Monday, April 04, 2011

Prepare For Obama’s Second Term: PRAY!

Prepare For Obama’s Second Term:  PRAY!
America’s Tribulations Have Only Just Begun
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Obama is preparing to announce his campaign for a second term as the President of the United States. And he WILL WIN!


Because the Republican Party has no one with a snowball’s chance in Hades of wining against the tsunami of leftist, socialist, Marxist, communist, liberal, progressive, and just plain “dumb” voters who are set to flood the polling places across America to insure Obama’s reelection.

It is a crying shame the GOP has lost its will to fight.  The blue bloods and the country club set, within the Republican Party, had emasculated the fighting spirit of the GOP even before the Tea Party, in disgust, all but split off to form an “ex-officio” political party within the Republican Party.

Sadly, it looks as though the Tea Party’s influence on the GOP has not been strong enough to break the party’s death wish.  In our opinion, the Republican Party is about to go the way of the “Whigs.”

As of today, I am as certain that Obama will win in 2012, as I am that the sun will rise tomorrow morning.

Honestly, if I am right, and that happens, I do not see America surviving as a constitutional republic more that a decade, maybe two. At the most, Obama’s victory will prove to the world that America has made her choice to forsake the constitution, and democracy and has decided, as a nation, to embrace Socialism, Marxism, and Communism and -- most importantly – God! 

Under the leadership of Obama, America has made giant strides toward destruction.  Obama’s forsaking of Israel has iniated a chain reaction of troubles for America, not just in the Middle East, but also around the globe.  America is only at the threshold of coming events that will shatter its very foundation and ultimately cause the union of American states to fracture and split apart for a second time in our history. 

Obama’s second term will hasten if not initiate the break-up of the 50 “united states” of America.

Why do I predict such a terrible thing?  Because I am convinced, through the study of history, of the world, and especially of America, that circumstances are now paralleling those of the nineteenth century – circumstances that can lead to nothing short of secession for the people of those states that still revere the US Constitution and -- more importantly – freedom.

Obama, in a second term, in which he does not have to worry about reelection, will bring ruin to America – plain and simple.

Regardless of what you read, see, and hear in the mainstream media of the US, the American people are in turmoil over the direction Obama and his henchmen are taking the US. Once the American people are fed up, they DO take action.  An Obama second term, I am convinced, will be the catalyst for the break-up of the formerly “United” States.

A number of states, all across the current Union are investigating their sovereignty and making efforts to reclaim their rightful place as a free and sovereign state (country) to which the federal government in Washington is answerable. 

Many states have learned that the federal government was established by the states to act as an agent of the states and to do the bidding of the states – not the way it is today with the federal government cracking the whip over the states which Washington considers fifty “precincts” of the federal government.

One good thing is coming of all this:  Those folks now investigating America’s history are beginning to have a great awakening to the real reasons why the states went to war with each other in the mid 1800’s.  Yes!  It WAS as the result of an OVERBEARING federal government.

You would be wrong to conclude that southern states, alone, are reestablishing their sovereignty.  No.  This thirst for freedom is sweeping the vast majority of the country.  Obama’s reelection will almost certainly spur the second secession movement into high gear and bring a period of tribulation to these shores as has not been seen since the early 1860’s.

And it IS going to happen.

The Republican Party is in a mess – to put it mildly!  We sent the GOP a spine in the last election and they are rejecting it in the manner a human body will sometimes reject a transplanted organ or limb.

Republicans: Do not be fooled.  There is not a single electable presidential candidate among the lot from which we are being told we must choose.  I include those announced, thinking about it, or “testing the waters.”  Some in the media are referring to the GOP field of candidates as “weak and fractured.”  I would add – hopeless!

You know, I can remember when we had a presidential election every four years.  Now, we have a presidential election… period.  It never ends!  Think the voters will get sick of elections soon?  Ah-Ha!  Now you are catching on!

Reelecting Obama will be akin to the act of tossing gasoline on a fire… a fire that will consume that great “shining city set on a hill” -- and burn it to the ground.

J. D. Longstreet

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