Sunday, November 04, 2012

America’s Fork In The Road ... Tom Doenges

America’s Fork In The Road
Tom Doenges

Never, in my eighty-five years as a fervently loyal American have I felt more concerned about the future of this great and wonderful nation.

Now, on the eve of the most crucial presidential election in the history of my beloved country, the fork in America’s road is clearly visible.  If we veer left and follow Barack Obama into a second term, America will soon be lost to big government imposition into virtually every aspect of all our lives. He has already violated our rights and freedoms well past all legal limits.

While American government violation of our privacy is tragic enough, even more tragic is the fact that much of that intervention will come from outside the United States as Obama moves us toward a “global” community dominated by a hostile United Nations that seeks to have more and more involvement in America’s private affairs.

As the dark shadow of Obama’s socialism/communism creeps over our land, our sacred freedoms and our treasured American way of life will disappear in the blackness of nanny-state control of every single move we make; every thought we possess; every hope and dream to ever take shape in our minds. The ashes of the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the United States Constitution will mingle with those of the books burned by Adolph Hitler and other despots.

Wake up my fellow loyal Americans.  Stand up for our beloved United States of America.

Take the right fork in America’s road to a bright future. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are bright, honest, decent men who know how to get America moving again.  They bring a responsible and adult management approach to government that has been sadly lacking these past four years.

They will not only get America humming again; they’ll win back the respect we lost when Obama ran around the world apologizing for our greatness.

They will build up our military and restore America to her rightful position as the world’s greatest super-power.  They’ll make America a safe haven for all people of good will who seek to live in peace, contentment,  prosperity and good health.

Obama himself told us he’d be a one-term president if he didn’t get things “turned around” in his first term.  Well he didn’t make it.

Time’s up.

Obama’s on-the-job-training program is over and he flunked out, big time.
We can’t afford to help him out any more.  He’ll just have to go out and join the twenty-five million job hunters he’s put out of work.  It won’t be easy. He’s had very little experience and his resume is weak.  He’s earned his problems.

America has earned Romney and Ryan.

Your vote for them can help save America for your kids and grand kids.
(Tom Doenges is a free-lance writer living in northwest Ohio. His e-mail address is:

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