Thursday, March 17, 2011

Clapper was right. Gaddafi IS Winning.

Clapper was right. Gaddafi IS Winning.
Obama Cedes World leadership to (?)
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

A few days ago, James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, admitted in a Washington hearing that Col. Gaddafi would win the civil war in Libya.

Clapper was promptly slapped down by the Obama Regime and became the butt of any number of denigrating comments by commentators on the web and on radio, TV, and the printed press.

He also said, in answer to a question from a politician in that same hearing, that China was the most immediate threat to America.

The problem is -- Clapper made what is known as a political gaff in our nation’s capital. He told the truth.

China IS the most immediate threat to America – and Gaddafi IS winning in Libya. While the US President, Obama, (The Invisible President) has withdrawn from the global leadership role, the nations of Europe and the Middle East and the extremely overrated United Nations cannot get their act together and make a decision.

The world is seeing what Americans on the right side of the political spectrum have known since a time prior to World War One. Without America to lead, the world goes to hell in a handbag!

The United Nations is anything but united -- and, in fact, is a joke! A bad joke, at that!

The nations of Europe are so mired in political correctness they dare not make a firm decision for fear of hurting someone’s feelings.

The nations of the Middle East can’t stop fighting amongst themselves and killing their own, long enough to make even a feeble attempt to save the lives of fellow human beings in their own neighborhood.

While the world debates a “no-fly” zone over war torn Libya, (sans Obama) Gaddafi is wiping out the opposition. It now seems that the uprising in Libya will be over in a matter of days, if not hours, from this writing.

Meanwhile, Obama is just being himself. He will stand back, let everyone else do the heavy lifting, and when the dust settles-- he will either bless or curse the outcome. Apparently, he sees himself as some sort of regal monarch who cannot dirty his hands by touching anything that affects the great unwashed (anyone but Obama).

Obama has governed this way since the beginning of his administration. He appoints ‘czars” to do his dirty work. Then he blesses their work. He insisted the leftist Congress pass ObamaCare -- and he blessed it.

He has virtually given up America’s position as a leader on the world stage. It seems he simply does not wish to be bothered by “THOSE PEOPLE.”

The plain truth is this. It is now too late to do anything, one way, or the other, in Libya. A no-fly zone, NOW, simply will make no difference. If the news reports we are getting out of Libya are to be believed, Col. Gaddafi’s troops are close to a “mopping-up” stage in that conflict. Military intervention (of any kind) at this stage will mean placing boots on the ground in Libya. Nobody wants that.

Until Americans dump the current occupant in the Oval Office at the White House, and replace him with a real leader, we might just as well get used to the civil wars, the brushfire wars, the revolutions, and the mounting unrest in third world nations around the globe. While the cat’s way, the mice will play! The world needs a “cat” in the White House, a scrappy ole TOM cat, at that!

It has never been more apparent that the choices we Americans make when we vote for our President affects the entire world. Just read the latest news. What we have today is a world filled with rioting mobs taking advantage of the lack of American leadership.

At a time when the world economy is on the brink of collapse, there is no strong American leadership.

The expression that “nature abhors a vacuum” is absolutely true. The vacuum left by Obama’s withdrawal will soon be filled. By whom? I haven’t a clue. But it won’t be America -- and THAT will be extremely bad for America -- and the world.

The world won’t wait until 2012 for America to right her mistake. Massive change is underway and much, if not most, is not good … especially for America.

As Obama’s leftist socialism devours the flesh from the bones of America, the world is aflame sensing that America is in her death throes.

American patriots must hold out until a rescue can be mounted in November of 2012. We face some nineteen months of dark shadows and uncertainty, not just in America, but as we have come to understand, the entire world.

As we Americans look around us today, we are beginning to understand that what WAS a mission to rescue America has now become a mission to rescue the world.

J. D. Longstreet

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joetote said...

He was also dead on in his assessment of china and Russia being our worse enemies in the long run. however, one would never expect an agreement to that assertion from the leftist media or this Marxist ideologue we call the President.