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How Paper Tigers Get to be Paper Tigers! ... J. D. Longstreet

First published in January, 2008.

How Paper Tigers Get to be Paper Tigers!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

The argument rages among Americans whether we should take the leash off our Armed Forces and allow them to mop the desert and mountains up with the terrorists, or put it off in hope they will learn to love us and drop their warlike ways toward us.

If you have stopped laughing, at that last phrase above, you may wish to consider the following:

Historians tell us that when the 13 American colonies, of Great Britain, went to war for their Independence, from the mother country, roughly 1/3 of Americans were for the war… 1/3 of Americans were against the war… and … roughly 1/3 of Americans could not have cared less, one way or the other. Yet all benefited from the successful conclusion of that war… as has the entire world.

I was born before the Second World War. My formative years were the war years. Then, as I entered my teens, the US became embroiled in the Korean Conflict. Then, as I donned the uniform of my country, the secret war in Vietnam, in which the US had been involved since the 50’s, (to one degree or the other) went public. So, by the time I was a middle-aged man, I had experienced three wars.

Now, I mention this only as a means to express the fact that my experience has left me totally puzzled at the attitude of those Americans who are afraid of war. I cannot fathom the depth of that fear.

Nobody likes war! Well, maybe some do. But generally speaking, the vast majority of humans don’t like it. Unfortunately, war is a part of living on this planet and it will continue to be as long as the earth holds together and continues it’s spinning journey around the sun. It is the way of things.

Americans must get over this “scardy-cat” mentality and attack the future as we used to do. If that means we have to go to war to realize one, or another, of our goals, then so be it.

Look, great nations don’t quaver when a threat to its security is made by anyone. If they do, believe me, it will not be a great nation for long. Once that chink in a nation’s armor is made visible, it is the open door through which all that nation’s enemies will seek entry.

Here in America, our weak link, our chink in the national armor, is the Political Left. Their quavering has caused more deaths of American civilians, and American servicemen, and servicewomen, than any other single cause. A country cannot hesitate when confronted with danger. It must reply to that threat immediately and with irresistible force. Half-hearted military forays into to the homelands of our enemies only leads to unnecessary American deaths. The sooner America attacks, with overwhelming force, the sooner the battles, and the war, are over and battle deaths are minimized.

Unfortunately, the American Left has control of our Public School System and our institutions of “so-called” higher learning. They are turning out carbon copies of themselves every year. With every graduating class the future of America, as a great nation, a free nation, grows dimmer. As the Scriptures teach us: “As the twig is bent, so growth the tree!”

I have advocated the abolishment of the American public school system for some time now. Home schooling, and private schooling, is one way to win our children back and to secure a future for America. Better, still, I think, would be schools controlled locally and/or by the state. There should be, absolutely, no federal involvement in our public school systems and teacher’s unions should be banned.

This is not the America I knew, neither as a boy, nor as a young man. The America I knew bowed to no one. We were a great nation. We were a great people. We feared no man. We had confidence in ourselves that we could do anything, go anywhere, and be anything we wanted. Then the cancer of Leftist Politics took hold. And like the cancer, that it is, it has eaten away America’s soul and her will to live. It has robbed us of a future as a great, free, people.

So, if you have been asking yourselves why America hesitates these days, in my humble, or not so humble opinion, (as you choose), the answer lies above in the text of this post.

Someone has said that we are the first generation, which will not leave America a better country than we found it. Unfortunately, I must agree with that!

J. D. Longstreet

(Ed's note: Yeah, I know the title should read "How Paper Tigers Become Paper Tigers"... but... I like the ring of the phraseology in "How Paper Tigers Get To Be Paper Tigers." So, It remains! Have a GREAT DAY!!! ... JDL)


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Not many know that we were secretly involved in the Viet Nam War back in the 50's. I forget myself at times even though I was never involved in it as I was in the USMC Reserves in the middle and late 60's.

By the way I like this blog and added it to bookmarks in Firefox.Found you through Alan's blog in comments.