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National Missile Defense Now Priority One ... J. D. Longstreet

National Missile Defense Now Priority One
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

So now North Korea can strike the US West coast with ballistic missiles.

This is important for two reasons.  One:  Because North Korea can now hit our west coast with their (nuclear) missiles, and two:  We can soon expect Iran to be able to strike the continental US with nuclear missiles, as well.

You're right. I have zero faith that the Obama administration will have any effect on Iran in so far as Iran's nuclear missile development is concerned.

Look. Nobody in the US government is going to admit it, but the only reason the North Korean nuclear program was not bombed out of existence by the US many years ago is because of North Korea's sponsor -- China.  The North Koreans do nothing without the approval of China.  And China loves having North Korea aggravating the US and keep our attention away from the South China Sea area where China is looking to extend it's hegemony.

There were some unconfirmed reports that Iranian nuclear/missile teams were actually in North Korea lending assistance, or just learning from the North Korean rocketeers recently and may have been involved, at some level, with the recent successful missile launch.

At this point, there is little that can be done to sabotage any further advances in North Koran nuclear missile science.  It is simply too late.  About the only choice we have left is to make every attempt possible to contain North Korea's nuclear and missile science.  There must be a blockade, of sorts, to insure North Korea is unable to ship fuel and/or materiel  for missiles or the manufacture of nuclear warheads to any other country, especially Iran.  Such shipments by sea should be located and the ships stopped and impounded, or sunk at sea.

In so far as Iran's nuclear missile program is concerned, there can be no question that the US needs to take immediate action to destroy all of Iran's nuclear facilities at the earliest possible moment.

Having said all the above, understand that I do not believe, for one moment, that the Obama administration is capable of handling either North Korea or Iran.  Problem is -- neither North Korea nor Iran is worried about what the US will do.  They, too, are convinced the Obama administration is gelded and unable to make any aggressive move toward them.

The US's only defense now is -- defense. 
We need to have our national missile defense up and running at peak performance -- yesterday.  We have the technology and we even have a few batteries of anti-missile missiles deployed -- but only a few.  

US House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard P. “Buck” McKeon (R., Calif.) said the long-range missile “threatens the U.S. and its allies, undermines stability in the Pacific and violates multiple international accords.”

“This provocative act is heightened by the regime’s ongoing development of nuclear weapons,” McKeon said. “The regime’s actions highlight the importance of the U.S. deploying a capable national missile defense program, which regrettably has been subject to severe and unwarranted cuts in recent years.”  SOURCE:

As we stare down the barrel of sequestration and HUGE cutbacks in military funding and defense funding, it is precisely the moment we need to spend the money to build and deploy our national missile defense system and we need to do so stat!

You would think the Congress would be leaning forward on this problem, ready to immediately make the funds available.  You would be wrong. 

See, the Democratic Party hates the idea of a national missile defense program very much as they hate the idea of having a military and a nuclear arsenal.  They can be expected to fight, tooth and nail, to prevent the implementation of a national missile defense program.

And, for all intents and purposes, for at least the next two years they are in charge.   I hardly think that either North Korea or Iran will sit idly by for the next two years and place their missile and nuclear program programs on hold until the US can change governments and build and deploy an adequate national missile defense system.

As we have reminded our readers relentlessly, elections most definitely have consequences.  Our vulnerability to incoming missiles, nuclear or otherwise, from these two rogue nations is just one of those consequences.

It is said that Providence looks out for fools and little children.  We can only hope that God will take into consideration the childish naivete and utter foolishness of America's national leaders and grant us the time to secure our country and our people from its enemies within and without.

J. D. Longstreet

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