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“Big Daddy” Obama and the American Police State

“Big Daddy” Obama and the American Police State
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

I recently came across an article by John W. White­head, Pres­i­dent of The Ruther­ford Institute entitled: “The State of the Nation: I am afraid.”

In the article Mr. Whitehead says: “We’re encased in what some are calling an elec­tronic con­cen­tra­tion camp. The gov­ern­ment con­tinues to amass data files on more and more Amer­i­cans. Every­where we go, we are watched: at the banks, at the gro­cery store, at the mall, crossing the street.” Mr. Whitehead goes on to say: “We are meta­mor­phosing into a police state.” He says: “Fusion cen­ters – data col­lecting agen­cies spread throughout the country, aided by the National Secu­rity Agency – con­stantly mon­itor our com­mu­ni­ca­tions, every­thing from our internet activity and web searches to text mes­sages, phone calls and emails. This data is then fed to gov­ern­ment agen­cies, which are now inter­con­nected – the CIA to the FBI, the FBI to local police – a rela­tion­ship which will make a tran­si­tion to mar­tial law that much easier. We may very well be one ter­rorist attack away from seeing armed forces on our streets – and the Amer­ican people may not put up much resis­tance.”

Mr. Whitehead is concerned that our Constitution will come under attack. He says: “As national bor­ders dis­solve in the face of spreading glob­al­iza­tion, the like­li­hood increases that our Con­sti­tu­tion, which is the supreme law of America, will be sub­verted in favor of inter­na­tional laws. What that means is that our Con­sti­tu­tion will come increas­ingly under attack.”

It is an insightful article and one that every American ought to read and consider carefully. We encourage you to read The State of the Nation: I am afraid.” By John W. Whitehead at “The August Forecast” HERE.

I, too, am concerned for my country. As Mr. Whitehead has said this is not the America I grew up in. I do not recognize the country we live in today as America.

I see and hear more and more fellow citizens holding hushed and whispered conversations for fear the government – or -- one of their neighbors (who will turn them in to the authorities as a demonstration of their “Good Citizen” status) will overhear them. America is coming more and more, every day, to resemble the old Soviet Union… certainly not AMERICA.

What happened? Americans decided they want security more than they want freedom. Like the Athenians of ancient Greece -- we may never be free again.

I am convinced, more than ever, as I watch the Obama Regime in action, that the people of America are being set-up. “Set-up for what?” you may ask. How about a complete takeover of the country? I believe we are watching a coup de’tat take place right before our eyes.
I have mentioned a number of times, in the past, that I fear the Obama Regime will not allow the November Mid Term Election to take place as scheduled. I have postulated the Obama Regime will declare a “national emergency” and “postpone” the November elections… indefinitely.

Ok. So I am paranoid. That doesn’t mean I’m not RIGHT!

It seems I am not alone in seeing evidence of a “plot” in progress amongst the “minions of menace” in the backrooms of the Obama White House. THEY are in power now, and they do not intend to allow that power to slip through their fingers -- certainly not as a result of free and fair elections… not when those elections can be rigged to go their way.

There is an article by Ed Lasky at the “American Thinker” you need to read. Every American needs to read it and consider it very carefully. The article is titled: “Obama and the White House Chicago Boys.” In the article Mr. Lasky says the following: “Barack Obama has a problem. His polls numbers are dropping and his policies are fueling an angry backlash across America. The Democratic Party is held in disrepute, and congressional Democrats are dropping like flies. This imperils Obama's radical agenda and his own 2012 prospects. What to do? Game the system and rig the future elections. That is how things are done in the streets of Chicago.”

Mr. Lasky says: “What we got was a team that will stoop very low indeed to win elections, honesty and transparency be damned. Obama may be a good basketball player, but he and his team excel in the blood sport of politics, and they will use every trick and tactic, no matter how disgraceful, to win. That may be the Chicago Way, but it is not the American Way."

Again, we urge you to READ Mr. Lasky’s article. You will find it HERE.

America is in DEEP trouble. Even though my fellow Americans HAVE begun to awakened to the threat to their freedom the Socialists and Marxists/Communists in the White House pose, not enough Americans have been roused to action. We conservatives, especially, need to become a massive activist machine. We have to fight to maintain and preserve our freedom. If we don’t “Big Daddy Barry Obama,” and his Chicago machine, will most certainly roll over us and crush our liberty and freedom to death.

J. D. Longstreet

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