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The Battle For Jerusalem Has Begun

The Battle For Jerusalem Has Begun 

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

"You should know that the Zionist regime has reached the end of the line and no one can save this regime.”   Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a speech Thursday April 7th, 2011. (SOURCE)

Earlier, on April 4th, Ahmadinejad said: “A Mideast without Israel and America is now possible.” (Source)

American evangelical Christians are backing Israel now, more than ever, as they interpret Obama’s rejection of Israel as the fulfillment of Bible prophesy in reference to the so-called “end-times.”

In the Scriptures, as the huge armies gather from, in my opinion, Russia, China, and the Arab Nations to bring all their power to bear in a combined effort to destroy Israel, it becomes clear that the US will not intervene on Israel’s behalf.

The alignment of nations against Israel today is eerily like the alignment of the great nations from the North (Russia), from the East (China) and from the South (the Arab Nations) … in fact, EXACTLY as laid out in the scriptures.

(As Iran is backed by Russia, we have to add Iran to the Army from the North. Remember, too, the Iranians are not Arabs.  They are Persians.)

Students of Bible prophecy, observing the events unfolding in the Middle East today, are fairly trembling with anticipation. Observing the events they have studied for so long seem suddenly to be prophecy no longer -- but real world fact -- is sending shock waves of jubilation through certain denominations within the Christian faith.


Because their faith teaches that when they see these things happening -- then their “redemption is nigh.”  In other words, the Rapture of the Church is at hand. 

Look.  This is important stuff!  Whether you are Christian, or not, whether you are a believer, or not.  Whether you are Gentile or Jew, agnostic, atheist, or secularist, there can be no question that an event of earth shaking importance is about to happen in the Middle East.  In fact, I believe it has already begun.

In my opinion, it is sensible to believe that, at some point, Iran will attack Israel with nuclear weapons -- unless, of course, Israel takes Iran’s nuclear capability away. Israel has first AND second strike nuclear capabilities … NOW. 

The situation in the Middle East is so fluid that it is difficult to stay abreast of it on a daily basis.  There is one thing fairly certain.  That is that Iran is in there, somewhere, pulling the strings that will leave them in the catbird’s seat when things begin to settle down. 

The creation of an Islamic caliphate has been suggested as Iran’s motivation.  That is certainly a possibility but I think it is much simpler.  It is, I believe, a power grab by the mad mullahs and their puppet Ahmadinejad. 

Do not be so naive as to believe that Israel has been sitting in its bunker while all the surrounding Muslims have been clawing at each other’s eyes.  Israel has, quite possibly, the best intelligence service existing on the planet today… far better than either the US or British intelligence services. If anyone knows what Iran is up to, what all the fighting in the Arab countries surrounding them is REALLY about -- it is Israel’s Mossad.  And that intelligence is in the hands of Israel’s IDF and their Prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, himself, a former member of the Israeli Special Forces.

Looking past religion … take a look at the price of gasoline today.  Now, consider this:  When the Muslims turn their rage on Israel, there is every reason to believe that the US oil supply from the Middle East will be cut off –completely.  The Suez Canal will last … maybe… 48 hours, as will the Straits of Hormuz.  That means, what … eight or ten dollars a gallon gasoline?  We should be so lucky!

Now, I am not a theologian.  I’m not a prophet.  I’m not an “expert” on anything I am aware of … believe me.  I’d like to think I’m a fair “pamphleteer” …  and that’s about all.  But, I am aware of what’s going on round me.  I make a real effort to stay informed on current events … and I don’t mean the lives of movie and TV celebrities and/or royalty.

Too often I have had friends say to me, when I question them about current events:  “I don’t worry about that because there is nothing I can do about it, anyway.”  That cop-out won’t fly any longer. Do you realize that a virtual hand-full of Americans changed one half of the national legislative body of the United States last November?

By this coming fall, I expect we will see a strong push by the Obama Administration, in league with the UN, to force upon Israel a Palestinian state -- and in the process take away a portion of the city of Jerusalem in the deal.  Any fool can already see that such a move will only bring on war between the two states and Israel will conquer and take back that which is rightfully her’s and, I expect when the dust is finally settled, Israel will own ALL of the land God gave them … not just that sliver they hold today.

So. When is the Battle of Armageddon?  I have no idea. But this I do know:  Hung out to dry by the US and much of western Europe and the English speaking world, Israel will still have any ally. See. Like so many others of my generation – I have read the book – and I know how it ends.  Israel will win -- decisively!

Oh. Israel’s ally?  Just God.

J. D. Longstreet  

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