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Political Correctness -- An Essay by J. D. Longstreet

Editor's Note:  After observing our politicians and our press dance all around the use of the words, terrorist, Muslim, and Islam during the non-stop reporting of the Boston Bomber incident last week, I remembered a speech I delivered a number of years ago to several groups.  I present it again here in the form of an essay for your consideration.   

                                                   Political Correctness

                                                    By: J. D. Longstreet

I’d like to direct your attention for a few minutes about the deadliest enemy this nation faces. 


In a moment I’m going to introduce our deadliest enemy to you.  And, I’ll be willing to bet that you have already met.

 I expect everyone is familiar with the term The Greatest Generation.  It refers to the men and women, mostly men, who bravely fought, and won, The Second World War… and saved the world.

But they gave us, the succeeding generations, a gift that keeps on giving… and they didn’t even know it.

They brought it back from Europe.  It was rampant in Europe, before the war, and I think it certainly played a part in opening the door for Hitler, and his Nationalist Socialist Party, we called the Nazis.  That philosophy, which has succeeded where nearly every dictator on the face of the earth has failed, is so entrenched in our own society today that only a worldwide revolution will even give us a CHANCE to succeed in throwing its power off our collective shoulders.

A moment ago, I wrote of the greatest enemy of this nation.  It is also the greatest enemy of freedom.

What is this evil?  What is this philosophy so interwoven through the entire fabric of our society, this evil that has even emasculated many of our mainline religious denominations?

Well, it used to be called “Moral Relativism”.  Now, stay with me for a few minutes.

Simply put Moral Relativism is the philosophy that there are no moral absolutes!  None!  There is no such thing as absolute wrong and no such thing as absolute right.  There is no black, and there is no white. No right and no wrong.  Everything is in shades of gray.  Everything.  As an example, take the youth arrested for selling drugs in the slums of our cities.  The moral relativists will tell you straightaway,” Well, it’s not his fault; it’s the way he was raised.  Society has treated him badly.  We owe him for the pain his ancestors suffered”.  That is moral relativism.    It has turned an entire part of our population into victims.  It allows them to wallow in self-pity and slowly degenerate into a sub-culture while the remainder of society passes them by.

Those of us who don’t subscribe to the Moral Relativism philosophy will say put him in jail and if he does it again when he gets out of jail… put him back in jail and keep him there.  We call that Justice.

Moral relativism has even changed our language.  Perfectly good words we have been using since before Columbus sailed over here… and according to the practioners of Moral Relativism, corrupted the natives, introduced slavery, and instigated capitalism, which led to big business, and in general, ruined this part of the globe, are no longer acceptable.  For example, a man who can’t walk is a cripple.  But, you can’t refer to him as a cripple.  You can’t even say he is handicapped.  He is “challenged”.  No he’s not!  He’s crippled!

A janitor is no longer a janitor. He is an environmental engineer!  Do you remember the Personnel Office where you would go to apply for a job, or the plant would contact when they wanted a new employee?  Well, you can’t say Personnel anymore.  It is now the Department of Human Resources!  Well, would somebody please tell me where the Department of Inhuman Resources is???  It has become ridiculous! 

Recently a Lady. I’m sorry… a woman… candidate in a neighboring state was all bent out of shape because her opponent called her a “quote “Nice Lady”.  She was incensed.  She accused him of calling her by a racist term!  A term, which showed no respect for women!  The completely baffled male opponent, when asked by the press what he meant by this low shot at his woman opponent, could only reply, “We’ll, I THOUGHT she WAS a NICE LADY!”

Freedom of Speech is nearly dead in this country. The First Amendment to the Constitution is just taking up room on that piece of paper.  If you dare not believe freedom of speech is on it’s deathbed, visit one of our college campuses.  Oh yes, they will heartily cry that Freedom of Speech is alive, and well, on the college campus.

  It is!

 So long as the speech you utter is approved by the P.C. Chieftains on that Campus!  You will certainly be ostracized, and belittled, and you may wind-up off campus, or even in a courtroom defending yourself against a charge of “Hate Speech” or even a “Hate Crime”!

Try flying a Confederate flag in front of your house, or placing a little Confederate flag sticker on your lunch box or on the back of your pick-up. (You already know what has happened to those who have tried it.)

