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There’s More Than One Way To Ban Guns In America

There’s More Than One Way To Ban Guns In America
Obama’s ATF About To Restrict America’s Gun Rights?

A Commentary By J. D. Longstreet

The ATF (The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) has issued a “Study on the Importability of Certain Shotguns.” Every gun owning American ought to read that publication.

We conservative commentators and pundits have warned America, even before Obama was elected, that once in office -- he would make a grab for your guns.  Never mind that the Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution said what it meant, and meant what it said in the 2nd Amendment… that was just a speed bump to the Obama Regime.

In an article at “Red State” entitled: Banning Guns by Changing Definitions, Part 4, the writer says the following:  “The ATF is laying the groundwork to restrict what is undeniably a right. This goes beyond simple government overreach to the realm of violating the oaths of office for those involved.” (Read the entire article HERE.)

Jeff Knox, at The Knox Update, says the following:  “One of the most important things about this ATF “study” and proposed shotgun importation ban is that it lays the groundwork for much broader, general shotgun restrictions.  Importation is not the only place where federal gun laws apply this unconstitutional “sporting purpose test,” it is also found in the National Firearms Act (NFA), the laws dealing with machineguns and destructive devices.  Under the NFA, any firearm with a bore greater than .5 inch is a “destructive device” – in the same category as mortars and Howitzers.  The only exception is for “shotguns which the secretary finds are generally recognized as particularly suitable for sporting purposes.”  If the secretary (in this case Attorney General Eric Holder) finds that certain shotguns are not importable because they are unsuitable for sporting purposes he must then explain why virtually identical guns, with the same features, are considered suitable for sporting purposes with regard to the NFA.  How can he declare them non-sporting on the one hand and not declare identical guns as non-sporting on the other?”

 The Article at Red State continues:  “The current study refers to the conclusions drawn in prior ATF studies of rifles in 1989 and 1998, and handguns in 1968. It also draws on the NFA and the GCA (Gun Control Act of 1968) to justify the “sporting purpose” test, and the narrow interpretation that the ATF places on the test. The justifications are all linked together, like a knitted sweater. Pull on the piece of yarn called “imported shotguns” and you find when it’s unraveled enough that you’re tugging on the “domestic shotguns” yarn. Only now the “imported rifle” bit of yarn is hanging loose, just begging for someone to tug on it. Unravel that a bit and you reach “domestic rifles.” A similar bit of unraveling is likely to happen with the piece of yarn labeled “handgun.”

In other words, this report lays the groundwork to impose by regulatory fiat an entirely unconstitutional gun ban more draconian than the Clinton gun ban that expired in 2004, and bypasses Congress and the Constitution to do so. It needs to be stopped now. The ATF is accepting comments on the report until the end of April, 2011.”

In an article in November of 2008, I wrote the following:  “Here in “Gun Territory”, just minutes from my home, folks are hurrying to purchase a gun. The gun stores are forced to add new salespeople to handle the increase in customers.  You can read the story titled: “Gun Sales Booming After Election,” by John Ramsey, at the Fayetteville Observer site at:

You may ask why American individuals are buying so many firearms per person.  Simple.  Some will be used, others will be hidden... concealed. If anyone asks about them they will have been lost, stolen, or destroyed in some kind of catastrophe such as a fire, etc.

Americans are scared witless that the democrats, under the Obama leadership, will make a determined effort to seize their guns.  The democrats, including Obama, say they are for “Common sense” gun control.  The definition of “Common sense” is what scares gun owners. I mean, when a Congress, so devoid of knowledge about firearms, outlaws an entire type of rifle because it LOOKS scary,” that tells you all you ever need to know about their “common sense.” 

The majority of Americans now understand, at some level, that America now has a socialist government in power in Washington, DC. They also understand that socialism resembles a whited sepulcher.  It may be beautiful on the outside but inside it is filled with the corpses of the dead.  Socialism’s outside is layered with promises of all things beautiful but inside there resides the dead bodies of truth. Most Americans know that our new leaders cannot be trusted. That means that the American citizen is vulnerable. That vulnerability is the key to the insecurity that is driving the purchase of weapons.” (You may read the entire article HERE.)

Americans were arming themselves then because they feared the Obama Regime would do exactly what it is doing today.

As it turns out – they were right.

J. D. Longstreet

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