Monday, February 11, 2013

Being "Right" Is NOT Enough ... J. D. Longstreet

Being "Right" Is NOT Enough
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


Now that the courts have established that Obama can kill just about anyone he wants, anywhere he wants, for whatever reason he wants, AND, I have just learned that I live in a "Constitution Free Zone" of America, shouldn't I be "bunkered-up" someplace with all my conservative commentator friends?


Maybe I'm a little "slow."  Or maybe I'm subconsciously waiting for the new FEMA Camps to be opened up so I can spend my remaining days on earth REALLY wired-up inside a government cage.

Now, if all this sounds screwy to you, well, it IS screwy.  The whole scenario sounds as if it comes from the pen of some novelist with a bad hangover and an equally bad case of paranoia.

But there is a problem.

It all comes right out of today's news headlines.

George Orwell, hate to tell you, sir, but you were WAAAY shy of the mark!

Check out these stories:

"No More 4th Amendment: DHS Can Still Seize Belongings Without Reason"  SOURCE:

"Wired: Constitution-Free Zone Upheld – Do You Live In A Place Where You Are No Longer Free?"   SOURCE:

"The Fema Camp Bill Is Back!"  SOURCE:

"Government Says It Can Assassinate or Indefinitely Detain Americans on American Soil Without Any Due Process of Law"  SOURCE:

Conspiracy theories?  Maybe.  But.  Just because they ARE conspiracy theories does not mean there are NOT conspiracies!

In speaking with old friends in recent months the thing we most agree on is this:  None of us ever thought we'd live long enough to see our beloved America disintegrate right before our eyes.  But -- it's happening every day, in every way.

Soon, the American police state will be complete.  Soon the drones will be flying overhead watching our every move -- even when we are out of sight of the ubiquitous cameras mounted everywhere, even when we are not using an electronic communication device,  which the government is monitoring 24/7, even when we are not driving our cars and trucks with the "black boxes" recording our every maneuver.  

Americans now live in a cage.  Gilded it may be -- but it is still a cage.

Only one thing remains for our imprisonment to be complete.  We must give up our guns.  We must voluntarily disarm.

The BIG question in the minds of sentient Americans today is this:  Will Americans willingly give up the only, the last remaining, avenue open to them to preserve their freedom, or what's left of their freedom?  

Americans who are conscious (Yes, there are those who are totally oblivious to it all.  Remember the "lo/info" voters?) of the intolerable encroachment by our government on our hard won freedom and liberty are fearfully asking themselves this question, in one form or another, incessantly today.

When the chips are finally down, when the defecation finally hits the rotary oscillator, who, exactly, will step forward.  Who will say "enough!"  Who will be the champion, the leader, of the new American Freedom Fighters.

Most everyone can "talk" a good fight.  The danger is in having one's mouth write a check one's "derriere" cannot cash.  It's sort of like running an adversary down and then having him beat the living daylights out of you.
Being "right" is not enough. There must be the determination -- and the pure grit -- to not only defend your position but to attack and decimate your opponent at the same time.

As America spirals downward into anarchy, it behooves every American to consider his core belief.  There won't be time to choose-up sides once the coming "unpleasantness" begins.  The government has but one side --the government side.  If you had not thought of that -- maybe you should.

© J. D. Longstreet

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