Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Obama Turns His Attention to Gun Control

Obama Turns His Attention to Gun Control
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

For a President seeking a second term, Obama continues to act as though he really intends to be a one-term President. He is the most “tone-deaf” of any president in recent memory when it comes to hearing what the people of America are shouting at the top of their lungs.

We are all familiar with the expression about Social Security being the “third-rail of politics.” One touch and you are dead. There is truth to that. But – there is another “untouchable” for a President of the US – and Obama just grabbed it with both hands. The right of the people to own and bear arms. There is nothing more American than owning and carrying a firearm… nothing.

The USA was carved out of a wilderness with guns. Civilization was imposed upon this continent with guns. The country was rescued from a British despot with guns. The seas were made safe for American commerce with guns. A so-called “Civil-War” was fought by Americans against Americans with guns. The western portion of the US was won, settled, and civilized with guns. Europe was Made Safe for Democracy by Americans and their guns. Again, Europe and much of the Pacific was freed and made safe by Americans with their guns. For forty years, Americans fought, with their guns, brushfire wars, and out and out full-blown wars, in diverse places around the globe, and stood their ground with firearms in hand and foiled the communist agenda to take-over the world by conquest of war.

Today, American is the global cop patrolling the sea-lanes of the planet guaranteeing the safe usage of the seas by all countries involved in peaceful commerce. We do it with force of arms… in other words … with American firearms/GUNS.

Since the British military, under the command of King George, America has not been invaded by a foreign power. There is a very good reason for that. Americans are armed to the teeth.

Americans are a free people. Since we won or freedom from Great Britain, we have never had a dictator, and we continue to enjoy a constitutional representative republic. There is a very good reason for that, as well. Americans are armed to the teeth.

It is the Second Amendment of the US Constitution that guarantees the rights granted by the First Amendment.

Above, I noted that America has never had a dictator. We have never had a king, either. But, I will add that America is as close as she has ever been to having a self-proclaimed king, “Obama the First.”

The problem with narcissists is they give absolutely no credence to the wants and desires and even the opinions of anyone other than themselves. That describes Mr. Obama to a “T.” He doesn’t hear the American citizen telling him, loud and clear: “Hands off our guns!”

Over the weekend, Obama wrote an op-ed piece for the Arizona Daily Star. In the article he said: “I know that every time we try to talk about guns, it can reinforce stark divides. People shout at one another, which makes it impossible to listen. We mire ourselves in stalemate, which makes it impossible to get to where we need to go as a country.” (SOURCE)
That paragraph, right there, tells you all you need to know about Obama. Take note of: “ … which makes it impossible to get to where we need to go as a country.”

Question: WHO, exactly, other than Obama, decides WHERE the country needs to go?

Hey, I am only a poor, old, country boy, down here in the swamps of the southeast, but I was sorta under the impression that WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE WHERE AMERICA NEEDS TO GO. Obama, obviously, believes HE decides, issues the command, and we are expected to follow. That’s what kings do. Not Presidents of the United States.

Obama continues: “That's why our focus right now should be on sound and effective steps that will actually keep those irresponsible, law-breaking few from getting their hands on a gun in the first place.” (SOURCE)

Of course, THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE to accomplish in America. Guns can be self-manufactured in a home workshop. Back in my wild and wooly days as a teenager, I did it. It is that simple.

The leftist gun-grabbers are SO naive it is extremely difficult to understand how they cannot know this. The nonsense they spew about keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally unbalanced is so far out of touch with the facts on the ground that it is just impossible to believe that it is anything other than a smokescreen to hide their intention of stripping every American of his or her gun.

We knew Obama would eventually get to gun control. He has arrived.

So, what does it mean? It means he will lose this battle and he will take down a slew of democrats in the next election should they be stupid enough to support his efforts at infringement of the Second Amendment.

If this is a battle the democrats REALLY want to fight, then bring it on. The result is a foregone conclusion. Supporters of Obama’s efforts at gun control will lose the battle and, most likely, their seats in the US Congress. THAT would be a GOOD thing.

J. D. Longstreet

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TexasFred said...

Obama knows he's full of CRAP... He's making noise in an effort to placate his moonbat base...