Go ahead; try to tell the P.C. supporters that it was the Stars and Stripes that flew over the slave ships never the Stars and Bars.  Try telling them the first anti-slavery laws in America were passed in the South.  They won’t listen.  You’ll be shouted down, told you’re a nut case.  The fact that everything you say is documented truth doesn’t matter to them.  Why?  Because, it is not the party line of the P.C. police.  That makes you wrong and everything you say wrong, therefore your First Amendment rights are revoked!

What’s next?  Re-education schools like those in the communist nations of the world where dissenters are taught the error of their ways and molded into the party’s mentality by threats and worse.

Think it can’t happen here?  Well, if you think that, I’m here to tell you, you are dead wrong! 

Ever hear of Sensitivity Training?  Nearly every company, or business, of any size in this country, now has mandatory sensitivity training.  If it walks like a duck, has feathers like a duck, and quacks like a duck… well, folks -- it’s a duck!

Even our church hymnals have been re-written to remove words that might refer to war, or gender.  Even some hymns such as the venerable “Onward Christian Soldiers” has been dropped from some denominational hymnbooks because it is thought to be too militaristic!

 This is insanity!  It is insecurity to the nth degree.   People who are threatened by the words of a hymn need professional help!   And they should seek it immediately.

Even the Bible itself has been re-written so as to reflect the gutless Political Correctness of Moral Relativism.    Pastors are afraid to stand in the pulpit and speak their minds.  To speak the words God urges them to speak to his people.  If they do, two things are staring them in the face. One, the IRS will take away the churches tax exemption, and two, they will be fired.  I am intimately acquainted with some men of the cloth and they tell me it is a fearful thing to stand in the pulpit today and be afraid to speak the truth.  Now, you tell me what is wrong with this.

By now you know that Moral Relativism is known by another name these days… Political Correctness.  This is the greatest enemy of the USA and freedom on the globe today!


Political Correctness Part Two:

  Political Correctness has gutted our society, emasculated our men, and is well, on the way to turning us into a mass of whimpering, whining, vassals of a world government run by that bunch of moral reprobates, crooks, thieves and brigands housed in that tall building, by the river, in New York, which we refer to as the United Nations.  Even their name is a lie!

Our brave fighting men came back from Europe in the late 40’s convinced there was no hell worse than the hell they had just experienced…war!  Nothing!  So they taught their children that belief, and their children taught theirs and so on.  Somewhere along the way, the reason for fighting that war, which was to maintain our freedom, was lost.  This gaping vacuum was not lost on the practioners of Political Correctness.  They saw it as the avenue to the domination of a whole society, including the religious and political wings of that society, and they have been busy ever since.  And they are winning! 

The hippies and the yuppies and the flower children showed up and there were the peace marches, the band-the-bomb marches, the unilateral disarmament crowd, the get out of Viet Nam marches, and so on.  They played havoc with our society and our government and our military.  And then they disappeared. 

Did you ever wonder where those peace nuts went?  Well, look at you colleges and universities and public schools and the Congress and state legislatures, on the benches of federal judgeships, in the pulpits and so on.  From the White house to the courthouse to the schoolhouse, they are there and they are teaching your children that very same philosophy.  They are making the laws that cripple our military, that reduce prison sentences for criminals, that keep the ten commandments out of public view, that keep any Christian symbols from the public square, that recycle everything that you can think of until the recycle plants can no longer handle it and the manufacturers find it is cheaper to make new stuff than to recycle.  They hug the trees and put our loggers out of business. They ban firearms because they LOOK dangerous.  They are teaching our kids this brain numbing mush because, if they get them now, they’ve got them for life.  They have already captured an entire generation, except for a few old mossbacks like me. 

This is insidious.  This Political Correctness movement is a cancer eating away the soul of the greatest nation on earth.

And it gets worse!   A portion of our society rants and raves about slavery in the early days of this nation and whines that we owe them for their involuntary servitude. While, at the same time, they are willingly subjecting themselves to the slavery of Political Correctness the bonds of which are far more difficult to shake off than those of the 1860’s.

When the venerated Confederate Battle Flag my Confederate ancestors fought, bled and died under is denigrated and desecrated as it has been when it was taken from the dome of the Capitol building in Columbia SC and hanged in dishonor at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, we looked on in horror wondering how this could happen?  When our great grandparents are called traitors we gasp is disbelief!

Dear reader, our ancestors fought duels over lesser humiliations than these!

