Thursday, August 18, 2011

Buckle-Up! It’s Going To Get Mean!

Buckle-Up!  It’s Going To Get Mean!
Campaign 2012.  The Ugliest Yet!

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

As the President sweeps through the Midwest, bashing republicans at every stop, riding in a black custom-made bus (made in Canada), and campaigning all the way, it is difficult NOT to notice that fuel for the bus is not the only thing being paid for with taxpayer dollars.

There is something just wrong about this.  In my opinion, there ought to be a law forbidding the President of the US from using taxpayer money to finance a campaign.  It does not matter who the President is -- or which party he is affiliated with -- it is just unseemly.  And that is putting it mildly.

It doesn’t help that the worst President in the history of the universe is having his campaign for reelection paid for by voters who can’t stand his political philosophy!

It has been reported that the reason for this bus trip was to demonstrate that the President feels American’s pain in this time of low employment, etc.  GIVE ME A BREAK!  It’s a crock!  This president is so completely unattached to the American people that it is frightening.

But the campaign is in early days and frankly; I see it going downhill from here. 

Very soon we will have “race” introduced into the campaign. And it will REALLY spiral downward from there.

The coming face-off between Obama and Perry is going to get blistering hot.   The two men hail from two geographical extremes of the country -- Texas and Illinois.  (Of course, I know that Alaska is farther north than Illinois, but I mean the contiguous states.)  Not only are their politics different but also the customs and culture is vastly different in those two sections of the US.  There are bound to be sparks.  Rest assured, the sparks will be fanned into flames by the mainstream media (Code for “leftist media.”)

Obama is backed by the labor unions and, generally speaking, labor unions are barely tolerated in the southern states. There will be clashes. 

Allow me to just lay it out for you:  Obama is just not liked in the south.  It’s not his race.  It IS his socialist, liberal, progressive, and even Marxist politics that the conservative south abhors.  It grinds on us like a hair shirt.  Four years of toleration is more then enough.

Now, I expect you are saying to yourself: “Longstreet must think Perry will be the GOP nominee.”  Honestly, unless someone more conservative comes along, I expect he will be.

Let me be very clear about this.  If Romney is the GOP nominee, the GOP will lose the south and the election to Obama. 

Look, conservative southerners are tired of a limp-wristed President.  We want America to have a President who stands tall, who doesn’t ask permission of the UN to do ANYTHING, who doesn’t bow to princes, kings, queens, and Islamic tribal leaders.  In other words, we want a President we can be proud of.  It is as simple as that.

To many southerners, Romney exudes weakness.  He appears as a tired, worn-out, has-been, perennial candidate who would make no better a President than Barack Obama.  I have heard southerners say they would vote for Romney ONLY to avoid having Obama for a second term.  That is a problem for Romney -- even if he did happen to win over Obama.  He would enter office with the support of only half the states. He would be a weak president from day one.  That would not be good for him, or the GOP, and it would most certainly be bad for the country.

There is talk of Congressman Paul Ryan entering the race.  In my opinion, Ryan simply does not have the experience to make this nation a good president.  Maybe later.  Maybe.

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey doesn’t seem to have the fire in the belly necessary for a run for the Presidency.  Maybe later.

With the entrance of Governor Rick Perry of Texas, it is beginning to look as if the GOP slate is set for the primaries.  Of course, that could change even before this piece is published. 

My feeling is, at this early stage (and I reserve the right to be wrong!!), the race will be between Perry and Romney, with one or the other as the Presidential candidate -- and one or the other as the Vice-Presidential candidate.  That’s the way I see in now, in August of 2011… but so much can happen, so much can change in a single day’s time that making a solid prediction this early is darn near impossible.

Of one thing we can be sure.  It is going to be a rough and tumble presidential campaign – quite likely the meanest many Americans have ever seen. 

J. D. Longstreet

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Frank said...

The CIA said to use this bus the GOP candidate is going to get one just like, all at taxpayers expense and oh, that person will not even be president at that time. So if it is wrong for one it is wrong for the other. Stop listening to fox "news" and think for yourself, I know you can.