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Partisanship Is 100% American!

Partisanship Is 100% American!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


The ignorance of today’s Americans, about the way their country’s government was designed (By The Founders) to work, is not only lamentable -- it is dangerous!

If you are one of those Americans decrying partisanship in the US Congress and you are educated enough to read this article, then there is NO EXCUSE for your ignorance.

Yes, I understand the Public School System in America rarely teaches American History and in many cases they don’t even teach European or World History and they certainly do not teach “Civics” anymore. (Pause) OK, for those of you younger folk who have NO IDEA what “CIVICS” is -- the simplest explanation is this: Civics is the study of the rights and duties of citizenship. In other words, it is the study of government with attention to the role of citizens in the operation and oversight of government.

Back in the day, we actually studied Civics in High School. THAT is where I first got the idea in my head that I actually had a say in the way the US Government is run. It is a right I have exercised over and over ever since. I fear it is a right a large portion of the US population doesn’t even realize they have – because they were never taught CIVICS and never studied American History or European History and/or World History. You see, the combination of these three studies is dangerous to the ruling elite in America.

Those of us, who HAVE studied the history of this country and HAVE studied the Constitution and the government of the US --and our role in it -- are extremely dangerous people. We KNOW when our leaders are snookering us, as they are today, for instance.

I have come to believe there is now, and there has been for some time, a deliberate effort to keep you and the generations that follow completely ignorant as to your constitutional rights -- and even more important, how your government was designed, by the Founders of this country, to work.

Today we hear calls for “bipartisanship” from the Socialists/Progressives in Congress. They KNOW the Congress is SUPPOSED to be PARTISAN! That’s why there is more than one political party. Since the days of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson there has been partisanship in the government of the US.

Let us establish, right up front, that the Founders intended the government to be partisan. They intended to make the process of law-making a slow and tedious process. The idea was to insure that laws were not passed in “the heat of the moment” or, as we like to say today, as a “knee-jerk reaction.”

If thee was no partisanship in Congress laws would be flying through the hoppers of both houses and onto the law books, willy-nilly, and we would very quickly become a dictatorship of some kind. That would indicate that there was NO OPPOSITION to the ruling party. The representative republic, that is America, would cease to exist almost immediately. The ruling party would simply take over the government and run it as they saw fit and if you disagreed you would have no say, whatsoever, in the matter. I must say, our current government bears a great deal of resemblance to a dictatorship today.

Take a good look at the ruling party in America today… the “Marxists.” Oh, they prefer you call them “Progressives.” But be aware of this: the title “Progressive” has been used for decades in America as code for Marxist or Communist.

Now observe the manner in which the Obama Regime rules America. As Obama could not dissolve the Congress, as he gives every indication he would LIKE to do, he created a cadre of “Czars” to do his biding. These Czars did not have to be vetted by the Congress and there is no advice and consent from the US Senate sought.

The Czars exist only to do Obama’s bidding and they answer ONLY to him. I suspect as soon as someone challenges Obama’s “politburo of Czars” in the courts, they will be found to be unconstitutional and he will be ordered to disband them. That does not mean, however that they will not continue to serve Obama informally.

IF the AMERICAN people were up on their constitution and IF they had any knowledge of how their government is SUPPOSED to operate under that constitution, they would be demanding that Obama do away with his Czars -- or be impeached for abuse of power, abuse of the office of President, and abuse of the American people.

But there is no hue and cry. Why? Ignorance. How is that possible? It is possible because the Public School System is run by the labor unions which are closely allied with Obama’s political party and his Marxist philosophy and they have turned the Public School System’s classrooms into Leftist Indoctrination Centers for America’s young.

Our kids are being indoctrinated in the same Progressive/Marxist philosophy favored by Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, et al. THAT is way they are ignorant of the constitution and the constitutional way our government is supposed to work -- and that is why they do not understand partisanship in the Congress.

Boiled down -- the American electorate is split between conservatives and progressives/Marxists. We both have strongly held beliefs and every individual has certain core beliefs that dictate how he/she sees the world around them. It is totally ludicrous to insist that we stop arguing. To do that, one side, or the other, would have to completely dominate the other. If and when that happens, democracy is dead.

Let’s face it. As long as Congress is busy fussing and arguing with itself, the people are somewhat safe. Actually, the only time I feel safe these days is when Congress is in recess.

Remember, when you hear someone arguing bipartisanship in Congress, what they are actually saying is they want the opposing side silenced so only their argument is heard. As I said, that spells the doom of democracy. In America partisanship is a GOOD THING. Bipartisanship is just plain dangerous to freedom.

J. D. Longstreet

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