Our ancestors would have ridden the entire SC state legislature out of Columbia on a rail!  I’m not even going to speculate on what they would have done at Gettysburg.

If we have any chance of stopping this steady march of Political Correctness, which is destroying our nation and our society, we’re going to have to get serious.

We have heard many times that freedom is not free.  Indeed it is not!  It was bought and paid for with the blood of our ancestors who saw what needed to be done to buy our freedom from Great Britain and they did it!  Our Confederate ancestors saw the evil of an overbearing government strangling the life from the people of the South and they responded by fighting that government in war that lasted for four of the bloodiest years in the history of America.  They didn’t win but they served notice that the people of the South would only be pushed so far before we push back…hard.

They made such an impression on the government that to this day the US Government maintains numerous garrisons of military troops in the south much as the Romans did in their conquered territories.


Indeed, freedom is not free.  And it pains me that so many of our fellow Americans think today that the price of freedom is too high.  They are no longer willing to pay the price to live in a nation free of tyranny.  They have turned their backs on the sacrifices made by those who went before them.  You see, it costs too much!  Our own regional newspaper runs a box score near the front of it’s paper every single day showing the number of Americans killed in Iraq.  Never the number of the enemy killed.  They don’t even use the word enemy.  This is the kind of left wing garbage the Moral Relativists have given us.  These people had rather live in fear and tremble at the sound of footsteps in the night.  They’d rather allow terrorists to blow our children up in their schools, or kill our women folk in the shopping malls of this county, or murder our citizens in high-rise office buildings in our largest cities.  They can accept this and they can make their peace with the mass funerals of those killed and the crowds of tearful, weeping, mourners.  Yes, they can live with that…. rather than put their own lives on the line, or put their own treasure on the line, or to kiss their young men and send them into harms way to help protect this country, which holds the only hope for this warped and corrupted world.   That is what they can’t live with.

 You see, they believe the terrorists are not absolutely wrong.  Maybe a little wrong, but not absolutely wrong.  They feel that America is partly to blame for the killings, the bombings, the beheadings, and for everything wrong in the world.  That’s Moral Relativism, or, as it is known today, Political Correctness!  It’s killing us! It’s killing this country.   They haven’t the courage anymore to stand up and say “no more”!  “Stop, or we will stop you!”  “No matter the cost, we WILL stop you.”  They can’t do it.  It isn’t in them.  It has been bred out of them.  They’re a hi-bred.  The price of freedom is more than they are willing to payThey will accept slavery and go quietly into the night in the chains they have forged themselves on the anvil of Political Correctness.

It is left to us, the old mossbacks, the hard heads, and the politically incorrect, to offer our own blood as their salvation from the hoards to come.  For, they surely will come.  There are still enough Americans with backbones to standup and shake our collective fists in the faces of those who would take this country from us.  We can crush them like cockroaches scurrying for those dark holes in the ground of the Middle East.  For us to do otherwise is to bring dishonor to the generations who have gone before us.  To do less, is to bow our heads and bear our necks to the whips and chains and swords of slavery.

 The first step is to shut down the disciples of Moral Relativism, the chieftains of Political Correctness.  If we are really serious about preserving our heritage, as Southerners and Americans, we will take the fight to them. It is time to stop re-acting and time to start acting!   If we don’t they will surely bring the fight to us!

We Southerners (southern Americans) have a vested interest in the battle against Political Correctness. Why?  Because we are standing on the Bull’s-eye they are aiming for.

 We are in the midst of a war for the hearts and minds of generations of Americans yet unborn.  If we are to preserve our heritage, and our way of life, then we had better get  “geared-up” and dig in for the long haul ahead.  Lets face our enemy on our feet rather than on our knees.  Our cause is right.  We need never retreat.

A great lady, a lady I much admire, the late Lady Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of Great Britain, once said:  “You sort out what you believe in, then you apply it.  You don’t compromise on things that matter!”

And Winston Churchill, another former Prime Minster of Great Britain, citizen of Great Britain, and the United States of America, once said:  “ Never give in; Never give in; Never, Never, Never, Never, in nothing, great or small, large or petty, Never give in.”

Many Americans are asking today, “When are we going to say enough?”

“When are we going to take the battle to the enemy?  When?”

I ask the age-old questions…  “If not now… when”?  If not us…. who?

I urge you to answer in the words of the Old Testament prophet:  “Here I am Lord.  Send me!”

© J. D. Longstreet

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