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R.E.S.P.E.C.T Obama Gets None!

R.E.S.P.E.C.T Obama Gets None!
America Is Embarrassed Around The Globe!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

The world no longer fears America. Obama has seen to that. We are, rightfully, seen as the paper tiger we were so often accused of acting like under former democratic presidents.

Nile Gardiner is a Washington-based foreign affairs analyst and political commentator. He appears frequently on American and British television and radio, including Fox News Channel, CNN, BBC, Sky News, and NPR. He had this to say in a piece that appeared UK based “The Telegraph” on February 28th, 2011. Mr. Gardiner said:

“Just a few years ago the United States was genuinely feared on the world stage, and dictatorial regimes, strategic adversaries and state sponsors of terror trod carefully in the face of the world’s most powerful nation. Now Washington appears weak, rudderless and frequently confused in its approach. From Tehran to Tripoli, the Obama administration has been pathetically slow to lead, and afraid to condemn acts of state-sponsored repression and violence. When protesters took to the streets to demonstrate against the Islamist dictatorship in Iran in 2009, the brutal repression that greeted them was hardly a blip on Barack Obama’s teleprompter screen, barely meriting a response from a largely silent presidency.” (SOURCE)
I could not agree more with Mr. Gardiner. It has been painful to watch the stumbling and bumbling of the Obama Regime to get as far away from the Arab Melee in the Middle East while, at the same time, “appearing” to be on top of the situation at all times.

It was so obviously contrived that only a lock step “Obamanite” could actually BELIEVE anything coming out of the Oval Office, the West Wing offices of the Obama Minions, or the pitiful Department of State. Secretary of State Clinton appeared strained, saddened, and not a little embarrassed, to be the face of the Obama Foreign Policy.

What a MESS!

America wanted change in November of 2008. By golly – we GOT change!

As Mr. Gardiner points out in his piece in The Telegraph: “In contrast to Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, President Obama fails to see the United States as an exceptional nation, with a unique role in leading the free world and standing up to tyranny. In his speeches abroad he has frequently found fault with his own country, rather than projecting confidence in American greatness. From Cairo to Strasbourg he has adopted an apologetic tone rather than demonstrating faith in America as a shining city upon a hill, a beacon of freedom and liberty. A leader who lacks pride in his own nation’s historic role as a great liberator simply cannot project strength abroad.” (SOURCE)

If I were in church and my pastor said those words, I would have to fight the urge to leap to my feet and shout: “AMEN!” Mr. Gardiner NAILED IT!

Obama has worked tirelessly to get as far behind the curve on the Arab rebellion in the Middle East, as he possibly can. As a result he looks weak, listless, frightened, indecisive, pathetic, and – dare I say it – cowardly.

He has waited until the outcome of each of the uprisings was a given, before he stepped up to the plate … every single time. I have to believe that was by design.

Now, the egghead intellectual elites will tell us he was “deliberating.” Making sure the US would come down on the right side of the issue for the sake of history, etc, etc … ad infinitum.

Simply put: That is pure horse hockey!

Look. The US should never, never, never, elect an intellectual (of any political party) to the office of President. Intellectuals do not make good leaders. They make fairly good thinkers, but that is about all they make.
A LEADER makes decisions, on his feet, on the fly, based on the best information and intelligence he has at the time … and he ACTS … NOW!

Obama is incapable of doing that. We saw evidence of that when he simply was not able to give the order to shoot the Indian Ocean pirates many months ago and the commander on the scene, a military man, finally gave the order. It HAD to be done and it had to be done THEN … and Obama could not do it.

Obama is certainly not a leader. Give him a script, a lectern, and a teleprompter, and he gives a performance (with his oration) that would make the great ancient Roman orators green with envy. But, placed in a political position where he must take responsibility for his words, his actions, and WHOA! He can’t do it. It is simply not in him.

Heck, when the FRENCH are tougher than the US on Libya, hey, you have to flinch, red-faced!

Mr. Gardiner nails it again with this: “The Obama administration’s timid approach to foreign policy is the last thing the world needs at a time of mounting turmoil in the Middle East, including the growing threat of a nuclear-armed Iran, and Islamist militancy on the rise from Egypt to Yemen. US leadership is now needed more than ever, but has embarrassingly gone AWOL on the world stage.” (SOURCE)

That sums it up. Except to say … America will pay for this dilly-dallying by the Obama Regime. We will pay in ways we cannot imagine today.

Finally: I plead with the GOP … give us a conservative candidate for President with an actual possibility of winning in November of 2012. If we do not take back the office of President, America may not last until 2016! Yeah, it IS just that serious.

J. D. Longstreet

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joetote said...

One would probably think that I am a bit cold and bitter today and they would be correct. Our nation is on the edge of becoming a third world Marxist nation. Once the leader of the free world, now our allies cannot even trust us if the allegations are true as to the latest Wikileaks garbage. The lies and distortions keep coming out from the propaganda ministers in the administration through their lackeys, the co-opted media. And we are expected to never question this hard core leftist’s bad policies.

You are right J.D. The U.S. is now the laughing stock of the world, courtesy of a Leftist President