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America Will Adopt Socialism… and Die.

America Will Adopt Socialism… and Die.
By: J. D. Longstreet

Apparently, the people of the US have decided that socialism, rather than capitalism, is the way to go. The fact that it spells doom for what used to be the greatest nation on earth doesn't seem to worry anyone except a few of us old "give me liberty or give me death" types... and there's only a handful of us left.

I'm against the bailout. If you are a regular reader of this scribe, you already deduced that, I’m sure. I understand the letters and e-mails to Congress are running 100 to one against the bailout... but the old hippies, socialists, and reprobates populating that body, and, yes, in charge of that body, these days haven't the slightest bit interest in the people of the US... nor what we want. They are involved in a power play to see who can secure the most power for their party... and the American people be damned. I am ashamed of what my country has become and is becoming.

This old conservative finds himself wishing it were possible for the US to go isolationist again. We can't, of course. It didn't work the last time we tried it. I am so tired of us spending our blood and treasure saving the collective behinds of the rest of the world. This week Shimon Peres, of Israel, said (at the UN) that the US had a duty to save the rest of the world from Iran. You can read for yourself what Peres said in an article titled: “Peres: U.S. has no choice but to save world from Ahmadinejad” at:

Yes, had I the power, I would have ALREADY nuked Iran with tactical nukes …small ones designed to destroy "hardened" bunkers such as those within which they house their nuclear facilities. Why? I would do it because they have threatened the US. But, understand this: I take strong exception to "the rest of the world" passing the buck and expecting us to get our young people killed and our money spent to save their sons and daughters, to save their fortunes and national treasuries, and to save their countries, while they sit back, and bitch, and moan, point accusing fingers and complain about everything we do! I am of the opinion we ought to cut them off and adopt a position that the rest of the world is on it's own. They can fight their own wars and handle their own problems from starvation, to war, to Armageddon.

Even our neighbor to the South constantly complains because we don’t just throw open the doors to our treasury and feed, clothe, educate, and give medical care to THEIR citizens (who have illegally “broken into” our country) even more than we have to date. We should immediately invade and annex Mexico. I'm tired of supporting that pitifully mismanaged country. There is a growing feeling among conservative Americans that if we are going to support Mexico, then we ought to own Mexico.

Like so many of us true conservatives, today, I am tired, and aggravated, and just generally PO’ed at the way things are being screwed-up in Washington by BOTH sides. In my opinion, this is the sorriest government we have had in my lifetime and we have had some sorry ones, too.

Look, the US is every bit as divided as it was in 1859. In some ways we are MORE divided. I have spent a great deal of time studying that period of US history, and I can tell you… we are in every bit as scary a time as our American ancestors were just prior to the last American Civil War. Unfortunately, our semi-illiterate population, having never been taught the history of this nation, has no clue what is happening to us. Those of us who have studied our history KNOW what is happening and it is way beyond frightening.

The US is split right down the middle. We, in effect, already have two countries within the borders of a single nation... right now. I'm not referring to a north/south split, either. I talk to people, daily, from all over the country, liberals and conservatives, and I can tell you… we are in deep, deep, trouble as a nation. There is no more common ground. There is no "meeting place" where we can sit down and iron out our differences. Don’t believe me? Look at Congress today. That leaves one thing, and one thing only, as the eventual outcome.

Our entire political apparatus in the US has shifted to the left. The Republican Party has become the Democratic Party of just a few years ago while the Democratic Party has become the New Socialist Party in America. They have been hiding their leftward shift behind the nomenclature of “Progressive” while taking on the socialist philosophy. Now, they feel comfortable in dropping their façade so we can all see them for who they are. But there is no outcry from the American people. There is no outrage at the con game the democrats have been running on the American people. No. Instead, the American people have given them control of the legislative branch of the US government and stand ready to give them a socialist President in November. We urge you to drop in on the Democrat Socialist Party of America’s website and stay there a while… and when you come away, you will have a new understanding of the Democrat Party in America.

I’m a veteran of the US military. When I was sworn in I took an oath, as did all service personnel, and as did the President, and Senators, and Congresspersons, to protect and defend the Constitution of the US from ALL enemies… foreign and DOMESTIC! At the time I took that oath (in the 1950’s) I had no idea the domestic enemies of the US would have infiltrated the halls of Congress as they have. What is really galling, however, is the fact that the American people put them there by voting for them at the polling booth. I know I shouldn’t be surprised. The German people voted the Nationalist Socialist, by the name of Adolf Hitler, into office, as well.

This is a dangerous, dangerous, time in, and for, America. We are at the “tipping point” at which Americans will decide if they wish to remain free or adopt a socialist form of government and give up their freedom(s).

I have lost faith in my fellow countrymen. I now believe Americans will give up their freedom and adopt socialism. Why? Because for slothful, illiterate Americans… slavery, dear reader, is much easier than freedom. In slavery you don’t have to make tough decisions, you are not held accountable, all you have to do is follow orders. If you do that… your basic, very basic, needs will be met… food, clothing, shelter, medical care, etc. All you lose is FREEDOM! And socialism is what the Democrat Party is selling! Worse… Americans are clamoring for it like toddlers with their arms outstretched to their parents begging them: “Pick me up, Mommy! Pick me up, Mommy!”

Socialized medicine is just another step down that path to national destruction for America. Socialism has always ruined even the greatest empires, that adopted it… in any form. Look at the Soviet Union. Better yet, look at the mighty Roman Empire. Remember “Bread and Circuses”? Rome’s attempts to keep the citizens happy and distracted with food and entertainment brought the entire empire crashing down over time. Today we can look at Europe, which was set free only to turn on their liberators and adopt socialism and today exist in their own little world made free and kept free by the efforts of the American people whom they despise because they owe us and they know it and it drives them nuts! They are angry at America because of their self-imposed shame as a result of their dependence on America for their very survival.

At the risk of being condescending, only the less intelligent among us are begging for socialized medicine and all the other socialized programs the democrats are offering. Those of us, who weigh the damages socialism will do to America, and understand that it is suicide to go there, are holding out… but we are fighting a losing battle. I am now convinced that ignorance will triumph in the election in November and that victory will consume the United States of America on a blazing pyre of national decay and, finally, national death.

I see a conflagration coming in America. It is a conflagration America will not survive.

J. D. Longstreet

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Frank said...

Nice healthcare place offered by McCain. I costs more than Obama's

Longstreet said...

I'm agin it, too. No national healthcare program.... either from Repubs or Dems. None. It is socialized medicine and in will absolutely ruin healthcare in this country.

I have been hospitalized over 70 times, since 1965, and I know of what I speak here.

I will fight either side, or both sides, to stop socializing our healthcare system.

Best regards,


Frank said...

Neither side is speaking of nationalizing it (getting rid of the insurance companies) just plans to make it more affordable, those of us fortunate to have employer paid healthcare, well McKnucklehead wants to tax it as income, and index the tax credit, if you buy it yourself is indexed to inflation not to the actual premium paid... Real crappy deal. If the gov. picked up the tab for healthcare, it could regulate the insurance industry, cut overhead, and such, mandate care that is ordered by a doctor be paid for, but neither candidate's plan (not even Hilary's) did that....