Thursday, January 21, 2010

Intellectuals, Elitists, Fools, and Democrats

Intellectuals, Elitists, Fools, and Democrats
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


The intellectual elitists in charge of the US government these days have amply demonstrated “There is no fool like an educated fool.” The socialists in the White House and the Congress currently are the most condescending bunch I can ever recall taking up space in those grandiose halls of power. They show their disdain for us, the great unwashed, the proletariat, the hillbillies, the red necks, all of us from the lower economic and social classes, in ways too numerous to count.

I am reminded of an old story of an over-eager young man who tries, repeatedly, to help an elderly lady across the street, even though the elderly lady DID NOT WANT TO CROSS THE STREET!

The socialists in Washington are doing the very same thing with ObamaCare. They are forcing it upon us when we, the American people, have said, loudly and clearly, we DO NOT WANT IT!

It is almost funny to observe the near panic in Congress and the White House as they race to and fro trying desperately to come up with a plan to pass ObamaCare into law now that Scott Brown, the Republican candidate for the late Senator Ted Kennedy’s seat has won the election and is on his way to Washington with a vow to vote AGAINST ObamaCare. If that happens they will not have the votes to pass the bill in the Senate -- at least not the way they had planned. They are searching desperately, in the roundabout, for an alternative plan to insure ObamaCare passes the Senate and gets to Obama for his signature. The socialists are scared witless!

Americans are tired, nay, exhausted, with the intellectual, elite, “Progressives” telling their constituents to sit down and shut up, and telling us THEY know better than we what we need, what we want, and what we are going to get because, well, they are smarter than we are. If you dare question how much smarter they are than you and me, ask them. They’ll tell you, in no uncertain terms, just how dumb YOU really are.

Of course, the dumbest of all are we folks on the conservative right of the political spectrum. It has always amused me that, according to the leftists intellectual elites, ALL Republican Presidents are dumb as posts! Ever noticed that? How they can say that with a straight face, when you consider their glittering jewels of leftist intellect such as Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, is just beyond me. And now they have the socialist Obama who has proven to be even worse. The man is cold and distant in his elitism. He radiates narcissism, a “better than thou” attitude, a SMARTER than thou, attitude, while he practices his superior thought processes to come up with an answer months after the question. Those of us in the proletariat see that as indecisiveness. We also understand that while he wallows in his wishy-washy “superior” thinking the problem grows worse and in some cases cost the lives of fellow Americans. His dragged-out decision on sending the troops, requested by the Commander of US Forces in Afghanistan, springs to mind. US troops died while Obama was trying to make up his mind, which is, as we all know by now, because his henchman, and the Mainstream Media, continue to tell us, is far, far, advanced when compared to the mental capability of his fellow Americans.

Even though Obama is articulate, at least when he has a teleprompter with him, many are now convinced his intellectualism is, indeed, fake.

When one listens to Obama’s oratory and observes his mannerisms, one can detect guilt and shame. One must then wonder if his egomaniacal narcissism isn’t over compensation for all the guilt and shame he feels. He strikes me as one with a deep inferiority complex to boot. But he IS an elite – at least in his own mind.

As for the socialist elites in the US Congress they have finally succeeded in bringing America, at least our economy, to its knees. It was the policies of the pointy-head elites in the Congress that caused the lending institutions to make ill-advised loans to borrowers any idiot, surveying their loan application, would see instantly could not afford it and could not pay back the money loaned them. But the Congress insisted they make those loans. They did and, of course, the inevitable happened -- and whom does Congress blame – the very banks and lending institutions they compelled to take the risks in the first place. See how smart those intellectual elites really are.

In one year’s time they have managed to virtually destroy the economy of the US and throw ten percent of the US work force out of their jobs and onto the streets.

Maybe intellectual elites have a place in our society, but for the life of me, I cannot identify that place. Maybe like the cartoon gurus they should be relegated to some mountaintop in the Rockies – and left there.

Many Americans are now concerned that our constitution is in danger. These same Intellectual elites are making it known they are of the opinion the constitution is outdated and has very little application to modern times. It is an inconvenience to them and their plans to transform America into some sort of socialist paradise. One can remind them that socialism has never worked anywhere it has been tried, but OUR Intellectual elites believe they are smarter than the intellectual elites of those countries; therefore THEIR brand of socialism for America will work. In their arrogance they actually believe that. See? How DUMB is THAT?!

America has ten months to save herself. In November we will have a chance to replace enough representatives in the US House of Representatives and the US Senate to repeal ObamaCare (If it, indeed, passes) and the same with the Cap and Trade Bill if it should somehow pass into law as well.

Conservatives and Moderates and Independents should understand there will likely be a flood of Obama supporters from the minority communities at the polls in November in an all out attempt to salvage what has already become a referendum on the Obama Regime. To put it as plainly as I know how: The Mid-Term election in November MAY be our last chance to save America, our country.

J. D. Longstreet

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