Friday, September 26, 2008

Flash! Obama Wins Presidential Debate in Mississippi!

Flash! Obama Wins Presidential Debate in Mississippi!
Tomorrow’s Headlines Today!
By: J.D. Longstreet

SHOCKING! No, not really. Just a peek into the future. (Well, a few hours, anyway.) No matter how the debate turns out tonight… this will be the headline tomorrow. Oh, the wording and the phraseology maybe a bit different, but you can bet the message will be that Obama won it! So, if you have something else to do tonight, rather than sit through 90 minutes of a really pathetic press conference, then maybe you ought to consider doing it. I mean… you already know which of the candidates is going to win… we just told you!
OK, so I 've been around the block a few times. I've seen way too many of these things, and I see no real purpose for them except... as a "Gottcha" forum. The much vaunted "Presidential debates" are nothing more than a way to apply pressure and see which of the debaters makes the bigger fool of himself, or herself. That's all.
Now, we have a left-leaning media in the US, and most of the world, if we are truthful with ourselves, and there is just NO WAY they are going to publish/report anything less than victory for Obama in the Mississippi "debate".
So, you can sit through that truly boring 90 minutes or you can read a few chapters in a good book. I suggest the latter. You won't miss anything. Tomorrow the press reports will be aflame with all the glowing reports of how Mr. Obama stunned the world with his mastery of global politics, his ability to bring peace where there is none, to bring reconciliation to the financial crisis in America, to heal the sick, make the blind see and the lame walk. It will all be there for the entire weekend.
Or, you can take it from us... Obama won... and save yourself.
(Yawn) I think I'll take a nap.
J. D. Longstreet
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TexasFred said...

Anyone that doesn't believe in MSM left leaning bias, and anyone that doesn't believe that the MSM is the tank FOR Obamalamadingdong, needs to pull their heads OUT of their a**es and come up for a breath of fresh air...

Of course Obama is going to win in the press, Karl Marx would win in the American press today, and could run Hitler as his VP and still lead the polls...

When this is over, there are some media sources that need to put completely OUT of business...

NannyKaren said...

Well Longstreet, I have a good book I think I will read myself!
Thanks for the sugjestion.

Frank said...

Sorry, all the press says is what a good debate this was for McCain, our corporate media is in for the Republican as always... Big media is owned by big corporations who just love the republican backward way of doing things.