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President Obama’s Epiphany. An Impossibility Becomes Possible ... by James T. Moore

Dear readers of “INSIGHT on Freedom” and the writing of J. D. Longstreet:

Recently the article you see, immediately below, was posted on other sites with my name at the top, which would serve to indicate that I wrote the article. I did not.

In fact, I received a message from the author, Mr. James T. Moore in which he expressed his displeasure with the manner in which the article, HIS article, had been published. He felt, and rightly so, that by placing my name at the top, even though Mr. Moore’s name appears at the end of the article, most readers would be led to believe that I was the author -- not Mr. Moore.

After an investigation, I determined that the article had never been published on my site and that I had not submitted the article to ANY OTHER SITES for consideration for publication, at all. After googling the article by title, I sent an e-mail to a site I found had published the article in the manner described above. I asked that a correction be made and that the true author be given credit for his article or that the article be pulled immediately.

In the meantime I have alerted Mr. Moore of all this and assured him I had no part in it.

This was my first brush with this sort of thing and, I must say, it is hurtful. In this case, I believe there was a genuine mix-up and the whole thing was an accident. Nevertheless, two people, Mr. Moore, and myself, were caught up in this and both of us experienced undeserved worry and aggravation.

Below is the article, which was written by Mr. James T. Moore. It is an exceptional article and one we highly recommend to you.

Thank you!

J. D. Longstreet


President Obama’s Epiphany. An Impossibility Becomes Possible
Epiphany: (1) “A sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something, (2) A comprehension or perception of reality by means of a sudden intuitive realization.” - Many people have epiphanies; that is, they suddenly experience an almost mystical acknowledgement of a truth that changes the person forever. It reveals his erroneous thinking and supplants it with what the person actually believes in his heart, and damn the consequences. Epiphany plays no favorites; it can happen to any human being.

An epiphany of sorts was experienced by President Woodrow Wilson. In 1913 Wilson approved the Federal Reserve Act. A few years later he said, “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of concentrated credit. The growth of the nation is, therefore, in the hands of a few men. No longer a government by free opinion, by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”

As far as we know, no other President has had an “episode” which has caused him to “see the light”, resulting in a change of mind, a major adjustment in policies, a concession of errors, an effort to reverse present direction, and instead, take the high road of principles, values, and integrity.

Now to the heart of this article: What if President Barrack Obama experienced an epiphany: suddenly realizing that America is on a destructive path, and as president of this nation, had it in his power (as well as his duty and responsibility) to reverse direction and return our nation to its former greatness as the peaceful and non-aggressive Constitutional Republic envisioned by our Founders?

It is in this implausible scenario that we hereby offer the words of a speech to the nation that President Obama might make, should this impossibility ever became possible.

Good evening, my fellow Americas. The message that I bring you this evening is one that, I believe, you would never expect any president to deliver. No American president has ever, to my knowledge, said anything that remotely resembles what I am about to say. Moreover, if what I tell you sparks your reason, commonsense and love of country, no future president will ever have to.

Before I continue, let me warn you that what I say may cause chaos and turmoil in some quarters, and cheers and applause in others, but will surely be an unexpected surprise, to all patriotic, loyal American citizens.

I confess this evening that I am not the same man you elected as your president in 2008. Let me explain. You will recall that I campaigned on a promise to bring “change” to America. Voters believed me enough to make me their president. For which I am grateful. But make no mistake, I believed it myself. And believing it, I began on day-one in office to right some of the wrongs I saw in our government. But you and I both know that government is a strange and often vicious animal; hard to tame, difficult to change, and unrelenting in its drive for growth, control, secrecy and power.

Because of its blatant disregard for its legitimate role in America, our government has become a massive, out-of-control abomination and an unbearable load on the back of our citizens. And just what is government’s only legitimate role in government? George Washington, our first president, was quiet clear about that. He said that “government’s only constitutional duty was to guarantee our freedoms; maintain control of our borders; concentrate primarily on America’s interests, and avoid involvement in foreign affairs and long-term “entangling alliances.” All of which we, regretfully, have turned our backs on.

Worse still, this, and prior administrations, influenced (or coerced) by certain wealthy elite, have begun a systematic dismantling of our great nation, and are presently taking steps to nullify our sovereignty and “remake” America into an “equal” member of a New World Order; which, I presume, comes as no great surprise to you.

I admit now that I fell into this mindset when I reached the Oval Office. I believed what the Bush
administration, and several administrations before him, had been envisioning was America’s role in the world as the supreme power player, the premier nuclear nation, and the answer to the centuries old tribal wars in the Middle East. They saw America as the world’s policeman, the doer of good, the solver of universal problems, the destroyer of evil, and God’s gift to a troubled world. At that time, seeing and believing that all this was true and was now being played out, it was my job as your new president, to continue, and enhance, the “progress” that was being made. Which I did in all sincerity and with whatever intelligence and talents I possess.

Having said that, night before last, I woke up confused and trembling. I thought at first I might have gotten a chill, but I suddenly became aware of something quite mind-shattering. I felt a kind of transition taking place in me. I definitely sensed that what I had been doing, the orders I had been giving, and the actions I was taking as president were not only wrong, but basically dishonest, unethical, and damaging to our nation. I saw people in my administration who were intentionally (or in obedient lockstep with the evildoers) operating and making decisions that were not only counter-productive, but literally capable of eventually tearing our nation apart. And I broke into a cold sweat thinking about it.

