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Russian Bear on the Prowl Again

Russian Bear on the Prowl Again

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Winston Churchill once said of Germany:  “They are either at your knees -- or at your throat.”  Americans can say much the same thing about Russia.

Russia has not been happy with America since we kicked them out of what is now the northwestern United States. Of course, they weren’t all that pleased with us BEFORE that.

When you read Russia’s history, you learn fairly quickly they have a built-in inferiority complex, which is complicated by a mile wide streak of paranoia.  It makes them totally unreliable and volatile at the same time.  It appears, from their history, their physcological problems also make them subject to capitulation to practically every “alpha male” strongman who comes along and struts before them like some lovesick peacock.

Russia has had some monumentally bad guys in charge of their country.  Many of those scoundrels have murdered thousand and even hundreds of thousands of the Russian people.  Yet, when given a chance to free themselves and set up a real democracy in a free country, they squandered it and fell back into their old comfort zone where they were, and are, ruled by strongmen and a ruling elite in a country where there can never be a middle class -- only the elite and the peasants.  But, it would seem that is exactly what they want.  It is certainly what they seem most comfortable with.

See, democracy (especially a republican form of democracy) is hard work. Some nations, some peoples, just simple are not willing to put out the effort it takes to win one’s freedom and then preserve that freedom for the generations to come. Alas, it appears the Russian people are such a people.

Vladimir Putin, shirtless, flexing his muscles, and strutting and preening before the world press’s cameras is only the latest in Russian strongmen.  At least HE fancies himself as such.  To much of the free world, he appears as a full-blown narcissist straining at the leash to wreak havoc on the Russian people and slap chains and shackles upon those nations most recently freed from the grasp of the old Soviet Union. 

Soon, Putin will be in a position to do just that.  Sadly, the United States has been so weakened by the Obama Administration we will not be able to do a single thing about stopping Putin and his drive for Russian hegemony in Europe.   Putin, a would-be tin pot dictator, is counting on Obama’s reluctance to do anything more than talk.  He, like every other mischief-maker in the world has learned that Obama is good for only one thing – speechifying.  THAT is something a number of conservative commentators pointed out long before he (Obama) was elected to the Presidency of the United States.

Putin’s calling America “a parasite on the world” would have been answered, I feel certain, by every other President in US history -- but not by Obama

See, Obama prefers leading from the rear.  Ask any military veteran how they feel about a commanding officer leading from the rear.  Ask them how much respect that engenders in the enemy for that fearful leader.  Their answer will tell you all you need to know about Putin’s in-your-face strategy to recreate the old Soviet Union. He knows there is nobody to offer any serious resistance to his efforts -- especially not the US under Obama.

Being broke is bad enough, but the US, as a former super power brought to its knees by the Obama administration, now stands naked before the world.  You can bet our enemies have been waiting for this moment for decades and they will not allow it to pass with taking their pound of flesh. 

Russia is an enemy of the United States. Lets be clear about that.  There is no love lost between the US and Russia.  If Putin is given just half a chance to give America a black eye, he WILL do it. 

Yes, Putin IS a clown -- but a dangerous clown.  He strikes many as a bully who cannot wait to don his old KGB uniform and begin “busting” heads once again.  His old cohort stands ready to do his bidding.  The FSB, which is really just the old KGB with a new name, is a ready tool at Putin disposal.

A little history lesson might be in order for the current world dictators and would be dictators:  America, at it’s weakest, came out of a crushing depression to fight and win a world war totally annihilating Germany and Japan.  America has always been a warrior nation.  As such, we are most dangerous when we are at our weakest.  We have a unique ability to put aside our differences and focus on the enemy attacking us until that enemy is eradicated. We are the world’s fiercest warriors when our backs are to the wall.

Japan’s Admiral Yamamoto understood that.  When he bombed Pearly Harbor he is reported to have said  (Paraphrasing now) … I can have my way in the Pacific for six months.  He is also reported to have said:  “We have awakened a sleeping tiger.” 

See, Yamamoto, having been educated the US and having spent many years here, knew that America would take a moment to lick its wounds and then would go after its enemies with a degree of vengeance unknown in the annals of history. 

America did just that.  And when the contest was ended, America’s enemies were profoundly defeated.  Weapons undreamt of by man, until that sleeping tiger was awakened, wiped out entire cities with hundreds of thousands, even millions of America’s enemies slain.

Yet, there are those, for whatever reason, who will seek to take advantage of what they see as America’s state of vulnerability.     

I am concerned that our Islamic enemies will take this opportunity to slam America’s homeland with another enormous terror attack, especially as we near the tenth anniversary of 911.  I worry more about that than I do about the prowling Russian bear.  Putin lacks the finesse of Al Qaida, or the Taliban.  He is far too ham-fisted, and besides, strikes many as favoring a blade to the back over a fist to the nose, anyway.

America’s enemies should take notice.  They should never underestimate the American people’s will to fight – even when their leader is weak and favors words over war.  Besides, America has a history of removing and replacing those leaders – post haste.

The damage the Obama Administration has done to America is historical. That, plus the embarrassment of deliberately removing America from is rightful place in the leadership of the world is more than enough reason for Americans to remove Obama and friends and send them packing.  Only then can America’s renewal begin.

Until then, it is advisable for America’s enemies to maintain a low profile.  Understand:  Americans are more than a little angry these days.  Even the slightest provocation may well be met with retaliation of biblical proportions.

Now is not the time to poke the sleeping tiger with a stick.  She may be sleeping again, but awakening her with ill intent will only bring your own destruction.

J. D. Longstreet           

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