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Gun Owners Are Losing This Fight ... J. D. Longstreet

Gun Owners Are Losing This Fight
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


Congress WILL pass a gun control bill later this year.  I have no doubt, whatsoever.  Sure to be included in that bill will be a universal background check on prospective gun owners and current gun owners.  That is to say: if you want to purchase a gun you must undergo a background check - AND - if you already own a gun, you, too, will have to undergo a background check, which will, most likely, include your finger printing and and a mug shot, as well.

Of COURSE, it is unconstitutional.  It is "infringement."  But, HEY!  This government long since abandoned the US Constitution and they are just making it up as they go!

I knew the instant I heard of the massacre of children this would be the incident the political left would use to get our guns. In fact, I said so in an earlier commentary.  THIS was the ONE -- the incident they had been waiting for to submerge the US in an emotional tsunami and have us do their bidding as we drown in sorrow over the loss of life of so many children.  

It worked.

See.  America has changed. America is no longer the tough, self-sufficient, practical, pragmatic society we used to be.  No.  We are now a nation of weaklings, a nation of whiners, a nation that should be embarrassed at its own reflection in a mirror. 

We are now a society in which it is acceptable for grown men to weep in public, including men in powerful public office.

In short:  We are pathetic.  

There was a time, not so long ago, when awful events happened and lives were lost in what appeared a senseless episode of pure evil, that we would clean up the mess, bury our dead, mourn our loss for a few days, and then pick up the pieces and get own with our lives.  

Grief counselors didn't even exist.  We each carried our pain deep in our hearts and we dealt with it in the privacy of our own souls. We didn't share that pain.  We cherished our privacy.

That's what tough people do.  That's what Americans of a few decades ago did.  But, then, today's Americans can't hold a candle to those Americans.

It requires a tough people to hold on to freedom. and we have all but lost ours.  That, alone, should tell you I am right in my assessment of the fiber of modern Americans.
We've lost our government to a bunch of panty-waist communists who call themselves "Progressives."  They have been hard at work since the early days of the last century to "fundamentally transform" America into a socialist/communist society -- and they have finally succeeded.

Even our President, himself, a Socialist/Marxist, has now been elected TWICE.  As all Progressive/Socialist/Marxists politicians do, he KNOWS that he is best suited to decide what is good for the country -- and by extension -- YOU.    He doesn't  need a legislative body like Congress to get in his way or slow him down.  His mantra is:  "We can't wait!"  So, he just makes the law up as he goes and issues decrees known as Presidential Executive Orders.  The constitution is little more than a doormat to him.

The Congress is pathetic.  They are going to feel backed into a corner and they WILL pass a gun control bill because they feel they must -- just to demonstrate they have not been gelded. 

Yes, gun owners are going to lose this fight because we are not strong enough to overcome or break though the wall of pure emotion thrown up by the gun grabbers. 

Let's face it.  As distasteful as it was -- and is -- the gun grabbers didn't allow the bodies of those dead children to grow cold before they began their relentless attack.  Within the first week, they had gun owners beaten.  The gun rights groups erred badly by holding fire for a week out of respect for the families of the dead.  They forgot the first rule of war -- never fight fair if you really want to win.

Gun owners cannot count on the US Supreme Court to rule in favor of the Constitution.  After their ruling on Obamacare, the SCOTUS is not to be trusted as a fair arbiter of justice. 

The only option left for gun owners is to implement the Second Amendment -- which the left has told us in so many ways they do not recognize.  And since they do not recognize it, they do not believe that gun owners will actually defend their rights at the barricades.  They refuse to believe that ANYONE could BELIEVE in ANYTHING enough to sacrifice their life or spill blood over it.  SURELY not a trifling thing like personal freedom.

Frankly, it seems to me the least violent means to resist the coming confiscation of America's guns is first state nullification of the obviously unconstitutional laws, and if that fails --  state secession from the union.

We are in for some trying and unhappy days ahead in America.

J. D. Longstreet

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