Thursday, January 28, 2010

Conservatives and Progressives. Huge Difference!

Conservatives and Progressives. Huge Difference!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


The difference between Conservatives and Progressives, er liberals, er, socialists… (Whatever!)… is now more obvious than ever before -- especially now that Americans have seen the Progressives in action.

Are you as sick of the Democrats claiming the Republicans are looking out for their rich friends… at the cost of the poor folk in this country? Every time one turns around it is on the TV, in the Newspapers, and on the radio. Of course, the Democrat party controls the mainstream media outlets. (That’s why FOX News Channel is such a threat to them, and, why it is burning the ratings up. People have become sick and tired of hearing the old leftist spin on the news and are rushing to Fox News, in droves, to hear the “real” news and, as they say, get it “fair and balanced.”

Here’s the thing. It really is propaganda… plain and simple. It is political pabulum fed to the media, by the DNC, and the MSM laps it up and regurgitates it onto their respective networks or print media. They have been the willing accomplices of the Democrat Party since, well, since the beginning. Nothing has changed.

One of my own regional newspapers, owned by the New York Times, is no different. Readers get the same old rotgut, left wing, propaganda. However, they have been doing this so long they have begun to believe their own propaganda. They actually believe they are unbiased! Talk about denial! Just a brief scan of their editorial page and a fair-minded person will understand immediately their approach to reporting. It carries over onto the pages of the news. The sources are well known left leaning news associations.

So, with the Democrats controlling the Mainstream Media, why is there a hue and cry when a conservative voice pops up on TV, the radio, or the print media-- because, we conservatives are a very real threat to the left. Our ideas actually work. They are not difficult for folks to understand. We don’t have all the “nuance” intertwined in our remarks. We speak plainly and to the point. Oftimes, we are not politically correct, but then most folks aren’t.

Conservatives are a mixed lot, the same as Liberals/Progressives/Socialists. But for the most part, we are a people who base our political belief in the rock solid fundamentals that built this country. We believe the founders were honorable men. Flawed, but honorable. We believe they meant what they said when they wrote the constitution -- and they said what they meant. We see no reason to change it one-way or the other. Unlike Progressives, conservatives do not believe the Constitution is “a living document” subject to radical interpretation by whim. What you see is what you get.

Most conservatives are morally grounded in the scriptures and we believe that is the root of all things good. But, even more important than all these, we believe there are absolutes, moral and otherwise. There are boundaries. We, for the most part, do not believe in moral relativity. It is either right, or it is wrong.

You can see why we lock horns with the liberals/progressives/socialists, especially the new socialists that now form the bulk of what used to be the Democratic Party. Sadly, that is exactly what has happened to the old Democratic Party. It has become a socialist/secular/humanist (and, we suspect, a sprinkling of communists.) party. The truly sad thing is… they have yet to realize the American people will have none of it. They have isolated themselves from the electorate and they are now, seemingly, bent on self-destruction.

In by-gone days, the Democrat party was a party in which Zell Miller could feel at home. It was a political party the Southern folk could align with, especially since the Lincoln administration was a Republican administration. Things have changed. The pendulum has swung and now the Republican Party is the party the Democrat Party used to be. Thus, the switching of parties by Southerners and the reason the South now leans most favorably toward the Republican.

Presidential elections cannot be won without the South (i.e. the states of the old Confederacy). It will be a cold day, in warmer climes, when the South switches back to the Democrat Party.

Many conservatives don’t feel the Republican Party is conservative enough. They feel the Republican Party has forsaken its conservative agenda and it’s conservative members. I fall in that group. As a result the Tea Party Movement was born. The Tea Party Movement may yet become a full-grown third political party in America, a conservative political party. However, caution must be exercised that Tea Party candidates for office do not harm the campaigns of GOP candidates who have clear shots at removing an incumbent democrat, or a liberal, or RINO Republican from office.

Just some thoughts today on why politics are as they are in the USA. Subject to change, of course!

J. D. Longstreet

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Frank said...

If the Constitution was not a living document, the founding fathers would not have provided for the Admendment process.....
If our founding fathers followed the conservatives at the time, we would still be a British colony.

If Fox is unbiased I am the Pope.....

All media is ran by big business, I only trust the independent news that I support with my contributions, you can keep MSNBC and FOX both of them are vying to be the 4th branch of the governement or atleast being a political party backer.... no need to guess who backs whom. I want my news to investigate all members of both parties as they are both full of crooks......

I am an American and I hat the conservatives challenging my patriotism because I believe in using the government to do things to intervene and make life better for all. The only trouble with that phylosophy is someone genuine can start a program and someone corrupt can be running it 4 years later, so in that fact I see the conservative's point of view. I want life to be easier/better fro the next generation, my children and your grand children should NOT have to deal with insurance companies doing to them what they are doing to people today. I could care less about the rich, freedom is not free and they should pay their fair share, it takes alot of money to remain free, free from oppression by foreign enemies and multinational companies.

Peace old friend...