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GOP asks “why” and “where do we go from here?” ... Texas Fred

GOP asks “why” and “where do we go from here?”
By:  Texas Fred

WASHINGTON (AP) – Having lost the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections, Republicans plunged
 Wednesday into an intense period of self-examination, blame-setting and testy debate over whether their party needs serious change or just some minor tweaks.

The fallout will help determine whether the GOP might return to heights approximating the Ronald Reagan years or, as some fear, suffer even deeper losses as the nation’s Democratic-leaning Hispanics increase in number.
“The party is clearly in some sort of identity crisis,” said Rick Tyler, a past aide to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Hard-core conservatives, furious at President Barack Obama’s re-election in the face of a weak economy, called for a wholesale shift to resolutely right positions on social and fiscal matters. Some demanded that party leaders resign. SOURCE
I know the GOP didn’t ask ME directly *WHY* or *Where do we go from here* but you can bet the farm on this; the GOP is about to get an earful of TexasFred and it’s not going to be NICE, so, if you’re easily offended this might be a good time to click OFF of this page.

OK, if you’re still here, you were warned! 

To the so-called leadership of the GOP; WHY? Because you’re a bunch of stuffed shirt wussies, you are the dumbest, most arrogant and ignorant sons a bitches I have ever seen.

‘Where do you go from here’ you ask?

You can ALL go straight to hell as far as I am concerned. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.00, just GO TO HELL! Let some people with BALLS take over, let some people that won’t *play nice* take over, let some folks that know HOW to fight, aren’t afraid to do so and folks that know what it’s like to get a bit bloodied in a fight take over.

You overly confident, self-serving, pompous bastards were told, TOLD damn it, that the entire field you offered couldn’t beat Obama, you were freaking TOLD! But did you listen? Hell no you didn’t, and I know why. Those of us that have refused to kiss your GOP asses and not Republicans in your opinion, we are Conservatives and Independents and because we refuse to acquiesce to your demands of GOP loyalty, our opinions are less than worthy of your concern.

The Grand Old Party has outlived its usefulness. You offer a weak field from which to choose and when the weakest of the weak, Mitt Romney, is the nominee you are shocked and saddened when he doesn’t generate enough excitement to win the election.

It wasn’t so much Romney, he was doing and being exactly what he is; a stuffy old GOP guy that knows how to do business, but sadly, Romney is what most of us call a RINO.
Yes indeed, a Republican In Name Only, and he was the weakest offering, almost a sacrificial offering that the GOP could have fielded.

And it’s not just me Mr. GOP leaders. 

( – Rep. Jim Jordan (R.-Ohio), the chairman of the House Republican Study Committee (which is the caucus of the conservatives in the House), said on Wednesday that the Republican presidential campaign was handicapped because Mitt Romney was the most liberal Republican nominee in history.

 “I do think the hurricane made a difference, the momentum was going our way, and I do think that impacted, but I also think you’ve got to look at the candidates,” said Jordan.
 “Mitt Romney is a good man, with a good family. But let’s be honest: Republicans nominated the most liberal Republican nominee in history,” he said.

“The most liberal Republican nominee in history.”

You know, considering the FACT that John McCain was thought to be the most liberal Republican nominee in history, that’s going some.

After the McCain loss in 2008 I was still hoping for a comeback from the GOP in 2012 and once again I am terribly disappointed in the GOP leadership. I have stated before, the GOP is nothing more than *Democrat Lite* and today I am convinced that those words are more true than ever.

So, where do Conservatives go now that the GOP leadership has fully proven themselves to be the pompous asses they are? I have NO idea, I am told a 3rd Party is not going to work, at least that’s the belief of most people I talk to, and unlike the GOP, I listen to what my friends, family and readers say.

The only solution I see is to vacate the entire leadership level of the GOP, on ALL levels, and install proven fighters that DEMAND nothing but the best from their elected officials.

You were right when you said I am a very demanding person that expects a lot Mr. Sessions, and now you, and the rest of Congress is going to see just how demanding I can be. I give a lot Mr. Sessions, to my friends, family and readers, I give them nothing but my very best, and to expect the same in return from Washington is NOT a bad thing.

Texas Fred

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