Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It seems there are thirty Congresspersons that voted for ObamaCare the first time it passed the US House of Representatives. However, they are not solid. Their votes cannot be counted upon THIS TIME! Obama can probably get the bill through the Senate by using the reconciliation process but the House is a whole ‘nother problem for ObamaCare.

The thirty Congresspersons we are referring to are all susceptible to being voted out of office this coming November. They know it. They have caught the dickens from their constituents for voting for ObamaCare the first time around.

We suggest you phone each of the congresspersons on the list and voice your opposition to ObamaCare and suggest they should vote NO on ObamaCare when it next comes before the US House of representatives.

There is a list of these congresspersons and their phone numbers

Please take the time to phone them ASAP!


TexasFred said...

Let me ask you this, and PLEASE don't think I'm disagreeing with you, I am not...

Will it do any good to call these guys if you're not one of their constituents? I have tried to call Senators and Congressmen before, not my own, and when their *people* found out I wasn't one of *theirs*, I was told not to call back...

All I did was hit a brick wall, run up my phone bill and waste my time...

Your thoughts?

Longstreet said...

Honestly, Fred, I don't know if it will do any good, or not. I'd place it in the "Hail Mary" catagory. But, at this point, our options are getting very thin, indeed.

Obama can get it throught the Senate. But, there IS a possibility, slim though it may be, that it can be stopped in the House.

The fact remains, that if we don't purge the Congress in November of as many of these yokels as we can... it will be back -- in small increments-- until they get it passed -- down the road aways. It is NOT going away in our lifetimes, I fear.