By morning, this epiphany, conscience, wake-up-call, or whatever you wish to call it, became clearer. It was changing my mind, and intuitively I knew it was changing my life. I suddenly realized that the change people were hoping for was quite different than what is happening today. I sensed that your hoped-for change really meant moving forward by looking back---put another way, advancing to a better America by returning to the principles and values that made this nation great in the first place.

But now, I confess, I had in mind no such change at all. Frankly, my friends, instead of a change that would bring us all to our senses and remake the America into the land we knew and loved so well, it would be a negative change that could eventually result in the end of our country as we know it. And I knew, then and there, that something had to be done to stop America’s enemies from driving her into oblivion.

Therefore, with a positive change in mind, tomorrow morning I am announcing some major shifts in our policies and strategies designed to turn our government around and restore America back to the constitutional greatness envisioned by our Founders. Details of these changes will then be made public. Meantime, here, with your indulgence, is a brief summary of what those changes entail:

First, I will refute the notion of America as an empire, by gradually reducing our military presence in the 140 nations in which they are stationed around the world. Our World War II occupation of countries will be discontinued. I will also order a gradual and orderly withdrawal of troops from Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan, and use our military only to protect our embassies and our domestic borders.

Second, heeding the admonitions of our Founders, I am issuing an order that we immediately cease interfering in foreign affairs, especially disputes among aggressive nations. Our eagerness to right the wrongs in the world have led America into more foreign wars and conflicts that we can, or should be, expected to handle. American interests must, and will, come first.
Third, I will order the dissolution of lobbies and political influences, except for the very necessary ones. Changes in our laws will, as the Constitution states, be the prerogative of Congress, no one else. I will insist that the needs of America as a nation come first, superceding all partisan bickering and quid pro quos.

Fourth, we are a nation of laws. Therefore, I will close our borders to all illegal aliens. I will open our borders to immigrants who enter legally and sincerely desire to become Americans, and are willing to work for it. This will solve another problem: It will cut off a major source of drugs coming into this country.

Fifth, businesses and industries are entitled to a fair profit and I intend to see that they get it on what Americans need and can be produced right here. In conjunction with this, I am ordering a prohibition, with few exceptions, on the outsourcing of our technologies, materials and labor. America grew strong by having the resources, together with ambitious, creative people to develop them. Having our citizens out of work is an abomination which I intend to rectify.
Sixth, I have erroneously made appointments in my administration which I now believe are at odds with America’s values. I therefore plan a cabinet adjustment in those positions which more closely reflect this nation’s principles, traditions and character. In short, there will no be room in my administration for people who put their personal agenda above the welfare of the country.
Seven, I will press for certain actions to reduce our national debt, and to solidify the strength of our dollar. First, I will order the stoppage of printing fiat money by the surreptitious Federal Reserve which is used mainly to finance our military adventurism around the world, and to keep our country deceptively solvent. I will then order the total dissolution of the private Federal Reserve system which has put our nation in a financial bind and has been a noose around our neck since it was signed into law in 1913.
Eighth, to wean us off foreign oil, I will encourage the exploration for oil in our own land and offshore, with proper safeguards, of course. With much of America’s proven resources lying dormant and unearthed, it is unthinkable that we inhibit ourselves by foreign energy dependency. Therefore, I will order our energy companies to speed up their research for alternative energy sources and will reward their efforts with tax breaks and other incentives.
Nine, there is only one Education, and it has only one goal: the freedom of the mind. I am therefore ordering a re-evaluation of the curricula in our schools and universities. We have been drifting from education to indoctrination, and this is unconscionable since young people represent the future well-being of America. Students must learn more about our country, what has made us the envy of the world, and how they may contribute to our progress. And I am determined to see that they get this knowledge.

Ten, there are nefarious forces at work attempting to nullify America’s unique status. Since freedom and independence are this nation’s sovereign identity I will order an immediate halt to the construction of the North American Highway designed to link America, Mexico and Canada into a single territorial identity, thereby making America’s sovereignty and independence non-existent. We are three separate countries with unique differences in politics, social values, ideologies; and for our own good we should remain that way.

Eleven, I will order a cessation of America’s association with the United Nations. The UN, as most citizens are unaware, is a major key in the formation of a New World Order, and I can no longer sit by and watch America subtly and systematically lose what the past 250 years has given us. International concern, cooperation, trade and humane assistance is what this nation can, and must contribute for the world’s good, but not at the expense of our own unique character, freedoms, independence and self-reliance.

And finally, we may not be able to stop other nations from developing nuclear weapons but we can, and must, stop them from any idea of delivering them. We must promote peace by making a nuclear attack on America impossible, or even unthinkable. I therefore, will order intensification of our nuclear defense options to solve this most critical problem. Sanity in the world demands it.
Now I realize there will be individuals and organizations adamantly opposed to what I say this evening. I accept that, because this message is meant for all Americans, whatever their opinions or ideologies. So I am not troubled by dissent. I fact, I welcome it.

In closing, let me leave you with this thought: When Ben Franklin was asked by a lady, “Sir, what have you given us?” Franklin answered, “A republic, ma’am, if you can keep it.” As your president, I intend for us to keep it. Thank you for your time and patience. Good evening.

James T. Moore

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