, of a corporation’s ability to grow and thrive and … HIRE PEOPLE to create the goods and services that corporation provides.

When the government hangs its yoke over the neck of business, business fights back.  One way they do that is by assuming a static position.  They simply freeze in their tracks.  That is what is happening in America today.

Oh, business is still running, still producing goods and services, but with fewer employees and less, or no, expansion. Everything is put on hold until the business climate improves.  That is where business is today in America. 

The Obama administration is unfriendly to business … period! It is the worst I have seen in my lifetime … and I date back to the Franklin D. Roosevelt administrations.  And they publicly state that they intend to get even tougher. 

The US is lucky that more of our leading industries have not left the country, already.  If, however, the Obama Administration is not sent packing in November of 2012, I expect the US will see a huge exodus of businesses, moving to countries which offer more favorable business climates than the US for their companies.
Look around.  America used to be a manufacturing powerhouse.  We made everything -- and we made it better here than anywhere else on the planet.  Even our automobiles were the best in the world, as hard as that is to believe today.  High unemployment was anything over oh, say, two percent!

What happened?

Labor unions and democrats happened!  Their lust for power and money eviscerated, gutted, the great industrial machine that was America.  Now it is all but non-existent.  Today, America is basically a service industry country not a manufacturing/industrial country.  I lived through it, I saw it happening, and I experienced it.

Not all the blame falls to the democrats.  The republicans did not do their part to, at least, hobble the democrat socialist machine over the past decades.  And they are not doing what we voters sent them to Washington to do today, either. Many will be sent packing in November of 2012.

As I write, the GOP is in a great struggle with the Democrats over whether to raise the US debt limit.  In my opinion, the GOP will, in the end, fold like a cheap suit, and the debt limit will be raised AND new taxes will be levied against the very people in the US who provide jobs for Americans.  These are the same businesses that are treading water today. 

Add to all of this the costs and limitations added to business by ObamaCare and anyone with common sense can see that the smart move for business is to hunker down, secure their money here, or off shore, and wait until the American electorate wakes up and shakes of the chains of our current socialist regime.  Or, they simply shut down operations and more their entire business to another country.

America is hurtling toward third-world status today.   Stopping the plunge will be painful.  The question for me is:  Do modern Americans have the guts their forefathers had?  Do we have the stubborn tenacity they had to say “ENOUGH” and take our country back? Frankly, I am doubtful, extremely doubtful.

You want a job?  Then help employers rid themselves of the impediment that is the Obama administration.

For you who still think the government creates jobs … you are dead wrong.  The government doesn’t create jobs.  They send you a check, and strip you of your manhood and womanhood.  You are a ward of the state, on the dole, a charity case!  Are you satisfied with that status?  If not, then do something about it. 

The current administration -- and Congress -- have grievously wounded America. But we have been critically wounded before.  We managed to pick ourselves up, shake it off, and do what had to be done to correct the situation that had inflicted the wound in the first place.  We have to do it again. No if, ands, or buts! It MUST be done or the survival of America is most assuredly imperiled.

May God grant us the tenacity of heart and soul to pull America back from the brink and restore her to her former greatness.

J. D. Longstreet      

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