Friday, December 18, 2009

Why does Sarah Palin Scare the living Daylights out of the Left?

Why does Sarah Palin Scare the living Daylights out of the Left?
Mainstream Media Nightmare: Sarah Palin
Democrats worry, lose sleep, over Sarah Palin!

Have you taken a second look at Sarah Palin lately?
Maybe we conservatives should. Hey! I'm JUST SAYING......!
I must tell you that anytime a conservative, candidate or not, strikes fear in the hearts of the Socialists, Marxists, Communists, and Progressives in the Congress, the White House, and the leftist Mainstream Media in America, we conservatives are selling ourselves short -- if we do not sit up and take notice and, at least, try to determine what, about this particular conservative, is driving "those people" mad.

Of course, like so many other conservatives it bothers me , greatly, that she quit the office of governor of the state of Alaska. I cannot, so far, put the feeling that she is a "quitter" to rest. Why did she do it? I wish I knew the real answer to that question. Maybe someday we will. Someday, should the occasion arise for a face to face with Ms. Palin, I intend to ask just that question. Whether it will make a difference, or not, I cannot say. Her answer to that question , I would think, will make, or break, any future national political ambitions she may have.

In the meantime, though, she is selling books like hot cakes and making appearances across the country and drawing record breaking crowds in some cities and towns.

Representatives of the mainstream media are tagging along like bloodhounds sniffing for any mistake, or misstep, or misspoken word that offers even a meager opportunity for them to discredit her further.
Battalions of reporters and investigators are pouring over her book looking for errors or, well, anything that could be construed as less than truthful in their never ending campaign to belittle her, and diminish her standing among conservative and independent voters in America.

Now, here is what is troubling me. I had written Ms. Palin off as another "also ran". A "has been," a failed "wannabe politician" on the national stage. Now, as a result of the left wing's oh, so obvious fear of this little woman, I am forced to take a second look and reevaluate my most recent negative feelings toward her as a possible candidate for something, or other, either in 2010 or 2012.

See, any conservative who can throw the "Fear of God" into the socialist/progressives/communists/democrats in our Congress and the White House compels me to sit up an utter the words: "What the H**l??? And THAT, dear reader, is what Ms. Palin has done.

There is a reason the socialist leaders of America run screaming from the room at the mere mention of Sarah Palin's name. I mean -- she is bright, eloquent, obviously has a "presence" in any room she enters, and to top off the package, she is strikingly beautiful. And she is resilient. She has managed to fend off all the arrows fired at her by the left-leaning media and the left's hit men and hit women and remain poised, with that striking smile, and her continuous profession of faith in a God who will never forsake her in good times or in bad.

So, she can be "folksy." That is NOT A BAD THING IN MY REGION OF THE USA -- the South. Plus, her "folksy" manner of speech is obviously NOT FAKE. That will go a long way toward establishing the honesty factor in her favor.

Having said all the above, Yes, I am taking a second look at Sarah Palin. If for no other reason than because the mainstream media, which is so biased toward the political left, is expressing such overt fear of her.

When the Left fears the Right, conservatives are doing SOMETHING RIGHT! Is that "RIGHT THING" conservatives are obviously doing... Sarah Palin? I DON'T KNOW! But, you can bet -- I am going to try to find out!

J. D. Longstreet


J. said...

It's really amusing to me how people can say they like Sarah Palin, she's "folksy", they believe she's honest when she professes her "faith in a God who will never forsake her in good times or in bad" and yet, they don't believe a word she has said about the REASON she stepped down as Governor of Alaska. GO BACK AND READ HER RESIGNATION SPEECH!! Her reasons are right there. No one, either on her side or on the other side, seem to want to believe she says what she means and means what she says. I know why the socialists don't want to believe her. Why don't you? This is really getting old. I am a female conservative who is able to look at people (yes, even politicians) by what they say AND by what they have done in the past. Luckily for us, this is still a country of INDIVIDUALS (the smallest minority). I would vote for her in a minute for any office she chose to hold BECAUSE of her reasons for stepping down.

TexasFred said...

I'm not *The Left*, and you know that for a fact... That said...

I heard Palin speak BEFORE she was a national highlight, she spoke in a very normal tone of voice, without all the *folksy* stuff.. I heard her during the campaign and I was disgusted at how STUPID she sounded, but I'm pretty well convinced it was an act, maybe from her, maybe at the behest of the McCainiacs...

Palin speaks now and she's as normal sounding as ever before...

I am convinced that she's a damned good actress, and ya know, she is a knockout in the *looks* department, maybe she needs a role in a soap opera, her life reads like one..

If Palin is the answer, it was a really stupid question...

Cracker Americanus said...

I listened to Palin speak before she became part of the McCain camp. I felt like Ron Reagans ghost was on her shoulder. I feel we were sold out with McCains performance.

Tommygun said...

I must wholehearted concur with "J." (save that I am a male Rightwinger). Did you watch her two addresses on the subject of her declaration of independence? If you didn't, you are being irresponsible and arguably slanderous in your statement on this. If you did, then you suffer from either a mental comprehension disorder or are simply projecting your own personal disingenuousness onto Palin, even as virtually every politician and pundit out there. If you ever do pull off asking her face to face about it, I hope she runs a hockey stick upside your head.

