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Boston Marathon Massacre Crisis Opportunity ... Douglas V. Gibbs

Boston Marathon Massacre Crisis Opportunity

By Douglas V. Gibbs

People exist.  They go about their business, and they worry about their own lives. As Ted Nugent said, in a comparison of people with deer, "All they care about is, What am I going to eat next? Who am I going to screw next? and, Can I run fast enough to get away?"[1]

Okay, fine, in that quote Mr. Nugent was dissing the French, but in reality, we are all like the deer to a point.  The deer-like "all we care about" kind of thinking can be beneficial, and it can be destructive.  We are individuals, but we have a responsibility to our society to participate in it, and ensure that our system remains moral, just, and in the case of the Constitutional Republic in the United States, a system that remains under the rule of law as provided by the United States Constitution.  Unfortunately, most people, it seems anymore, aren't very informed, and could care less about anything outside their little bubble of existence.  The 47%, as Mitt Romney called them, and perhaps a much larger slice of our American civilization than that, could care less about whether or not society is functioning properly, just as long as they get what they think is coming to them.  As my son once said to me, "What do I care?  People will do what they do, and government will do what it does.  I have too many of my own things to worry about to care about society, the culture, or politics."

Politicians know this of us.  They know that they can do pretty much anything they want as long as you don't notice it affects you negatively in a big way.  If their actions don't adversely affect our lives in an obvious manner, we won't do a single thing to stop them.  This is why progressivism has been injected into the American culture through creeping incrementalism, and schemes of moderate social-engineering, over the last hundred-plus years.  The strategy has always been to promise peace, and a safety-net provided by the government, but never to make it appear that what they are doing is liberty-killing socialism.  They must never, according to their strategy, deliver so much socialism that the American people discovers the nature of their game, and removes them from office.[2]  The culture must be cultivated, and slowly taught that the socialist reforms pose no danger to anyone in particular.  Opportunities to inject larger doses of statism are rare, but the best time to inject statism in large quantities is during a time of crisis, for when the peace and safety of society is at risk, increased government intrusion will not only be welcomed, but will actually be applauded.

A segment of the American political system, for example, has always wanted to put into place stiffer gun control legislation, with the eventual goal of the full confiscation of firearms.  The powers supporting anti-gun legislation schemed to create a public demand for such legislation through the Fast and Furious gun-walking tactic where guns were secretly put into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels, and as expected innocent people were killed with those guns.[3]  The planners expected Americans to united in an uproar against American guns being so easy to buy, giving the schemers the opportunity to pursue their gun control goals.  The strategy failed, however, because word got out that it was a politically motivated tactic.  Besides, in the American Culture, gun ownership is a precious right that the citizens recognize as also being a God-given fundamental right.

The gun control bureaucrats merely had to wait.  Their opportunity to try again would happen, because the eventuality of a crisis was inevitable.

The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Connecticut supplied the anti-gun lobby their crisis, and now the ruling elite's pursuit of gun control legislation is in high gear.

Karl Marx was once quoted as saying, "The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism."[4]

Naturally, the original goal was to simply convince the culture to accept socialism without governmental coercion.   Historic reality, thanks to the human tendency to seek one's individual pursuits over the communal well being of the collective, forced that strategy to be short-lived, and the statists quickly realized that in order to put their plans of a society that is a homogeneous mass of like-minded sheep into action, they must abolish decentralization, remove representative institutions, and all voluntary associations must be subjected to government regulation and control in the name of "the good of the community," or the "will of the people."  The people must succumb to the concept that only the ruling elite can interpret what is best for society, and anyone that refuses to obey must be restrained by the body politic.[5]  It is for the best, the statists claim.  Only a wise ruling class that quells the "frightening path of psychotic individualism"[6] can protect what is in the public interest.

Enter, stage left, the Boston Marathon Massacre, where pressure cooker bombs were used to strike terror at the finish line of the annual foot race.[7]

Conspiracy theories swarmed the Internet immediately after the horrific terrorist attack in Boston, Massachusetts.  There were those that immediately called the bombing a "false flag operation."[8]  The shadowy figures of government, the ones that have been working to move this nation away from the Constitution towards a system Karl Marx would be proud of, according to a number of prominent voices in media, were pulling the strings, orchestrating the terror, and were behind the massacre in Boston like they were behind the 9/11 attacks in 2001.  The evidence, these people claimed, was apparent, and this was just another stage of the Cloward/Piven strategy being used to force America into a totalitarian system never intended by the Founding Fathers.

The proponents of big government want nothing more than to achieve what conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones claim they are after.  I would not put it past the current administration to salivate over the possibility of creating a national emergency that would enable them to place the nation under martial law in the name of peace and safety.  The puppeteers, however, are no fools.  They know better than to show their hand.  Besides, as they learned from Fast and Furious, they don't have to launch an operation designed to deceive the public so that they can reach their draconian aims.  All they had to do was wait, and the opportunity would come to them.

Islam considers the United States the "Great Satan," regardless of who our political leaders are.  An attack by an organized Islamic group, or lone wolf terrorists who are willing participants in the perceived jihad against The West, was inevitable - and the planners in the shadows knew it.

No false flag was needed.  All the conspirators against the American System needed was to lie in wait until an event like the one in Boston came their way.  Then, the wheels of the machine bolted into action.  

It amazed me how easily the residents around Boston, during the manhunt for the Chechen brothers suspected to be the terrorists behind the Boston Marathon bombing, accepted lockdown and a house-to-house search.[9]  Martial law comes easy when a crisis is in gear.  In fact, the residents cheered when they saw law enforcement marching down the streets, in full armor, with weapons drawn after one of the suspects was captured.[10]  Fine, chalk it up to a job well done, but would the residents around Boston be cheering in the same way if the same armed force captured potential domestic terrorists, as defined by The State?  Would they be cheering when the same shock-troops were roaming the streets to bring enemies-of-the-state in?  Would they cheer if the suspected terrorists were military veterans, or TEA Party types, accused of daring to speak out against the government's display of an ominous presence in our lives?

After all, the media, after the bombing of the Boston Marathon, were hoping and praying that the perpetrators were "right-wing extremists."[11]  And even though the terrorists were not who the biased press assumed, the seeds were planted.  The uninformed public who think like deer, heard that those conservative-types could have done this.  The federal government doesn't need a false flag.  All they need is for just one person calling himself "anti-government," or anything other than a supporter of Barack Obama, to act in a manner that could be considered terrorist-like, and the opportunity will be sprung.

The goal of big government is to eliminate all opposition.  Once those that cry out for limitations of government are made out to be dangerous to the collective, the deer will cheer the capture of those "anti-government radicals," and think they are doing so in the interest of the common good.

They may even chant "USA, USA" as the troopers haul the "activist" into custody.

The statists don't need a false flag, or a conspiracy.  All they need is a crisis.

"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste," Rahm Emanuel, President Obama's Chief of Staff, November, 2008[12]

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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