Monday, February 22, 2010

Republicans SHOULD NOT ATTEND Obama’s Healthcare Summit! (Updated)

Republicans SHOULD NOT ATTEND Obama’s Healthcare Summit!
Nothing more than Political Theatre starring Obama!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


If there are any Republicans left in Congress with “common sense” they will not show up to receive their browbeating by Obama.

This whole theatrical production is designed to belittle Republicans and make them look as bad as possible and apply another layer of blame on them.

I have alerted my senators as to my feelings on this strong arm tactic by the Obama Regime. I have asked them not to attend. I also assured them I am still flat out opposed to ANY program of socialized medicine for the American people.

If you are one who believes the democrats will agree to trash their original Obamacare plans you need to seriously reconsider -- because they won’t. Oh, they will make the offer publicly, but they have no intention of giving one inch, and neither should the balking republicans.

I say again, the majority of Americans do not want government-run socialized medicine. The Progressives/Socialist/Marxists/Democrats are dead set on ramming it down our throats despite that fact. This so-called healthcare summit with the Obama Regime is just another way to do that ramming.

This is “strong arm” politics at its worst. As of this writing Obama’s plan, the one he intends to present to the republicans at the “summit” has no republican backers. Obama’s plan still mandates that Americans have healthcare. It would force insurance companies to accept applicants with preexisting conditions. Of COURSE, that SOUNDS good, until you remember that if insurance companies are forced to accept bad risks, YOUR insurance premiums will shoot through the roof to compensate those insurance companies for the losses they will incur as a result of signing up people who are already sick. Plus, taxes will skyrocket, and the cost of Obamacare will come very close to one trillion dollars!

Obama’s plan will cut Medicare payments to doctors to such a degree that a huge portion of America’s doctors will simply stop seeing Medicare patients. And, frankly, I don’t blame them one bit.
(To learn more about Obama's proposed healthcare plan go HERE.)

In other words it is the same ObamaCare that recently stalled in the Congress for lack of support by the American people. Why? Because the American people do not want it! How much plainer can we be?

Here's the thing: Democrats are planning to bypass the GOP completely in the Senate by using a process known as reconciliation, which is normally reserved for passing the federal budget. This reconcilliation process requires only 51 votes for passage rather than the usual 60 votes. As we have predicted all along, the Democrat/Socialist/Marxists/Progressives in the US Congress and White House are going to saddle America with their brand of socialism no matter what YOU and I want.

A warning to the Congress is in order. If the Congress passes Obamacare, the political blood letting of incumbents in the Mid Term Election, this coming November, will be even greater than it is expected to be today.

Congresspersons and Senators who vote for ObamaCare should begin looking for the nearest exit! As someone said the other day: You can “stick a fork in them ‘cause they’re DONE!”

America must neuter Obama in November 2010. We can do that by voting out those incumbents supporting ObamaCare. We must also begin the process to repeal ObamaCare as the first order of business in the new Congress!

WE can do it -- and we must -- if we have any hope, at all, of remaining a free capitalist nation instead of the socialist dung heap the Democrats/Progressives/Socialists and Marxists, in our government today, are trying so hard to make us. America must rid itself of the socialist oligarchy ruling America today through executive orders issued from the Oval Office.

We can do it -- and we must begin right now.

J. D. Longstreet


TexasFred said...

Just another opportunity for the most narcissistic man in America to thrill himself with his own voice...

Frank said...

the last meeting with the republicans, they blew it, they showed just how incompetent they are.