So, I guess there's one other exception to my wholehearted agreement with "J." She is "amused" by people who do what you're doing. I am infuriated and appalled.

CLEEVN said...

If you had been listening to Sarah Palin all along, you would have gotten the reason why she stepped down from being the Govenor of Ak. Let give you the short version. Many bogus ethics violation complaints, as the result of a loophole in Aks laws, that had already cost Ak. about 2 mil, shut down the gov't to a slow crawl because of all the hours that were being devoted to investigations, etc., and the fact that she had to pay out of her own pocket to defend herself. This was costing the state, the state's people, her, and her family much in many different ways. She would have been content to go back to Ak. and live out her life and her govenorship in peace and quiet, but the smear merchants wouldn't leave well enough alone. She couldn't effectively run her state with all of that going on, so she made a change for the good of Ak. and her family. Then, she reloaded and came out shooting.
Watch her VP acceptance speech. Go back and watch the full resignation speech, not a clip. Read her book.
You are right about the fear that certain people have about her. They know that she shook up the corrupt good ol' boy political machine in Ak. I think that one of them is
still in prison. They fear her because they know that she could and would do the same to the D.C. political machine, if she ever became president. It wouldn't be politics as usual and she would put the government back on the side of the people, just like she
did in Ak. Those who fear Sarah have good reasons to fear her. She is a corruption killer and truely is on the side of America and the American people.

Gary said...

Mr Longstreet, you remind me of a "concern troll."

Everyone and their uncle knows why Sarah Palin resigned as Governor.

I describe it AT LENGTH in an editorial entitled:

"Sarah Palin: Joyful Warrior, Joyful Leader"

But just for you, and anyone else who doesn't comprehend:

"Once Sarah was picked as McCain’s running mate though, all that is ugly, vile, and hateful about the left, and they really do have the market cornered on that stuff, came to bear on Sarah. I’ve thought long and hard, and I really cannot think of anyone who has been attacked as viciously as Sarah Palin.

The left attacked Sarah, her husband, her children, especially her youngest son, Trig. In this, the left truly outdid itself. The word evil just doesn’t do some of these people and their attacks justice. And these attacks are ongoing, even to this day.


You see that all of the lies, hate, filth, and unprecedented attacks on Sarah and her family, have had absolutely no effect on this wonderful woman’s spirit. If anything, they have only strengthened her resolve. Made her a little more powerful. Made her a little more "dangerous" to all of those who hate freedom and liberty. You know, the democrats!

The left, and yes, even some on the right, were stunned when Sarah stepped down as Governor, handing the ball off to her very capable Lt. Governor, Sean Parnell. Some simply didn’t understand what was going on up there in Alaska, even though Sarah’s July 3rd Independence Speech was quite clear about the situation.

When you have a group of people, headed by the President of the United States, out to destroy you, your family, and your state, in any and every way possible, you have two choices: You either allow them to destroy you and everything you love, or you take drastic and dramatic action. And dramatic action is what Sarah took.

Gary said...

So, to all but the silliest among us, Sarah did the right thing, the honorable thing, and stepped down. Now of course, her critics went into attack mode, how she "quit when the going got tough" and all of that jazz. Since then, every action Sarah has taken, has proven that little theory dead wrong.

In fact, Sarah jumped out of the pan, and into the fire. She has been more outspoken than ever, and more effective, too! As far as I am concerned, the moves by Obama to drive Sarah out of office will go down in history as one of the greatest political and tactical blunders of all time.

As Governor, Sarah was highly restricted. It was hard to leave the state, not only because of the great distances to the lower 48, but also because of the loons who always had a complaint filed when she did. It was impossible for her to write a book, for money, or give paid speeches due to Alaska’s strict rules. Another thing, Obama and his people had turned the once relatively cordial Alaskan political scene into a virtual state of war. So, as Governor, Sarah was careful in her criticism of the Dear Leader.

When you hear Sarah say that "politics changed" once she was chosen by McCain, this is what she is talking about.

CLEEVN said...

Guess that you didn't like my informative comment because you didn't post it.
Well, read this. It sums up my comment nicely. You can see this at Texas4Palin It is in response to your blog.
"J.D. Longstreet Takes A Second Look At Sarah Palin"

J. said...

@Tommygun: It's only "amusing" because if I don't laugh, I will cry. I understand how appalled and infuriated you are. Look at what those people elected to the highest office in the land! I thought Bill Clinton had forever damaged that office with his slime. But, that was NOTHING compared to the Chicago Machine that is going on now. The Matrix the left has built to disguise their evil is very hard to pierce. Especially to people who refuse to see the truth.

However, I've got to say that I am grateful BHO was elected over McCain. If McCain had been elected, we would have continued slowly to our slaughter at the hands of the Communists in this country. As it is, with BHO RUSHING us to bondage, many people in this country are waking up and seeing through the Matrix for the first time! And, that, my friend, is giving me hope that we can roll some of it back. If they pass this health care take-over, though. It will be over, I'm afraid. Once more power is given to the government over our very lives, we will only be able to take it back by revolution. I don't wish that on my children.